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  2. Lynn needs to wear it. Leave him in 5-6 innings each game, even if he gives up 10 runs a game for the rest of the season, or until he hits the IL for the third straight season. No need to waste the bullpen. leave them for the four other games through the rotation the Sox have a chance. Lynn is always quick to point at other players on the field, blaming teammates and third base coaches just like Dallas Keuchel. At least Dallas didn't cost the Sox one of the few solid pitching prospects over the past decade. Speaking of the other one, Hahn doesn't offer Carlos Rodon a QO, but pays these two on their final MLB deals $100M and doubled down on the Kimbrel debacle.
  3. I've questioned the draft picks of Hahn several times in here and documented the insanely stupid picks of Sheets in 2017 #49, when you had Abreu, Madrigal in 2018 when they could have taken 2B India who went #5 to the Reds and starts for them. Then again in 2018 taking Vaughn at #3 and still had Abreu and Sheets. Yes you are 100 percent correct...Hahn has sucked at scouting and drafting prospects among all his other GM deficiencies.
  4. Neither Madrigal nor Vaughn fits the ideal profile for a top ten pick. They lack, as Ryan Poles would say, outstanding traits. The difference is Vaughn is a year younger and still in the majors. The chances that Madrigal reaches his ceiling of "David Fletcher 2" are rapidly dwindling. For Vaughn, while there's life, there's hope.
  5. Yeah and our pitching coach would have never gotten the true potential out of Dunning like Texas will. 🤣
  6. I didn't like the trade then and I hate the trade even more now. Your theory of trading youth for a veteran in a contention window is partly correct, but Lynn was going downhill and he wasn't the veteran we needed. Yes he had a decent run in St Louis. However starting in 2018-2020 with three different teams, he had a 4.07 ERA. He was 34 at the time of the trade and was a heavy guy then. I didn't think he would age well. Dunning on the other hand, had the kind of pitches that could make him a real solid starting pitcher with the right coaching. You are also forgetting Hahn traded away Adam Eaton in 2016 at the start of the rebuild to get Giolito, Lopez and Dunning. There were suppose to be the three starters heading into the WS championships Hahn promised in 2016. Dunning was not a home grown prospect. Dunning like Gio and Lopez were ready to contribute in a few years and Hahn should have kept Dunning and given away some other lower end pitching prospects. Dunning was too much. Save your debate and counter stats to come back at me, because we are going to agree to disagree. You couldn't change my mind on this in a million years, no mater how many stats or theories you offer. Btw, the poster asked the question, "does anyone miss Dunning" and my answer is still the same. Again in the overall final resume and "Ben Franklin" for Rick Hahn on his rebuild debacle....this trade will be on the negative "con" side.
  7. it would actually be very on-brand if the Sox fired Grifol, they churn through managers faster than any other team in baseball.
  8. Only 0.34 ops points to go. Better to make it Anderson to 700. Benintendi to 725.
  9. Madrigal has more WAR than the 2015-present first round picks combined. Although I still consider that draft a complete disaster, I find it strange how nobody questions the decision to draft the mighty Andrew Vaughn. Hahn's drafts have been puke worthy
  10. They just had Season Ticketholder Appreciation Week. They gave them a free bag a popcorn and a discounted ticket to parade around the field one game. If the really appreciated them the week would have looked like this: Monday-fired the hitting coaches Tuesday-fired Ethan Katz Wednesday- fired Pedro Grifol Thursday-fired Chris Getz Friday-fired Rick Hahn Saturday-fired KW Sunday-JR announces he has sold the team That would be appreciation.
  11. Neither Sosa nor Colas were obtained by the 2018 MLB draft. It seems extremely odd to bring them up as examples of why we shouldn’t be down on that draft yet.
  12. Yikes. The fact that Madrigal, a disaster of a pick at 1-4, is considered their best pick really tells you how they got into this mess. Being worse at scouting erodes depth to the point where you are always chasing smart orgs like the Dodgers and Rays. They have to bring in a new leadership group or this will be a never ending cycle of futility.
  13. I feel like a lot of people on this board are still waiting for them to flip a switch. face it, it's over the sooner you realize it, the less upset you'll be everytime they lose and you won't be asking "How could this happen?"
  14. You could argue he loses all 6 of those games in emphatic fashion.
  15. Today
  16. Seems as though he hasn't been the same since he signed his extension or maybe since the knee injury. It was risky giving him so much money at his age and his physical condition or lack of conditioning. He started strong for them and of course hindsight is 20/20. This is one guy who did better under LaRussa. The father figure during his early career. I liked the signing when they did it. I didn't like the extension so soon. He is not the same player the White Sox originally signed only 2 years ago.
