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    Gabe Kapler

    Yeah. At least I'm putting my hope in a different spot than in the past.
  3. Based on her texts, I’d say strong possibility she’s fucked up mentally.
  4. I don’t to ruin your hope, I’m just basing what I think they will do on everything that I have seen for my entire life 😂
  5. October 3, 1906 - The White Sox clinched the pennant while waiting out a rain delay in St. Louis against the Browns. When the game was finally played, the Sox made it official by shutting out St. Louis 4-0 behind Frank “Yip” Owen. That year the Sox would go 93-58-3 beating the New York Highlanders (Yankees) by three games. Then then would upset the Cubs in the only all-Chicago World Series. October 3, 1965 - By pitching the eighth inning and giving up only one hit and earning his fourth hold, Eddie Fisher set an American League record for most games in one year, with 82. The White Sox beat Kansas City 3-2. Fisher would be named A.L. Relief Pitcher of the year in 1965 with 15 wins, 24 saves, an ERA of 2.40 and 60 games finished. The Sox would win 95 games that season. October 3, 1972 – Terry Forster was one of a trio of hard throwing, young White Sox fireballers coming out of the bullpen in the early 1970’s. He along with Bart Johnson and Rich “Goose” Gossage struck fear in the hearts of hitters because of how hard they threw a baseball. But Forster was also a terrific hitter. For the 1972 season the 20-year-old batted .526, 10 for 19, with three RBI’s and one run scored. The Sox trailed Minnesota 4-3 in the ninth inning with two out in the next to last game of the year. Tony Muser was on third and pinch runner Jim Geddes on first. Hank Allen was due up but manager Chuck Tanner called of Forster to pinch hit. He promptly ripped a single to center tying the score and sending Geddes to third. Then incredibly Forster was given the steal sign and took off for second. When Twins catcher George Mitterwald’s throw sailed into center field Geddes scored, Forster had the only stolen base of his career and the Sox led 5-4. That would turn out to be the final and the 87th win on the year for the “Outhouse to Penthouse” White Sox. October 3, 1993 - The Sox rung down the curtain at old Municipal Stadium in Cleveland by beating the Indians 4-0. Jason Bere got the last win in the cavernous stadium which was replaced in 1994 by Jacobs Field. October 3, 2005 - As baseball was wrapping up the regular season, the Sox Paul Konerko appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated sliding into second base in a game against Cleveland. The cover’s caption read, “Playoff Scramble. Who’s Out, Who’s In? White Sox vs. Indians. Yankees vs. Red Sox. 4 teams, 3 Spots” October 3, 2010 - She was beloved by Sox fans for generations as the organist at White Sox ballparks. Nancy Faust played her last White Sox game as the team beat Cleveland 6-5. Nancy took over as Sox organist in 1970 and in the ensuing 40 years rarely missed a game. Her lasting contribution was unearthing a little-known rock song in 1977 which turned into an anthem used by numerous pro and college teams. Nancy started playing Steam’s, “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” when an opposing pitcher was being removed from the game. It caught on like wildfire with Sox fans and became one of the things identified with the franchise. When she was hired by then vice-president Stu Holcomb her position was out in the center field bleachers near the scoreboard. After a few years though she was moved behind home plate in the upper deck to be surrounded by fans and closer to where the action was taking place. Eventually that positioning led to a professional relationship with broadcaster Harry Caray. Then Sox owner Bill Veeck heard Caray singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” one day, secretly positioned a microphone and had Caray’s voice piped through the stadium P.A. system so fans could sing along with him. It was Faust who supplied the organ music to the song and like with the “Na Na Hey Hey” song Harry’s ‘Seventh Inning Stretch’ became a part of Comiskey Park lore. October 3, 2022 – It caught the baseball world by surprise, it elicited everything from derision to head-scratching and it was a risky move perpetrated by White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf as he convinced his friend Tony LaRussa to come out of retirement to try to lead the Sox to a World Series. LaRussa was in his late 70’s, had been out of a dugout for almost 10 years, had already been elected to the Hall of Fame, and had some personal issues but Reinsdorf, against his front office, got his way. The move seemed solid when LaRussa led a beat-up team to 93 wins, a Central Division title and a spot in the playoffs in back-to-back seasons for the first time in franchise history. The 2022 season though was a different story. With talk of World Series by the front office and the players, the Sox stumbled out of the gate, seemed to show little emotion or urgency, lost a dozen games where they led in the seventh inning or later, had a pair of eight game losing streaks and were never able to put things together. For LaRussa, the situation was worse. His on-field decisions were bizarre, his press conferences saw him stumble and mumble seemingly forgetting things at times and he was caught looking like he was asleep in the dugout. It turned out he was having health issues which resulted in a pacemaker being implanted in February without common knowledge and then an issue with it which caused him to leave the club on August 28, never to return to the dugout because of doctor’s orders. It was also later revealed he had cancer. On this day, in a press conference at Guaranteed Rate Field, LaRussa retired with a year to go on his contract. He managed the Sox the first time from August 1979 through June 1986 and then from the 2021 season to the 2022 year. He won two divisional titles in that time in 1983 and 2021 but his post season White Sox mark was a dismal 2-6. Most baseball people felt the move in total, was counter-productive to the White Sox rebuild but Jerry Reinsdorf insisted and got what he wanted…it simply did not work out the way he was expecting it to.
