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    I'm sorry, but this whataboutism needs to stop. This is a novel virus. We barely know anything about it. This can come back and absolutely wreck us in the fall/winter a la the 1918 flu. This is the reason we are/should be throwing everything we can to stop it. We literally haven't seen anything like this in a 100 years. I agree with everything else you said. I'm just tired of people comparing this to other causes of death that we have a much better understanding of because it leads to misinformation.
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    I am not stating anything around not tackling it and taking it seriously, but I also think everyone needs perspective. Nowhere am I stating that we should not be acting and being aggressive on it. I won't compare to certain things but we can't pretend that leaders and people in charge of the world, can't put a price on a life, cause you know what, they do. If they didn't, they wouldn't ever go to war or let us ever eat sugar or drink a beer, etc. We wouldn't allow people to die of starvation or anything else. We'd all be forced to eat vegetables and chicken/fish for all our meals. We need to take this serious and should, but I also think we need to manage overall panic in the equation. I'm not a believer that mass panic is a good thing. We push this too far in the scale and have everyone terrified for their lives and we will make how we respond to COVID worse than the actual virus. We'll have riots on the street, people robbing each other for things, and far worse I'm sure (especially as people respond to some form of Martial Law. We should invest in the respirators and have the best, most efficient testing system on the planet. And we are going to need to aggressively test until this thing has been beat to a bulp (and live with more regional shelter in place scenarios that pop up while they work on getting a treatment). And if we are going to get a treatment, it won't be from that Malaria drug. Everything I've seen indicates that drug is absolute vapor ware.
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    You make it appear much easier to contract than reality. An individual touching certainly might impact it (if they haven't washed their hands and got actual fluid from their body on their hands). Hands just naturally (on an infected person) aren't just contagious. I get it...be careful and be smart, but I'd also caveat that people can live in sterile safe rooms either (although I recognize you are higher risk and therefor have to take more extreme This. You can't live in a sterile room. Be smart, stay indoors, stay with your family, etc. At the same time, I'm not going to blame someone for sitting at a bench for a few minutes (by themselves) before moving on with their business (say they are going for a walk and need to catch a breath or just sit for a few minutes for their own mental health). They can wash their hands and wash their clothes and keep their hands from their face. Some of the comments here are so harsh to Greg. He's just asking some questions and has views that differ from some of you. It doesn't make him some kind of monster. And no, I'm not partying on the beach nor have I seen anyone other than my wife & kids plus the occasional stop by to my parents house to bring them stuff they need (and when I see my parents...I stay more than 6 feet away from them at all times...as does my wife with her parents). We have one designated individual who does the grocery shopping (me) and I've largely minimized the number of trips I take and when I'm at the store I don't mess with anything. When I'm done I clean my credit card, wallet, and phone. The main thing I'd worry about is your phone...you are going to touch a lot worse things and then grab your phone (vs. the risk from getting it sitting on the park bench).
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    This is pretty out of line. I get people are on edge but that type of attack doesnt help. If this is the beginning, if things are only going to get worse, then we have to remain lights for eachother. When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back into you.
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    Couple things: When you refer to yourself in the 3rd person, you come off as a turd, an ass, and a POS. In general, you'll get more empathy if you avoid turd-like language. The other piece of this is that there are folks out there that ACTUALLY suffer from ACTUAL mental illnesses. Its incredibly tone-deaf and turd-like to complain about your "mental health," particularly in the 3rd person. Lastly (and this is fucking important), you having to stay inside AINT a fucking sacrifice. It's an inconvenience. All those people working in the ER, in the ICU, the Marine out on patrol, the cop on the beat, the social worker in the shitty neighborhood, and MANY OTHERS are actually sacrificing. Not you missing out on your Panera.
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    Or it being on almost every station.
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    ‪In case people haven’t seen the reference: Pretty amazing the mental gymnastics people have to do to defend it, too. “He’s just trolling the media, I love it!!!”
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    Why do you speak in third person?
