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  1. Thanks for all the responses. I was working on answers to other posts on what to do for next year but trading Sale to me was a nuclear option and at 18 pages I thought it deserved its own thread. Sorry to those it bothered, but I think this trade proposal is one of best match ups out there. I wanted responses to see if others agreed it was semi realistic. If Dodgers lose Greinke and someone else gets Price stranger things have happened. Seager and Urias represent two of top five prospects in all of baseball, obviously no other team has that. All four players make sense to me. Plug third base and get a potential catcher with OBP skills. A starting pitcher with huge potential and another arm that is way more than a throw in. For those thinking 2017, all four project to be there or semi established by then. By being young, we also would have cost control for some time. I have always considered the negative impact on Sale, Q, Abreu if you bring in a 20 + million player. Even wondered that if Smard signed if that would get any of them to want more. Bringing in young talent would negate that and our team does have a budget. Just thought it was a interesting package and worthy of discussion.
  2. If you have to make a major pitching trade to rebuild the team would this make sense? The Dodgers are a big money team who may be looking for an ace, are in a win now mode, and have prospects. Seager 21yo could play third and per MLB #2 prospect in all of baseball. Urias LHP 19yo in AA rated #4 prospect in MLB. Anderson 23yo is a RHP in AA-AAA. Dodgers #8 prospect who throws hard and thought to start vs close. Barnes 25yo C #11 Dodger prospect has been in MLB this year. walks more than ks.
  3. What are the boards thoughts on Marcell Ozuna? Marlins owner disappointed in him. Had great 2014 but questions of his conditioning this year. Pros: young 24, has some power, CF ability with dwar about 0. Cons: Boras client though earliest FA 2020, strikeouts about once per game, conditioning/attitude? Supposedly Marlins looking for pitching. Could Avi and a pitching prospect do it or just pitching prospects? Put him in RF
  4. BamaDoc


    I would offer him two years at 14 total. He would bridge to another shortstop. Anderson wouldn't be rushed, he likely needs 1 plus years.
  5. Six nice innings for Rodon. I pull him as part of limiting his innings and let him enjoy a very good performance. 97 pitches enough. Less strain than pushing pitch count. Montas time
  6. There is nothing wrong with a former player being a manager if he played for someone else so if his performance as a manager is lacking, the memories of him as your player, don't keep you from doing what needs to be done for the betterment of the team. I am not endorsing or canning Ventura. You don't make a move unless you have someone else better lined up. At this point just changing the manager may not make much difference. If there is a house cleaning and people come in with a coherent organizational wide philosophy and a new manager fits that better, by all means go ahead.
  7. Glad we start on road where games unlikely to be cancelled. Few off days early so will need 5 starters from the beginning.
  8. Next year at AA will tell the tale. If he does well, AAA before the year is over or late call up. If not ………..
  9. Good find. He expresses the feeling correctly and the analysis is confirmatory.
  10. let Viciedo be the rh platoon at dh.
  11. Would you pull Danks or let him try for shutout? 90 thru seven I see no need to take him very high. Montas?
  12. Excellent start for Adams 7 ip 1 run
  13. You need to protect the best assets whether arms or position players. I had hoped those with more knowledge of our system would bring forth players on the bubble that we might better understand off season player movement. If the 40 is full, a draftable player may be included in a trade because you feel you may lose him anyway. Or it might explain multi player trades where you give up 3 for 2 if you feel your 40 man is tight. In the past with a weaker farm system this was less of an issue. Now as our farm system appears deeper, you want to protect the right people. It would be good in the mid season or end of season prospect lists to include if on the 40 man and if not what year must they be protected by in order to not be drafted.
  14. ,I could see a guy like Peter Tago who is 23, former first rounder, mid nineties fastball who looks like the light has come on in our organization. Now AA relieving his walk rate is about half his career rate and k rate over 10. If I was another org I would pay 50k to bring him to spring training and maybe stash in the back of a bullpen for a year if he isn't protected. If it works you get a cheap arm for years, if not small cash loss.
  15. A player with a MLB contract must be protected or released. If money is owed he gets it which is why certain players owed large sums are relatively safe.
  16. Selection eligibility[edit] Players are eligible for selection in the Rule 5 draft who are not on their major league organization's 40-man roster and: – were 18 or younger on the June 5 preceding their signing and this is the fifth Rule 5 draft upcoming; or – were 19 or older on the June 5 preceding their signing and this is fourth Rule 5 draft upcoming. These exemption periods (one year longer than those in effect previously) went into effect as part of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in October 2006. The change took effect immediately, exempting many players from the 2006 Rule 5 draft even though they had been signed in some cases more than four years before the new agreement came into effect. Prior to the rule change, players were exempt from the first two or three Rule 5 drafts held after their signing (regardless of the year they were drafted), rather than from the first three or four Rule 5 drafts after their signing. Sorry hope this helps We draft a lot of college players so a lot of guys with three/four years service are eligible if not on 40 man. Other team gets them for 50k and must keep on ML roster all year or offer back to original team/work out trade. This was how we got Nieto who I would not protect.