  6. JoeC

    Gabe Kapler

    Yeah, I'd LIKE to think that they're going to do something intelligent with the prospects. On that, I'm willing to give Getz some benefit of the doubt. I hope he has a plan for prospects. That's the extent of my hope for 2024, is that they figure out what to do in the minors. (yes, that's bleak)
  7. Bauer is guilty of being dumb enough to let a girl like that get close to him. Bauer is guilty of being unliked by his peers and the media. Teach your kids that if you are dumb and piss enough people off, they will come for you, regardless if you are deserving or not. The MLBPA, the Dodgers and the media (specifically baseball media) should be ashamed of themselves and I hope they pay dearly. If Bauer comes back to the MLB I hope he tries to opt out of the union or something to shed light on how they treated him.
  8. Nice long tweet about how the Broncos adjusted after the first half against Fields. TLDR: Fields struggled against zone coverage in the first 3 games. Broncos ran match/man the entire first half which is why Fields carved them up. Then they switched to more zone coverage and Fields stopped getting his chunk plays and had to check down more.
  9. Oh, I agree absolutely. I went years without tuning in. But not sure how they did overall in comparison to other seasons. And also not sure how the ratings work exactly. If a person tunes in for a minute here and there to check the score, does that count?
  10. I watched almost every game in the 3 previous seasons. I watched maybe 1/3 of the games this year and a lot of those were before I figured out this team was gonna be absolute ass. Nobody wants to watch bad baseball. It's really not worth the time.
  11. If its consensual its not wrong, and there are plenty of women who are into physicality. I can assure you someone you consider very stable and "together" in the head is into some fucked up stuff.
  12. I would need to look at it again but to be honest. The people willing to do this eccentric behavior must be rare. I feel Bauer could do way better than that.
  13. How bad were they in comparison to other years?
  14. I dont get people who say he shouldnt be allowed to pitch in MLB even after this. So hes an asshole, yeah, but there are plenty of assholes in MLB. He might be pervy, so what, hes an adult and looks like his encounters with other adults were consensual afterall. Crede had sex with hundreds of women in 2005 alone and hes a hero. TA got laughed at for having an affair, but nothing more. There are countless of unfaithful womanizers in MLB that are celebrated, like Bartolo Colon. I get that teams wouldn't want the PR hit, but this is a little tragic. His MLB career ended because he trusted the wrong booty call. And for her, i wish he did go through with the counter suit, because shes making it more difficult for those women who actually go through abuse. Just a terrible mess.
  15. If I was into kicking homeless people in the face, I would probably accept that offer. If the homeless person then went to the police and said that I ran up on him and punted him in the jaw even when he said don't do it and now im fired from my job and everyone thinks im an asshole, I would have an issue with that.
  16. Wow, that’s still better than Oakland’s season winning percentage 😆
  17. The more this jerk opens his mouth the more it confirms what an utter buffoon he is. If Getz only does one thing, it has to be getting rid of this cretin. I’ve never despised a White Sox manager as much as this guy.
  18. Is it just me or did one of her eyes look really swollen? Or maybe it was the angle of the camera? Bauer probably did choke and punch her. But everything that's been put to light yesterday makes it seem like that was all consensual. She probably knew this was his fetish and would make it real easy to say it was sexual abuse.
