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GT 8/3: Outfielders? We don't need no stinking outfielders!

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Just now, caulfield12 said:

Big difference is Singer has much more confidence in his third pitch...change up.


Great response by Sox offense right off the bat. 

He threw it like 6 times against the Yankees and he still shut them out. 

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4 minutes ago, South Side Hit Men said:

A smart team would have used an opener, and inserted Lynn after the inevitable delay (heavy thunderstorms).

Royals have an equally incompetent manager (Opener for Singer).

The Sox will trust Lynn to come back out if he wants.  The Royals will not do so with Singer. 


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1 minute ago, whitesoxwin said:

Valid points indeed but as they say, that's why the play the game. Let's see if the White Sox can overcome those obstacles today.

Nobody would gave predicted Twins and Guardians would be in for battles today either.

Well, CLE just went up 4-0.  Minny 2-1 into 6th.

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