  17. https://aweu.info/unknown-red-sox-prospect-appears-to-be-rising-star-after-masterful-chaim-bloom-trade-bbb?fbclid=IwAR17OCxsqUeHZaqnRgDNZQ998xVeKMksFrG6OUOjwEYJWGjPbRKYDH_2J2A_aem_th_AbrLNak-J9nfojPnaohXcspSf9JBl_GpwUfDt5qIRFbcIYoDPiG8PCDs4BFSS0pQfWM&mibextid=Zxz2cZ Theo Delinger-Another example of poor player development and other teams being able to identify players to snag away.
  18. The amount of games the last couple seasons that were basically over after the 1st inning reminds me of the James Shields era.
  19. Their farm system is SO damn void of difference makers, that we all need to start realizing that there's only one way to possibly turn this team around (and it isn't a quick fix, they're gonna be bad for the next few years): you gotta trade everyone with value and just start over, that means guys like Cease and Robert, and possibly even Eloy now that he's producing. Gotta blow this s%*# up Hahn choosing to wait til the end of July is gonna be a mistake
  20. It's OK to judge college players from 2018 at this stage, but a high school prospect is only 23, or 1-2 + years before a typical chance at a MLB role. People need that in mind before judging a player like Colas or Sosa, who needed more time in AAA, especially Colas who the Sox were slow rolling last year to the point he played 7 AAA games last year, and was then named starting RF this year and set up for failure. Similar occurances for Sosa and Vaughn a few years back. The biggest failures aren't this particular draft class or set of players, but the mindset that everything is a panic fire drill. These hair brained schemes rarely work. Compare and contrast to teams with steady streams of successful prospects over the years, like Saint Louis, Tampa Bay, the Dodgers and others. Their management of injuries are similar, panic, throw a clearly injured guy out there and hope he contributes something, anything. Let them linger for weeks in limbo, postpone surgeries most teams would have encouraged straight away. This is why Sox fans can't have nice things.
  21. Just read this article; Each organization's best pick from the 2018 MLB Draft It sums up everything about the Front Office and scouting of this organisation. It identifies Nick Madrigal as our best pick from the 2018 Draft, when we were supposed to be stocking up on top talent during the rebuild that would bring 'years of challenging for success'. Madrigal the top White Sox pick was sent down to AAA last week by the Cubs. And what did that top pick bring the White Sox? Half a season of Madrigal, then a trade for Kimbrel, who achieved nothing, who was traded for Pollock , who achieved nothing. So the top pick in 2018 brought the White Sox nothing. But it doesn't stop there apart from Romy Gonzalez not one of the 2018 Draft is currently on the MLB squad, and none of the rest are anywhere near contributing or are still at the Sox. So all in all the 2018 Draft was a complete waste for the Sox either through bad scouting, bad player development or a combination of the two.
  22. A bit sad for Jose as he's a DFA candidate (well waivers anyways) come July. His statcast data is shockingly bad. He basically pulled a Konerko where at 37 he went from above average to below replacement suddenly.
  23. So the 1989 team gives one hope, lol....minus Ventura, McDowell, Frank Thomas, Wilson Alvarez and Alex Fernandez.
  24. 1.89 ERA last 3 But look at the competition that he was facing...three of the AL Central offenses (not including the Sox) are pretty hideous/atrocious.
  25. Congrats, Hahn? Although did he really have any other legit choice? Keep Abreu, and trade Vaughn? I mean, it's not like we didn't have 5-6 other players whose best position on the field was arguably 1B/DH... We can play the same game in reverse with Benintendi. Trade for Kimbrel QO for Kimbrel, not for Rodon Trade for Pollock, who never wanted to play away from the West Coast, and who was never going to be suited for RF in any way shape or form (actually better in CF than LF statistically)...coming off a "peak" fWAR year compared to previous seasons and an aging vet in 30's Not get stuck with Pollock, saving money because Pollock was so adamant about leaving the Sox... Which led to overpaying Benintendi, wasting $75 million and being almost an entirely "sunk cost" 5 year albatross contract for a now perpetually rebuilding team, coming off a "peak" fWAR year compared to his previous 3 seasons with Boston and KC. Rinse. Repeat. And we actually spent more money on Benintendi than we were theoretically going to allocate to Jose Abreu in the first place (in your given scenario.)
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