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2022 Wildcard Round


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1 hour ago, maxjusttyped said:


Not to be a downer, but it’s just awful that Sarah Langs has ALS. I saw her about a month ago really speaking slowly, and thought she had a stroke I didn’t hear about. Hopefully she will stay happy for as long as possible. Such an unfair thing. 

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31 minutes ago, maxjusttyped said:

I wonder how long it'll be until someone at BP/Fangraphs etc is able to prove they're using juiced balls for the playoffs. The ball definitely seems to be carrying a further than we saw in the regular season.

Ramirez homer earlier today definitely seemed like a ball that shouldn’t have gone out 

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23 minutes ago, maxjusttyped said:

Looks like Tommy Pham shares our suspicion about the ball

Only 2 homers were hit to straight away center with a launch angle of 30 degrees and an exit velo between 99 and 100.

That's actually crazy. 

Edit: There were no homers hit with those parameters in 2021. 4 in 2020 and 6 in 2019.

Edit 2: if you lower the minimum exit velo to 95 there were 5 homers to CF this year with a launch angle of 30 and an exit velo of less than 100. There were 11 in 2019. 

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Arenado hit the s%*# out of one today that didn’t go out, but the wind helped. It’s terrible if MLB wants juiced balls in the postseason. Just make it fair and let us watch some real baseball. It’s not that fucking complicated, Manfred. 

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