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GT 8/3: Outfielders? We don't need no stinking outfielders!

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3 minutes ago, 2Deep said:

Nice to know that Luis Robert is Dead!!

Dead but taking up a roster spot.  It's like Weekend at Louie's.  They'll just prop up him up in the dugout with sunglasses on.  Josh Harrison will occasionally walk by and give him a fist bump.

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If Robert sitting for an extra couple games was the first time they'd done this in 2022, I probabaly would be curious but not more than that. But they've very consistently done this same thing this year - probably closing in on 10 times. They've probably played with a short roster due to guys who were going onto or coming off the IL in 1/3 or even 1/2 of their games this year. Its utterly bizarre and confusing. I've never seen anything like it.

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7 minutes ago, CBJ03 said:

Here’s the Robert explanation of why he was activated. 


That doesn't stop them from bringing Burger or Haseley up instead and them optioning them back when Robert is actually ready.  But yeah, its not really worth getting up in arms about but Sox continue to manage their roster in incredibility stupid ways. 

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8 minutes ago, CBJ03 said:

For one game? They have enough people that can stand in the outfield for todays game. 

2 games. Looks like he would have saved Gavin Sheets life.  Why are we constantly intentionally playing with a shortened roster? As someone said, I've never seen anything like it

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1 minute ago, hogan873 said:

Still sounds like some lame excuses about Robert not playing.  It's like they think the fanbase is dumb.

Well, we keep coming back, so maybe we are dumb.

JR is laughing about all of this with his buddies upstairs.

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28 minutes ago, harkness99 said:


He has pitched 9 innings against us this year.. we have 5 its and 0 runs in those innings.

Explain what im missing.

Brady Singer has given up 2 ER in 22.1 innings against the Sox the past 2 years for a 0.81 ERA. 

He's also pitching really well right now. We couldn't hit him when he was pitching like shit last year. 

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