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  1. credezcrew24

    Steve Stone / Yoan Moncada's "Lack of Effort and Interest"

    That title belongs to Abreu
  2. credezcrew24

    FA Rodon / Lynn - Locked on Sox and SoxTalk Poll

    One thing to consider is that Rodon will have compensation attached to him from a qualifying offer while Lynn won't
  3. credezcrew24

    2021 MLB Draft Day 1 Thread

    Is there any love for Jordan Wicks?
  4. After looking at the OF options Gallo makes the most sense to me. He's never put up a WAR of 4 so he shouldn't come at too high a cost for the Sox, and he is a lefty that is controlled through 2022. Also the Rangers must already very familiar with Sox prospects after the Lynn trade. Lynn put up 7 WAR in 2019. So he is likely valued as more impactful to a team trying to win, but Gallo has the extra half year of control and also the potential for a qualifying which Lynn does not. It will be interesting to see Gallo's market value relative to Lynn's if he is traded, but I don't think the trade values will be that far off. Both players are earning well below free agent market value.
  5. credezcrew24

    Sox City Connect Jerseys

    I agree. I think the pants are easily the worst part
  6. credezcrew24

    Projecting fWAR near 1/3rd pole of season

    Lynn has already declined a QO. The White Sox can't offer him one.
  7. credezcrew24

    That’s a Nicky Two Strikes Winner!!

    No one can do what the Magic Cock Master does with two strikes
  8. credezcrew24

    Texas @ Sox

    Go White Sox! I hope you like my avatar, I made a custom jersey for Soxtalk
  9. credezcrew24

    Corbin Burnes

    He’s good but the Brewers asking price is likely too high. I think the Sox should look towards acquiring Dunning from Texas instead.
  10. credezcrew24

    We Thought We Have A Good Bullpen?

    Colome hasn't looked great either. His ERA is 6.75 after today
  11. credezcrew24

    Alternate site roster released

    It’s baffling the Sox felt the need to protect Jake Burger and waste a spot on the 40 man. If any team was dumb enough to take him the Sox would be up 50k right now because he surely would’ve been returned
  12. credezcrew24

    White Sox were expected to sign Juan Soto

    If James Shields had a twin brother they would’ve signed him 😪
  13. Sorry Jack but you’re wrong. The Sox would’ve been a wildcard team last year
  14. credezcrew24

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    I don't know anything about this kid, but the pitch never had any of the zone. He's going to need to tighten up the break for it to work at the next level and Penn State has easily been the worst team in the Big Ten over the past 5 years. His numbers from that game are obviously impressive, but this one pitch isn't special.
  15. credezcrew24

    Foodies: Sox/Giolito discussing an extension?????

    Lynn has already rejected a qualifying offer so the White Sox can’t offer him one. I would be very surprised if he doesn't test the open market again.