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    Your troll act is comical. Baseball, politics, religion...it doesnt matter. Its the same. 1.) Greg Hottakes - You read something, post it and ask question in the same tense if you were a 90 year old who never witnessed the industrial revolution. Then dig deeper with your logic, which is neither logic or insightful. I am conservative and typically vote republican. But for the love of god I dont start any debate with "I heard this from Rush Limbaugh. Or Trump tweeted this." If you cant separate being conservative with listening to the Orange Man and agreeing with everything he says then I dont know how you can be salvaged. 2.) Greg Remote-Google You ask others to lookup and provide facts that you yourself could easily put in a search engine and get the facts for. 3.) Mount Greenwood nostalgia - You flashback to your younger years at Brother Rice and playing stickball in the park. Has the neighborhood changed. Is Brother Rice still good at football. Is Suzy still mad at you. This can be solved by Googling, see #2.) 4.) You live in Kansas. No one outside of you gives a flying fuck what the residents of your backwater little town consider current events. No one cares about Kansas. I have relatives that live in Kansas. I dont call them and ask them their views of world affairs. Every person on this forum lives somewhere. We dont qualify everything with, Well the people of Downers Grove, Lisle, Oak Park, Orland Park, etc are asking .....X. My town is full of shit, just like the next one. Just like yours. Stop by qualifying that you live in Kansas. Everyone here knows you live there. No one cares about your zipcode.
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    I don't hate you. I don't know you. You are an anonymous person that types nonsense on a message board. Your act is annoying. You could be my neighbor, you could be a 78 year old nun from my parish, you could be a 17 year old kid getting his rocks off by annoying a message board. Who the fuck knows. It doesnt matter.
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    I should take a vote and see if a majority of people want me to resist commenting on politics and COVID-19 corona or continue commenting. I do not wish to ruin days of people by my posts, but I do rather enjoy posting my feelings as it helps me get my anger off my chest during lockdown.
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    My school district has been making this point and I think it's worth sharing. Our goal is NOT to return to normal in the fall. Our goal is to return to Better.
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    Thanks for the sugestions. I will try to abide. If I am allowed a quick rebuttal. To No. 1: When is the last time I mentioned Rush or a Trump tweet. Geez. I can't believe how despised I am. But it is what it is. As Sally Field would say, "You hate me. You hate me."
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    George Costanza found a way for the Yankees to get Bonds and Griffey in the same outfield, and they didn’t really have to give up that much!
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    This is probably the pick that I'd be least excited about. It may be the most sensible (read: safest, and very White Sox) pick though.
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    I'm probably light on Gonzales though some teams are concerned about his poor showing against Texas A&M. He could easily go to the Royals at 4 then Veen would slide to the Pirates at 7 which would be a dream scenario for them. Toronto is said to be on college arms so it's either Hancock or Meyer and I can't see Dipoto passing on Detmers. I don't see a fit with the Padres or Rockies so I put him with the Angels at 10. Jarvis is a big time spin rate/efficiency guy so I'm guessing Kyle Boddy is pounding the table for him. We'll see how big a voice he has. Guys are just sitting around watching video and his video is really good so I wouldn't be surprised if he goes in that range. Loftin is an interesting player. He's a college SS who will stay at the position and has excellent bat to ball skills. He showed some added juice this spring which will push him up the board especially in this draft where I think teams are going to shy away from high schoolers. Mitchell is a total wild card for the reasons you stated though I think the lack of power may be a bigger factor than the diabetes. He has the big tools teams pay for at the top of the draft but he's a college guy who didn't show them often enough. It's just really hard to determine what type of player you're getting here. Yes I think Ginn is drafted and signs. I think he's another comp round guy. I guess there's a possibility the Dodgers try again but that just doesn't seem like their style.
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    4 straight days of below 10% positivity rate in IL, and while today is expected to be a lower reporting day, just 6.7% positive rate and just 1178 new cases.
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    Kiley McDaniel released his latest mock with intel on all teams: https://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/29216982/kiley-mcdaniel-2020-mlb-mock-draft-20 He has Patrick Bailey to the Sox again. I will say this about it: I know that the Sox and Bailey's camp have talked money. 11. Chicago White Sox: Patrick Bailey, C, North Carolina State Chicago is looking for college bats, and Bailey fits this pick very well in terms of value and the White Sox's system. It's a common connection in the industry.