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    UEFA Champions League looking at mid May, early June and late June starts. Anything extending into July, the season is probably wiped out for 2020. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/clayton-kershaw-says-possible-december-world-series-would-be-a-little-risky-204321895.html
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    https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/28/us/testing-coronavirus-pandemic.html A good overview of how we got to where we are now due failures at the top of HHS, CDC, FDA, etc. But as the deadly virus from China spread with ferocity across the United States between late January and early March, large-scale testing of people who might have been infected did not happen — because of technical flaws, regulatory hurdles, business-as-usual bureaucracies and lack of leadership at multiple levels... The result was a lost month, when the world’s richest country — armed with some of the most highly trained scientists and infectious disease specialists — squandered its best chance of containing the virus’s spread. Instead, Americans were left largely blind to the scale of a looming public health catastrophe. The absence of robust screening until it was “far too late” revealed failures across the government, said Dr. Thomas Frieden, the former C.D.C. director. Jennifer Nuzzo, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins, said the Trump administration had “incredibly limited” views of the pathogen’s potential impact. Dr. Margaret Hamburg, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, said the lapse enabled “exponential growth of cases.” And Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, a top government scientist involved in the fight against the virus, told members of Congress that the early inability to test was “a failing” of the administration’s response to a deadly, global pandemic. “Why,” he asked later in a magazine interview, “were we not able to mobilize on a broader scale?”
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    Theyll have to put me on the train to the work camp to silence me if we start to go that route.
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    This is where the “what about” automobile deaths argument comes in, what about the common flu, deaths due to assault guns or pesticides or eating too much junk food/obesity or climate change...why is this life and death when those other issues are never addressed by Congress like they are also clear and present dangers? We can’t agree that it is a problem when 25-30% of Americans don’t have health insurance or are underinsured? After that, well, another large percentage believes illegal immigrants paying taxes should get no assistance, no govnt checks and no COVID tests even if they might be endangering the rest of the country. What about homeless people? People in prisons? The virus is tearing right through these two groups right now with no end in sight. What extremes are we willing to go to when there’s no public consensus on anything? Even when there is, let’s say on limits to assault weapons, we still have no choice but the status quo or what, violent revolution against the govnt? In the end, we have to deal with the macro picture here at this stage...testing testing testing....innovating to develop creative solutions on the beds and respirator/ventilators, such as splitting to double existing capacity, innovating innovating innovating to find a vaccine ASAP. The rest is just noise, politicians, statistics. Or we can create a Chinese system for turning on your neighbors, getting rewarded financially for turning those who are sick or not following the rules into the police. Turn yourself in, get money. We can round up anyone with a NY license plate and imprison them, too. But is that really the United States anymore?
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    I swear this is the exact same type of argument people use to argue for walls around our country and many other things I abhor. You want to call everyone who has gone outside in the last 2 weeks a murderer thats your choice.
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    There is no rule you cant touch things in public. You are making authoritative statements and acting like they are facts. You want to convice people of your position, you want to make a difference, treat the worst of us with compassion and understanding. You act like this is something any of us have ever experienced.
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    To the best of my knowledge Greg hasnt broken any rules. You cant let the darkest times be an excuse to forget who we are. There are plenty of people with way more responsibility and blame then Greg.
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    I'm done with this thread. You got your way. You hate me. I'm silenced. Fine. Maybe someday I can be perfect or abide by everything you abide by and believe every single thing you believe in. I'm out of this thread. p.s. if it makes anybody feel better blame me for most of the problems regarding corona in this part of the country.
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    Bullshit. act like an adult before you blame others people are dying. We told all of you what to do and you screamed “but Panera bread” and now there’s 2000 dead bodies. go tell your excuses to the dead Americans maybe they will listen.
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    Greg, it’s not really a big deal. The last time I went outside the apartment ONCE was January 20th or 21st to play badminton. We lost our scheduled CNY holiday trip to Shanghai before it started, and, thankfully, didn’t end up quarantined two weeks indoors there by govnt officials or forcibly locked indoors with medieval metal devices like some...God knows how they even received food, through the windows I guess. I do it for my son and also it’s only possible because my wife goes out to shop for everyone, but that has been reduced to picking up deliveries at the front gate with goggles, mask and gloves. Sometimes everyone in our apartment complex receives donations of vegetable and fruits like oranges and apples. You have to read read read, watch movies and t.v. shows and do things like Legos or puzzles. Look at it as an opportunity to learn something new, like more about the stock market or investing. I think I’ve read 20-25 new books, something like that. Obviously following the news, but watch different channels like BBC, CCTV 13, Fox, CGTN, BBC, MSNBC. Lots of time with the ipad and playing with my son. Spent weeks eating only dumplings, noodles and fried rice (just rice and eggs.) Almost no beef, pork, shrimp or chicken until recently. Then teaching online and trying to deal with 70-100 students in a classroom that can’t hear well due to connectivity/overcapacity issues, that has been a big change but I quite like it...except it’s not easy to teach with limited direct feedback, especially as the weather gotten increasingly nicer outside.
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