  19. This team had a .329 winning percentage once they ditched Lynn, Giolito, Lopez, Graveman, and Kelly. We don't have the spend available to replace all of them. They went 18-37 from the trade deadline to the end of the season. Its a dire situation.
  20. Men committing physical violence against women is wrong. Only exception is self defense and only to the degree necessary to avoid injury to self. If a woman is so f***ed up mentally that she requests you choke her out, or punch her, walk away. If a homeless person on the street offered to let you kick them in the face for $10, would you consider that OK as well. After all, they offered, right?
  21. Exactly. Remember how many games they were losing with Clevinger, Giolito, and Lynn? They won’t even have those guys. Cease appears to have fallen off of a cliff, and Robert might get hurt again or have a down year. They could be much worse than they were this year.
  22. It will be fun to lose 100 games again and not be allowed to pick in the top 10 of the first round.
  23. Today
  24. Ill wait to see what happens with the pitching staff, but as of now there is no way they don't lose 100 games again. The rotation is Cease and then your choice of four other 5+ ERA guys or rookies who weren't even performing well. There are no difference makers in the lineup outside of Luis Robert. This 26 man roster is Cease and Robert, and 24 replacement or worse level players. There is not enough money to fix every issue with this team, and they are bringing back to same manager who lead this disaster last season. If they sign a few competent starting pitchers, there is probably enough there to keep it in the 90-94 range. If the rotation is filled out with Kopech, Toussaint, Scholtens, etc. 100 losses is as close to a lock as it will get.
  25. Sox should sign Bauer. He did nothing wrong as far as I can tell.
  26. Poles is still being evaluated. Trading the #1 pick is probably one of the easier things he could decide as the GM. It was the right move in my mind - but getting value for that isn't the hard part - its how you actually use those assets going forward and do you actually get value out of them. Will he draft well, can he and his pro scouts help him find the right free agents, etc. The assessment on Poles is less W-L (don't get me wrong, those count) - but right now it is more about the individual W-L's. Did he make the right draft picks, are they progressing and developing, how did he do on the free agent front, etc. Those things are going on. Right now - the jury is clearly still out and if I said anything, my lean is a negative lean. His free agents haven't hit (not saying Edmunds or Edwards are busts - but they haven't HIT). Davis is a pass right now (that is an upgrade from where I had him throughout training camp, but he deserves that pass given what was going on). Nadakoue isn't very good - but I think everyone knew that and its a 1 year deal, so I don't lose much sleep on that. Walker has done absolutely nothing - so that seems like a miss (I don't see what he has done for 3yr 21M that Tevis Gibson couldn't have done). That may seem harsh - but Walker has literally done ZILCH. Now all of the above grades can clearly change - but free agent wise - NOT a good start. His trades - the Roquan Smith move was fine on paper. Respending that money on another off-ball linebacker, even though Edmunds is good, is probably a questionable allocation of resources (at best). Trading for Claypool - clearly a mistake, but I respect fact that they seem to be admitting that mistake quickly. Trading Mack was 100% the right thing to do - even did hurt the team in short run. On the draft - Wright, Braxton Jones, and Carter show promise. The two young DT's have really done nothing during the game's at this point (it's early though - so still a pass - but you need to see some flash out of them now that we are through 1st quarter of the season - especially post the long break coming after Washington game. In the secondary Brisker had a good rookie year, but has struggled in year 2. Stevenson and Smith have had some good and some bad - but got to hit. Gordon has been the same. But thus far - no one has emerged as a building block - Wright looks like the closest thing to that. Now its still early - especially for this most recent years draft - but that isn't exactly a good mark. Scott is TBD - but could emerge - he definitely has speed. Velus Jones also has speed, but clearly can't do much else. Hopefully Scott has more in him than Jones. If we finish the season and the above list looks the same - no one has really flashed and you haven't identified clear difference makers 2 years into this (hard assessment because there was so little to work with in terms of capital in year 1) - but that WOULD not be a very good start for Poles and in my mind would warrant Warren and McCaskey to have to make some hard choices. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are still 13 games left - I FULLY expect we should see growth in this year(s) draft class and there is LOTs of time for Brisker, Gordon, & Jones to get back to 100% and take strides forward you hope to see out of 2nd year players. Carter may also get a chance to show us something - in which case, getting what they got with as "bare" of a cupboard as Poles had in year 1 (no high end draft picks to work with, etc) - and I am saying there is enough there to warrant a longer term commitment to Poles.
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