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8/11- Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City Royals - 1:10 PM CDT NBCSCH

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My last shot at salvaging the season. Time to start a four game winning streak before the Houston series.

Baseball Prospectus Preview:

CHW (RHP Dylan Cease) @ KC (RHP Zack Greinke), 2:10 pm ET
Greinke isn’t who he used to be on the mound, but Cease has been phenomenal, and is basically why the White Sox still have as much of a chance for October baseball as they do: he’s 12-4 thanks to a 1.98 ERA and what you could safely call dominance, while the White Sox are 17-5 overall in his 22 starts. Considering they’re one game over .500 and 2 ½ back in the AL Central even with that Cease-centric contribution, well, you do the math there.

8/5 Dylan Cease Highlights

Trigger Warning: Viewers have 18 seconds to place the video below on mute before Stone Benetti commentary begins. Viewer discretion is advised.


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White Sox Career Statistics versus Zack Greinke (2022 Statistics 3-7  92 1/3 IP  4.58 ERA  52 K  20 BB)

  • Grandal: 51 AB .275  BA 2 HR
  • Pollock: 19 AB .211  BA 2 HR
  • Abreu: 13 AB .308  BA 0 HR
  • Harrison: 12 AB .083  BA 0 HR
  • Garcia: AB .500  BA 1 HR <= Shelley Duncan and Tony Considering Leury for Leadoff based on this

White Sox Bullpen Usage The Past Five Days

  • Diekman (18 Wed  11 Tue) - Likely unavailable
  • Foster (12 Tue & Sun  20 Sat)
  • Graveman (9 Tue)
  • Hendriks (11 Tue)
  • Kelly (10 Tue)
  • Lambert (34 Wed  20 SunLikely unavailable
  • Lopez (15 Tue)
  • Ruiz (2 Wed  17 Sun  32 Sat)
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55 minutes ago, wegner said:

We all do, Dick, we all do.

Post of the year. Also a great example of how punctuation is so important. We all do Dick, we all do. Really changes the meaning. 

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Leury will be in the lineup today, guess is Seby catches and Grandal at DH. 

Harrison 1/12 against Greinke, so think  you'll see Leury at 2b today. 


Also i had an epiphany last night. Why do we continue to watch this team? Boredom? Habit? What are we even playing for? Is there really anybody truly who thinks this is a championship roster, even when healthy? Do we really think we can take down the Astros/Yankees/Jays in back to back series? Like with the current setup let's say we win the division ... we likely are hosting either TB/Seattle/Toronto for a 3 game series at home. Let's just say we win that series ... we've now used Cease, Lynn and Gio? And then we go into a Yankees or Houston for a series with like Verlander/Cole v. Kopech or Cueto? say we pull of the unlikely .... then we go again into a series against the Yankees/Jays/Houston for 7 games. With a tired Kopech arm that's getting less impactful by each start, let alone October ... this lineup, these bats, this plate discipline ... and again, lets say we pull off the downright crazy and win that series we're rewarded with the Braves/Dodgers/Padres/Mets for 7 more. Our chances of winning are like 1 in 100. 


Instead of working ourselves up to be the MN Twins and being happy with a division and a first round exit I am now shifting not caring. I am shifting to cheering against this piss poor team. The only way you see a roster shakeup, FO office shakeup and a managerial firing is via no playoffs. No playoffs = less fans renewing their season ticket packages and that is about the only thing that will wake up JR. $$ is the only language he talks. he doesn't care if the team wins, he cares about money. 


So here's hoping to a 1-0 Royals win today on a CG from Greinke! 

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Just now, A-Train to 35th said:

Talk about inserting one's foot into mouth, how the hell can Hahn talk about "multiple championships" when he hasn't won a single one and the team has only won 3 in the last 116 years.

I want a GM that talks about we'll win one in another thirty or forty years. Maybe make the playoffs every decade or two. 

Who would hire a guy for the Sox who has a goal of multiple championships lol 😂


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7 minutes ago, Texsox said:

Post of the year. Also a great example of how punctuation is so important. We all do Dick, we all do. Really changes the meaning. 

Thank you for that very important lesson, Tex.


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