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8/10 at KC - Cueto vs. Bubic (7:10 start)


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7 minutes ago, CentralChamps21 said:

OK, that explains why Pollock isn't in LF, but that still doesn't explain why it wasn't Adam Engel or even Leury Garcia rather than Sheets.

Also, fuck you Pollock, grow a pair.


2 hours ago, he gone. said:

It has to do with Bubic splits against lefties. 

Lefties have an OPS of 1.094 against Bubic, Righties at .698

It's backwards against the norm, but just the way it is. He's been getting torched by lefties .352ba, .460 OBP. Hence, Sheets. 

Now, to me? You DH him 


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2 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

Lenyn better keep hitting bombs or Sleepy Tony is going to send his ass right back to the bench.

Let’s be real, Sleepy will do that as soon as Leury says he’s good to go, no matter how well Lenyn does…

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