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    Look at what the Rays are doing. They are trying to get 7 or 8 guys to give them around 100 innings. Guys probably aren't going to go 200 innings in 2021. Everyone seems to know this but the White Sox
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    https://www.mlb.com/news/these-teams-won-2021-mlb-offseason?partnerId=zh-20210213-156906-MLB&qid=1026&bt_ee=8nawCQiordVRl5%2BL%2FVoXjstPXkJ2B4xDN01TC7hPecQd5ni7SvSJSst8g4locH5N&bt_ts=1613220197008 Discuss.
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    In a world that will have both leagues with DH in the not too distant future...he is a commodity worth something if we can showcase the hit tool. To call him a 3rd catcher is the same as saying DH with emergency catcher capabilities IMO.
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    Child, listen to yourself. You're the one bitching and whining about the lack of the desire the Sox had in chasing washed up pitchers like Arrieta and Rich Hill. How would this be any different than the sorry ass work Hahn has done in the past of getting over the hill scrubs like Gio Gonzalez, Matt Latos, Derek Holland, Ervin Santana?
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    Never liked the guy. Gives me the creeps for some reason. There might be some unethical behavior on his shadow resume. He belongs on the Cub. Sorry Jakester.
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    I mean, yes? The best team in the league said screw it and added him to get even better.
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    This. If he could catch at all, he would have already been on the roster.
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    Look, I’m all for giving Cease a shot next year, but let’s not use his flukey ERA to suggest he pitched like a 4.00 ERA pitcher last year. He’s a complete wild card at the moment, but one with tantalizing upside if he can put it all together. He’s got to learn to command his stuff and figure out a way to reduce the cut on his fastball. If he can make strides in those areas, he should be more than fine as our #4 starter.
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    Plus, I've read on here on another post that someone said Cease was "horrible" last year. No. He wasn't. His last two starts of the year were horrible and that caused Renteria to lose confidence in him for the playoffs. But those last two starts only brought his ERA to 4.01. Before that it was 3.20. Which is just fine for a young pitcher pitching his first full season, (well, it would have been,) in the majors and for your 4th starter. For all the people arguing to give Vaughn a chance as a reason not to sign Cruz, why aren't you allowing Cease the same opportunity? He's at least proven he is capable of getting major league hitters out, yet people want to junk him. Vaughn has proven absolutely, positively NOTHING at the major league level, and people are saying we don't need a guy who's hit 40 homers the last couple of years and to just give Vaughn a chance.
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    Not long now...MLB sent notice of my TV subscription yesterday to be effective Feb. 28.2021. A sure sign that Spring is just around the corner.
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    Again, I'm not sure if it is right to engage along these lines, but if a new member can't be able to respond to incoming hostility toward a viewpoint that is willing to have a different preference than what the Sox have done in a couple cases, that's up to y'all to decide. I post a lot on the forum of a different Chicago team that has much more posts than this one, but if a new member came in and was forced to defend himself against other members over a reasonable username, the mods there would't try to intimidate him/her over this, I'm sure of that. I sure didn't want to have to talk about any of this. If you had a problem with anything that is going on, you should have messaged me instead of joining in to the derailment which was unfortunate, and I probably shouldn't have indulged either, but at that point I thought everyone was playing. I'm done talking about this here in this thread. Message me if you have anything further please.
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    I'm sorry this has become about me, I had no idea y'all would be this protective over a username. If this forum membership is unable to tolerate something that is not complete fealty to the organization's record, perhaps I should leave. A Sox fan for 45 years. I'm willing to rename the account, but perhaps this place isn't for me.
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    Just to add, that cannot be true about Hahn, because the team was on a glide path to failure no matter that happened with Tatis. Hahn generally seems like a truth teller, but he also said he supports hiring of Larussa. If they weren’t already embarrassed by the farm system, they must have been by the attendance numbers. I think the stale FO and new trends of the league i.e the Astros were bound to have the same effect as the you know who faceplant.
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    Wow. I was this close to going with Ron Leflore, but a natural tendency to be controversial is in my blood apparently. I will let the board name me, just don’t call me Vicky please. Back to the point of right field though, having such a donut hole farm system at the moment, a prospect trade for a question mark with a down pointing arrow seems like something we cannot afford to do. You do that when your prospects list does not have a similar prospect ready to step in soon
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    Yes, I’ve already argued that elsewhere. The counter is that the Rangers have one of the better scouting groups in the game, and that Lynn has already peaked. Odorizzi is three years younger, and you have the added advantage of taking him away from a rival...even though it doesn’t look like the Twins now can afford him as well. At the beginning of the offseason, he was projected around 3/$39-42. Essentially, you have him through 2023, and you keep Dunning. Of course, Lynn would be $5-6 million cheaper for 2021.
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    Signing Lynn to anything beyond 2 additional years with an option for 2024, or using him as leverage...just don’t think JR is going to take that kind of risk with a pitcher in his 30’s with Keuchel already on the books. After all, he’s turning 34 early in this season. An extension for him would be more surprising than Giolito. Even if he has a great season, how many huge long-term contract offers will he get? Could also just give him the one year QO. Then again, he’s a former Cardinal who dates back to TLR. Signing Odorizzi to three years and keeping Dunning would have been more logical, which indicates they were probably happier to give up talent than take on any more additional salary. Shocking, right?
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    He's a big union guy. He's not going to take a short deal because he understands that hurts the guys coming up behind him.
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    Far too often cancel culture is confused with consequences for actions. Carano has lived a very privileged life and this is the first time anyone has ever fired her for being an asshole online, but she has been an asshole online for a while
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    So people who currently aren't a fan of baseball or are on the bubble, would rather see some more hard ground outs and flyouts than home runs? Okay, Manfred.
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    Yeah, from a home run distance standpoint, Jimenez, Robert, Grandal, etc. aren't hitting wall-scrapers. I think this hurts the guys who popped up in 2019 with newfound power strokes more than anything
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    Going off the color codes, which I think is based on 162 games from last year TA ~ 29 Leury ~ 9 Eaton ~11 2021, with new ball TA ~ 25 Leury ~ 8 Eaton ~ 0 (injury)
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