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  1. quickman

    Hahn: Too early to know if Sox will be buyers

    Burdi coming up is strange as he has pretty much sucked all year that said maybe they will showcase him a bit in the next few weeks for teams looking at a young pitcher. Just a thought
  2. quickman

    White sox winner!!!!!

    What’s the back story on Moncada three days off for sinus infection seems a bit off to me.
  3. quickman

    6/16 Rays @ Sox, 1:10 CT

    Sox bullpen blows
  4. quickman

    6/16 Rays @ Sox, 1:10 CT

    These shit lineups larussa keeps putting out there are costing us big time. This team is very special.
  5. quickman

    6/16 Rays @ Sox, 1:10 CT

    This is one hell of a sinus infection Moncada has . Maybe they should try some augmentin.
  6. quickman

    Rays @ Sox, 6/14 7:10 ct

    I am not going to b**** about the lineup because the last two lineups everyone was falling over themselves saying Tony was nuts and the games we’re over before it started , only to have it work out. I do have a question to the group kind of related. Does the bench coach do anything? I mean does he make a suggestion , maybe talk things over with Tony, bench coaches used to be strong and sitting right next to the manager providing input. I think ours is cairo, you just never hear he is even there.
  7. quickman

    Will Hahn be more active this deadline?

    Real nice assessment and well thought out . Hopefully the Sox get the message of spending more to keep the window open. They should make a run at signing lynn, Rodon will be gone so let’s use him up.
  8. Adam Frazier is who I think should be the play .
  9. quickman

    Lynn 1, Hendriks 2, Rodon 7 in ESPN Cy Predictor

    Your right with Ryan you always got a competitor but you didn’t know which Ryan would show up. The three best I have watched and followed were Bob Gibson , Tom Seaver and Jim Palmer. Anyway hope Lance gets it and the Sox pay up.
  10. quickman

    Classy moves by Carlos Rodon and Jerry Reinsdorf

    No problem your the mediator speaking for all.
  11. quickman

    Beware of the upcoming Tigers "trap series"...

    Don’t see it… southsider care to bet the stock market ?
  12. quickman

    Classy moves by Carlos Rodon and Jerry Reinsdorf

    And there is the rub because if a person disagrees with you you have an answer but you rebut and discredit the person to begin with. Typical you. That’s fine. I deal with differences daily . I am good with that. I just think he did a good thing and meant it and I think he always has meant it . Just because he has money doesn’t mean he has to spend it like soxtalk fans want him too. Go root for another team. Why are you hanging around such loser south side people .
  13. quickman

    Classy moves by Carlos Rodon and Jerry Reinsdorf

    No just stating what this forum does . Very judgmental to what you want the narrative to be
  14. quickman

    Classy moves by Carlos Rodon and Jerry Reinsdorf

    But jr is a cheap ass and Rodon won’t give a shit next year when his agent shops him. So soxtalk will probably blast jr and say he needs to go.
  15. Yep I guess what’s weird is I would rather have mendick than Garcia but it would make a lot of sense for mendick to go down