  17. QUOTE (LDF @ Aug 23, 2015 -> 09:07 PM) i really thought some might have posted here. but oh well. i will start with this. Dan Jennings Pitcher - protect Jake Petricka Pitcher - protect Jeff Samardzija Pitcher - free agent / do not protect David Robertson Pitcher - protect Jose Quintana Pitcher - protect Carlos Rodon Pitcher - protect Zach Putnam Pitcher - protect Chris Sale Pitcher - protect Matt Albers Pitcher - protect John Danks Pitcher with his contract / do not protect Zach Duke Pitcher - protect Tyler Saladino - protect Trayce Thompson - protect Adam Eaton - protect Carlos Sanchez - protect J.B. Shuck - protect Jose Abreu - protect Avisail Garcia - protect Adam LaRoche with his contract / do not protect Gordon Beckham - do not protect, unless the fo needs him. Alexei Ramirez - protect Geovany Soto do not protect ////// undecided Melky Cabrera --protect Tyler Flowers - protect Frankie Montas Pitcher - protect Michael Ynoa Pitcher - protect Junior Guerra Pitcher - protect Chris Beck Pitcher - protect Scott Carroll Pitcher do not protect Erik Johnson Pitcher - protect Daniel Webb Pitcher - protect Kevan Smith do not protect Matt Davidson do not protect Leury Garcia - protect Adrian Nieto - protect Rob Brantly - protect Micah Johnson - protect going in, the sox has 38 players protected, with this new tally per my opinion i have added 8 more that i would not protect. the reason being, the young players that need to be added to the 40 man roster. The problem is if you drop Danks or LaRoche etc you owe them their money and get nothing for them.
  18. As the minor league seasons are winding down are there are always players on the bubble to be added or dropped from the 40 man roster and thus subject to be drafted by other teams. Who are some of the players on the bubble and what would you do? I noticed Drabek was not on the 40 nor Zach Phillips. I could see teams take them. I think Peter Tago could peek interest. Guys on in danger Ynoa, Nieto, Guerra for starters. What are your thoughts on who you would or wouldn't want to expose?
  19. I have seen many people discuss the value of a first round comp pick(myself included) for Smardzija. While perusing box scores and stats I realized Keenyan Walker and Keon Barnum where both sandwich/comp picks. Ouch! Also made me realize we had spent some higher picks on position players, they just haven't worked out as well as we hoped. Not slamming either player. I did have an additional question/hypothetical, if Smardzija accepted the one year qualifying offer and then left after rebuilding his value would we still be entitled to a comp pick?
  20. Hope the light has gone on for Rodon. 31 pitches thru three. I get so tired looking at pitch counts and by the fifth or sixth inning our starter has 20 more pitches thrown. Nice to see the other way around.
  21. Like it or not our team follows some degree of a budget. If Smardja leaves 10 million available. A big key will be Alexi. If he will take a cut or can be replaced up to another ten million. So potentially, 20 million available. After 2016 LaRoche and Danks contracts done so another 29 million available. What you really need is for Fulmer to be ready/decent by 2017. Rodon needs to improve. Johnson/Drabek/Montas or other young player needs to move into rotation in 2016 and be 4 or 5. Really need two to come along for depth. Anderson needs to pan out. I would not be opposed to a platoon or two to get good performance at less dollar. Maybe one big FA. Cost controlled pitching is our biggest advantage and should not be be blown up unless the trade is for proven young controlled talent in a trade we clearly win. Can't see somebody doing that so the ability to have pitching that gives you a chance to win everyday matters. Old saying "Momentum only as good as tomorrows pitcher"
  22. If anything Toronto screwed up by not getting anything for him Fri before the deadline passed. I would bet a bunch of teams would have given something more than the nothing he just got. It was not clear he was going to be the one waived as he was having a good year. Their GM should have called especially someone like us who it is apparent could use a guy that hits LH. If they did call us, we had to guess he would not pass thru, maybe couldn't agree on price but Tor couldn't get less than they did.
  23. Thompson not in lineup
  24. I looked at Eithier. Better contract but didn't see Danks fitting Dodgers as well. Eithier has pronounced splits like LaRoche and shouldn't bat vs lefties so without two platoon partners one probably plays vs lefties and I killed it because of that.
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