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Holy crap, did anyone see ESPN News?

Guest JimH

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The message I got said J. Wright done, the other two things "close".


So I would not expect to see any confirmations on anything.


Was asking if anyone else had seen this, that's all ... ?


The guy in question doesn't screw around like that, I do not know if he heard it personally or whether someone told him. I do know he's in Florida right now on business.

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Jim, that deal is sick, did you have fun with your friend Jack Daniels tonight?


If this is true, holy crap!


I'll take all of that in a heart beat...easily


Garcia, Buehrle, Contreras, J. Wright, Garland







What can you not like about that!?

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Don't hang me if nothing is mentioned ... again, I did not see it personally.


Edit: I have no sources. The guy is a long time friend who's in Florida on business, and a Sox fan. He would not pull my chain. I can't say whether someone would pull his chain though.


I am sorry I posted this, I didn't mean to get things into a tizzy. I was just asking if someone else had seen anything.

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Here's the dialogue...


Sox Chatter - Whitesox Sign Wright, DYe and make trade notify me whenever anyone posts in this discussionSubscribe


From: rashid4434 9:57 pm

To: ALL (1 of 3)



Peter Gammons just reported on Espnnews that the WHitesox have signed Jaret wRIGHT TO A 2 year 10 mill contract and option for third

They are also Close to two deals one that would bring Jermian Dye on a 2 year contract worth 8.5 million.


And they are about to make a a three way deal that would bring Luis Castillo to Chicago


Whitesox get

Luis Castillo

Scott Posednik


Brewers get

Brian Anderson

Prospect from Marlins


Marlins get

Carlos Lee



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From: rashid4434 9:58 pm

To: rashid4434 (2 of 3)

34950.2 in reply to 34950.1

Peter Gammons says this would put a big SPLASH to the start of a huge offseason to be


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From: hammer30 10:00 pm

To: rashid4434 (3 of 3)

34950.3 in reply to 34950.1

how many sites must u ruin rasheed, learn to jerk off from something other then messing around on fan boards posting bogus trade and signing rumors i am so sick of it, i couldnt figure out who u were on cbssportsline but i have a friend in the whitesox message boards who is a filter, and i am going to have him block u forever




Jim, does your friend frequent whitesox.com? None of this makes sense. SOMEONE ONE THIS MESSAGE BOARD HAD TO HAVE HAD ESPNNEWS ON THE LAST HOUR, especially after the Jaret Wright rumblings!!!

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Jim, I definitely believe that you're telling us what you heard, however I just don't believe it.  To good to be true.

Agree with you. Would be great.


I have a message into his cell phone to see where he heard it.


Will post something as soon as he gets back to me.

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