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    Greg is small potatoes compared to Trump. Again, Trump is accusing critic Joe Scarborough of murdering one of his staff. Trump is calling it a "cold case." The woman died in one of Scarborough's congressional offices when she had some kind of heart trauma, fell and hit her head. It is not a cold case. The coroner established there was no crime here. We are in the middle of a huge crisis and all Trump can do is get even with adversaries. More deaths are on the way and they won't be "cold cases." Right now, Trump has no credibility regarding this crisis, not that he ever did. Another wave is predicted. Will be we better prepared this time? Will there be enough PPEs? Enough space in ICUs? Trump doesn't seem all that concerned. Instead, he is causing pain for a widower who still misses his wife.
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    Updated my mock. I pushed a lot of HS guys down the board. 1. Detroit Spencer Torkelson 1B Arizona St 2. Baltimore Austin Martin OF Vandy 3. Miami Asa Lacy LHP Texas A&M 4. Kansas City Zac Veen OF Spruce Creek HS 5. Toronto Emerson Hancock RHP Georgia 6. Seattle Reid Detmers LHP Louisville 7. Pittsburgh Mick Abel RHP Jesuit HS 8. San Diego Max Meyer RHP Minnesota 9. Colorado Garrett Crochet LHP Tennessee 10. LA Angels Nick Gonzales 2B New Mexico St 11. Chicago WS Heston Kjerstad OF Arkansas 12. Cincinnati Bryce Jarvis RHP Duke 13. San Francisco Robert Hassell OF Independance HS 14. Texas Nick Loftin SS Baylor 15. Philadelphia Patrick Bailey C NC State 16. Chicago Cubs Cade Cavalli RHP Oklahoma 17. Boston Garrett Mitchell OF UCLA 18. Arizona Dillon Dingler C Ohio St 19. NY Mets Cole Wilcox RHP Georgia 20. Milwaukee Tyler Soderstrom C Turlock HS 21. St Louis Carmen Mlodzinski RHP South Carolina 22. Washington Austin Hendrick OF West Allegheny HS 23. Cleveland Nick Bitsko RHP Central Bucks HS 24. Tampa Bay Pete Crow Armstrong OF Harvard Westlake 25. Atlanta Ed Howard SS Mt Carmel HS 26. Oakland Tanner Burns RHP Auburn 27. Minnesota CJ Van Eck RHP Florida St 28. NY Yankees Chris McMahon RHP Miami 29. LA Dodgers Clayton Beeter RHP Texas Tech
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    Well as we become one of the poorest countries on the planet, with no meat, those riots you've been warning us about will mean the big gun eats. Y'all will be one less that ol' Tex will have to fight with for that T-bone.
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    If you watch the entire Faici video, his answer is more nuanced. Fauci is saying using masks is ineffective if not used properly. That’s why he points out non-medical people adjusting them (which potentially contaminates the mask). If you wear a mask but go about your day with a false sense of security and don’t change your habits (hand washing, touching your face, social distancing), you are likely not as safe as you may think.
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    You’re always super calm and polite man. It’s admirable. You’d actually be good in any leadership position. Yelling, screaming, shaming, ridiculing - that’s children and the weak.
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    Let's face it. You don't like folks with differing opinions. Trust me, I read all points on here and I do respond to points made. That's usually when I get caught up and you see five posts in a row from me. They are all responding to points made. Look. I hate masks and I am for opening the economy. That puts me at odds with many many many on here. Reiterating the same points? Look at all the posts on Trump on here. As much as I railed on Kamala and Warren and Abrams, others rail on Trump over and over. it's all relative to what you believe folks and most folks disagree with my positions. Remember I'm a Bernie and Tulsi guy. How many of you are? I am a Jesse Ventura/Huckabee/Joe Rogan/Howard Stern guy. You folks likely aren't. We could go down the line and we'd see how my strong feelings are not shared by too many.
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    When people respond to Greg then the rest of us get his germs.
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    Am I missing something? Why do people think that fans will even be allowed at the game?
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