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Holy crap, did anyone see ESPN News?

Guest JimH

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All this seems like to much of a coincidence to be false.  We have known that the Marlins were trying to get rid of Castillo and add a big-time hitter.  We also know Kenny has a knack for trading our top prospects, so all this adds up to something reasonable.

I still think someone made it up but whoever did it, did a real good job......

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Guys if anything happened you would at least heard something by now. Espn has shown nuttin on whitesox except whitesox close deal with wright. Which 670 score said their not even close but talked. Seriously you think whitesox make all those moves at once? Please its going happeend one thing at a time.

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Just had a buddy email it to me, he's out of town and I can't reach him.


Was asking if anyone else saw it ... or heard it??


I did see the Jaret Wright bit from before (Gammons said they were close to a deal), but that's all I personally saw.


Asking if anyone else saw this?

Just got home, heard its not true

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Free agent Jaret Wright and the White Sox may be close to a three-year deal, ESPN's Peter Gammons reports.

White Sox GM Ken Williams isn't afraid to roll the dice. Wright doesn't figure to be quite so effective away from Braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone, but he could at least be a solid third starter for the next few years. Nov. 30 - 5:27 pm et


thats from rotoworld and thats it about whitesox



no team make that many moves at once

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But guys Jim said his friend wrote it an hour or so before this Rashid post and we know Jim isn't trying to screw with us.

Jim asked if anyone had ESPNEWS on for the past hour because his buddy "just" e-mailed him the BS. Take a look at the original post.

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Well when the White Sox acquired Bartolo Colon they also quickly jumped in and signed Tom Gordon and another pitcher, I think it was the bouncer Rick White, but not positive on that.


It was all on the same day cause I remember writing stories on FS in regards to them.


On a sidenote, the more I think about it, the more this isn't happening. On paper it betters the team, even if they are giving up a little much for Lee.


Anyway, I would love to see that Wright and Dye part come true cause I think both would be great additions. Plus with them two on board, the Sox now have all the flexibility they need to work out another deal invovling either Garland or Konerko/Lee.


Just add Dustin Hermanson to this cause I think he'd be a nice pickup out of the pen.

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