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2022 AL Central catch all thread


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“Brutal,” Guardians center fielder Myles Straw told reporters. “Worst fan base on the planet.”    nypost.com

Rivalry with the Yankees suddenly more interesting.


As Mercado told reporters after the game, he was turning to run back to the dugout when two cans were thrown his way, causing him to lose his cool:

"I tried to go for the ball, and then I'm making a left turn to head back to the dugout and that's when I felt [the beer can] fly right by me. So I turned around and then I saw another one coming at me and that's when I reacted the way I did. Probably should have handled it better."

Yahoo Sports

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Indians played with fire and left Bieber in with about 100 pitches and he got torched by Angels...

Much different club on the road, especially after getting swept in NY and with Kwan out of the line-up.


They had someone named Palacios starting in LF that I've never even heard of before.

Just 1/2 game ahead of the White Sox now.

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Anthony Castrovince, reporter/columnist: "Buxton might be the most valuable player RIGHT NOW. Beyond what you just shared, I saw this note from MLB Network: Buxton had a 296 wRC+ in his first 41 plate appearances. The rest of the Twins had an 85 wRC+ in 543 plate appearances.

But Mark's right. Let's not do this to ourselves."


Is Buxton the best player in baseball right now?


Trout, Soto, Vladdy Jr. Acuna's finally back today. Ohtani.  Those are basically the other options.

Hosmer, lol.

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