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  2. I'll provide some answers for him. He was charged with coming in and increasing the fly ball rate and it's not working for a bunch of singles (at best) hitters. Everybody's in deep [stuff].
  3. I'll be watching. They need Nostradamus more than Nastrini Right About Now.
  4. I mean that Getz will be juggling the roster all year. Just like Crochet on opening day, Nastrini would have given some distraction.
  5. Rather have him for a full season when we might good down the line than those few starts he missed this year. PR win? It would do very little PR-wise lol
  6. Good post Caulfield. Though Pham is ancient (at least according to this board when I was upset we were giving up on Abreu; they are about the same age) and though if you study his stats he's not been a beast (career high 23 HR; 70 something RBI) he does pass the eye test (unless he's gotten fat) and people have heard of him. In other words, he's a legitimate big leaguer, albeit an old one. My guess is the Sox rightfully so are truly panicking that with this lineup we might only win 10-20 games. Seriously. At some point you have to add somebody with a decent MLB background (I realize some of the stiffs in our everyday order also have been in the bigs for an extended period of time, but they are so bad they are laughable). Pham is not a total joke. So I say sign him and give him the clubhouse to lead (lol, but yeah, lead). Comments? Need I say: Pham is the man.
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  8. Flexen wasn’t part of the Bummer trade. Shuster was the only real get of the Bummer trade, plus the role of the dice on Soroka. Lopez, Shewmake and the other minor league pitcher were obviously just filler. Not sure what kind of return any one could reasonably expect for a reliever coming off a 7 ERA season, but if Shuster takes a rotation spot, to me that would be a won trade
  9. Colas’ arm is in the 99th percentile though
  10. It’s only the beginning of his third year. They probably want him to get another 150-200 plate appearances at AAA. Of course, I also thought they probably wanted to hang onto Rodriguez so who the hell knows what they’re thinking
  11. They’ve got to try, if they want to continue playing in the major leagues. These guys are basically at the bottom rung at this point.
  12. You’re telling me you’re half a pizza?!?
  13. Fletcher was actually known for his glove where Colas is not. Yes, he played CF in the minors, but a lot of young players who are top prospects get looks in CF to see if they can stick. Colas is a corner, not a CF. Can he play there in a pinch? Yes, but he belongs in RF where his cannon of an arm plays best.
  14. Well said. And Im not sure Getz is supposed to be accomplishing something better than status quo. But if he actually undershot the status quo historically as a miscalculation, bring it on. The star of the franchise is actually a milkshake.
  15. It would have been easy to take the PR win and bring Nastrini north on the OD roster. I think he's going to be doing double-time juggling like this all season.
  16. It has also been shown — repeatedly — that Reinsdorf only moves on from the status quo if that status quo is national embarrassment. It's why Thibs got canned (leaking stuff to the press that show Bulls dysfunction), why GarPax got jettisoned (the ASG protests), KW/Hahn finally being fired, etc. Now imagine if the status quo is national embarrassment? Getz has done f*** and all to show that he can put together a roster, with his best MLB acquisition so far being (using fWAR for the sake of something quantifiable)...Kevin Pillar and Steven Wilson. So a guy that they dicked around in free agency and a reliever that was part of a trade package for their ace. Pedro will be this year's sacrificial lamb, but if they're hysterically bad (I'm talking minus-60 wins) while Reinsdorf is trying to get a stadium deal — Getz might actually feel heat. If he gets them to even 70 wins, his job is safe.
  17. "One pitcher to keep a close eye on this year is the White Sox’s Garrett Crochet. A No. 1 draft choice out of Tennessee in 2020, Crochet was called up to the majors as a reliever Sept. 18 that year and from there to the end of the season he threw the second-most 100-mph pitches (45 out of a total of 85 or 52.9%) in the majors. A year later, in April 2022, he underwent Tommy John surgery. This season the White Sox made him a starter where he’s so far been close to unhittable — but heading into the weekend, he hadn’t thrown a single 100-mph pitch and his average four-seam fastball has been 94 mph. It would seem he’s learned from the Tommy John surgery the necessity of being a pitcher and not just a thrower." https://www.yahoo.com/sports/bill-madden-baseball-obsession-velocity-093000833.html
  18. Hard to care one way or the other about signing Pham. Just don't ask him about his fantasy team.
  19. I don’t have an answer for that, but status quo seems insane. We’re looking at the richest contract in franchise history in left field as illustrative of massive dysfunction of a moribund franchise. Just let it burn. Nothing’s going to happen positively either way. At least more people will point at Jerry Reinsdorf as a clown. At least people will look at his stadium proposal as a joke. At least he can’t relax in his suite if the team is a laughing stock that North America has never seen before. If Jerry is uncomfortable, that is worth something to me, because I’m pretty god damn uncomfortable.
  20. From publicly available information, Pham is quite plausibly the best healthy player on the White Sox right now. He should have been signed 3 months ago. There is value to making extremely modest efforts at avoiding being an all-time laughingstock. I'm starting to think it's harmful to everyone in the clubhouse to be absolutely horrible, so I'm okay with signing some real live major league baseball players in hopes that not all of them wither and die when they get the White Sox reverse Midas touch.
  21. Erik Hosmer next ex-Royal to influence Sox lol. "He recently interviewed Tommy Pham, his former teammate in San Diego, who’s still unemployed despite hitting 16 homers and driving in 68 runs last season while helping lead the Diamondbacks to the World Series. “How has he not signed at this point of time?" Hosmer says. “You’re talking about a guy who makes an impact, who’s great in the clubhouse, and he’s not getting what he deserves. Why aren’t teams trying to acquire a proven winner like this?" https://sports.yahoo.com/pat-mcafee-show-baseball-former-103821412.html Still getting paid $13 million by the Padres NOT to play.
  22. Well, this is true but until the rules change teams aren’t going to stop doing it.
  23. My prescription for this team to heal is to have the worst season in the history of sports in 2024
  24. "That goes for playing banged-up, too. Elly De La Cruz spent extra time in the trainer’s room Sunday, but there was zero thought given to a day off, even with a long trip to Seattle after the game for a series that starts Monday. “To play this game the right way, you cannot be fearful,” manager David Bell said. “You have to prepare and then play all-out. As a matter of fact, I think the harder you play and the more fearless you are, it can actually be healthy. If you’re tentative or protective, it can lead to injuries. Elly plays extremely hard and has a high-revving engine, so there will be some maintenance, but it all starts with him wanting to be on the field every day no matter what it takes.” What a concept. It’s doubtful the Sox can relate. Three-Dot Dash During the weekend, Getz weakly attributed fans’ “frustration” to the team’s “early-season struggles from a win-loss standpoint. www.suntimes.com/sports Greenberg
  25. I’m actually rooting for this outcome. Something, anything it takes to set Jerry Reinsdorf on fire. Figuratively I guess, lol. The great thing about what happened to the Bears is that local and national media went after Nagy with torches and pitchforks at Halas hall. Not that Nagy wasn’t a scapegoat, because he was. But it took an angry mob to force wholesale change. It may not be possible to get wholesale change because in this case, While Reinsdorf is actually the problem, he is ownership also. But there literally needs to be an angry media and fanbase mob after this guy like the city has never seen before.
  26. Getz resume bullet point: April 2024 out negotiated all professional teams in the universe and signed the best available OF bat. Delivering the goods 🥂 good job old sport.
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