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5/23-O's at Sox, 6:40pm

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Clevinger VS Rodriguez

I'll be at the game today. First game since 2022. O's just got swept so maybe the Sox are catching them at the right time...although they're probably looking at the Sox and thinking to themselves "Thank Gawd." Clevinger starting definitely gives me a lot of hope in this one 😏


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We can fix what ails them. No clue why Nastrini was necessary unless they are totally tanking for a #11 pick.

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23 minutes ago, GreenSox said:

Corey Julks rakes in 2 games, then sits on the bench.

Gee, what a surprise that is out of Pedro.

Maybe Getz can lay some groundwork for a Fedde trade with the O's. I hope Fedde pitches well against them.


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2 hours ago, PaleAleSox said:

Julks should be starting every game. What are we doing here?

Playing as many LHH as possible I guess but Benintendi should be benched .He provides nothing offensively or defensively. Teams run on his arm constantly, he's slow, he has more negative WAR than any position player in baseball which means that despite being terrible that he continues to play.

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