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  1. Tony

    Sox @ Royals 7/28, 7:10

    God, if the Sox could just get "good" Bummer for a stretch here...
  2. Tony

    Sox @ Royals 7/28, 7:10

    That's just his face
  3. Tony

    Sox @ Royals 7/28, 7:10

    Holy shit
  4. Tony

    Sox @ Royals 7/28, 7:10

    This OF D is a fucking JOKE
  5. Tony

    White Sox/Rox talking Story

    I think the Sox have a number of those hitters....Abreu-Eloy-Robert-Anderson-Moncada all sort of fit that same description. I'm not saying one more wouldn't help.....but unless the Sox are planning on making 3 or 4 additions in the next few days, I just don't know if Story should be "the move" I think it's a little too much flash where a mix of Escobar and 2 bullpen arms might cost the same as Story does, and I think it could help a lot more.
  6. Tony

    White Sox/Rox talking Story

    I still just don't see the fit with Story 1. Right-handed bat, hits LHP much better than RHP 2. They are going to ask him to play a new position 3. He's a .243 hitter outside of Coors 4. He's not having a stellar 2021 I don't even count him being an FA after the season as a negative....but again I just don't know if he's the right fit for this team, especially given what I think will be somewhat of an inflated cost because of his name.
  7. Tony

    2021 NHL Thread

    Stan gonna Stan
  8. Tony

    2021 NHL Thread

    If they somehow convince Flower to play for the Hawks next year....they probably are a decent team.
  9. Tony

    2021 NHL Thread

    Makes the Panarin deal that much more of a joke, but I never liked Zadorov. If they bring in McCabe which it sounds like they are......probably a better replacement.
  10. Tony

    2021 NHL Thread

    Hawks are BUSY
  11. Tony


    Yeah, but you’re forgetting he’s an idiot, so…
  12. Tony

    2021 NHL Thread

    I'll be dead honest I don't really understand how TB uses the LTIR to their advantage, but obviously it's valuable. There are basically two schools of thought here:
  13. Tony

    Sox @ Royals 7/27, 7:10

    Remember when you idiots said having Eloy and Robert back wouldn't make "that" big of a difference? lol
  14. Tony

    2021 NHL Thread

    I mean, what the hell is going on