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    Yes, everyone who posts here knows you hate Vaughn.
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    Expansion talk sucks because they really haven't even grown the game in all of the cities that are currently occupied. Miami got a new stadium, nobody cares. Even with 2 titles, nobody cares. Diamondbacks are currently in a stadium that is apparently not desirable to them anymore and needs a lot of repair work done, plus nobody cares about the team either. The Rockies owner is complaining he doesn't have the money to run his team. Tampa is literally a World Series contender for the last 5-10 years and can't even get people in the building for a World Series game. Three out of the last four expansion teams struggling with attendance, and they want to add more teams to what will probably be a smaller city compared to the current array of cities. Just stupid. They need to start by letting the entire United States see the games they want to see, then they can add more teams when the interest level jumps. But nah, gotta push that cart before the horse
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    Jimenez/Vaughn, Robert, Schwarber sounds like a really tough situation for White Sox pitchers. Robert is excellent defensively, but also coming off a massive hip injury which could cost him some speed permanently. The others are just various flavors of bad.
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    Just get Doug Pederson and keep DeFillipo. Pederson is a super nice dude by all accounts and know how to run an offense and design them around his QB. He knows Filipo well from his previous time and I like there chances of helping Fields.
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    Man, after that 2017 season I was so hyped for him.
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    Continues to make less than no sense.
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    Playing at the same time was something I didn't worry about initially because I was simply saying I like the old way of a balanced schedule to arrive at an AL or NL champion. It is obviously easier to work around even #'s but not impossible IMO. I have no desire to keep up this silly back and forth because it isn't going to happen under any circumstance. Half the problems that are trying to be solved about non-competitive balance are because we have too many teams from small market cities.
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    How do 15 teams play at the same time? One team would not have an opponent. You need an even number of teams in each league.
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    @The Beast I agree. I'm hoping for a Phil Jackson / Tex Winter type situation.
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    It’s a risk I am willing to see them take. Fans probably wanted Harbaugh or Payton after seeing Nagy go but they weren’t all that realistic. I would have preferred one candidate with experience as a GM or HC, but I like the upside that Poles was with multiple GMs in KC and Eberflus (or Eberloose, like some dumbass who called the Score to b****) is a teacher. He apparently gets a lot out of guys who are undrafted, like Fangio did. I would have liked hiring a football minded team president to oversee Poles, but I bet he wouldn’t have come to Chicago with them hiring someone to be his boss, especially since he can report to just McCaskey. If they bring in a veteran OC, I will feel better, but if it is a young passing game coordinator, I will be concerned because of the lack of their experience. I also want to reserve judgment until I see the rest of the coaching staff and front office staff. Right now I’d grade the moves a C+, with potential to move up or down depending on who is hired. That grade is going to fluctuate with results and in the end, none of us know if the experience gap will matter until this new regime ends with a Super Bowl or another house cleaning.
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    The "unanimous" thing was for show. All the scouts were supposedly the same way with Trubisky.
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    There is a decent reason to be a little concerned, but all the great ones had no experience at one time as well.
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    Too many years of bad ownership and management decisions caused the issues so a good house cleaning is needed.
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    After the first 10 picks or so there is a massive drop of in average value. http://baseballanalysts.com/archives/2009/06/draft_picks_and.php Basically for a second rounder you expect less than 5 war, so basically a guy who is a utility guy for a couple years. You hope for more of course and some second rounders do become good players or even stars but the average outcome of a second rounder is probably danny mendick or adam engel. Hansen obviously was less than that, you would have at least expected that he makes it as a middle reliever to the majors for a couple years as a "floor" but it isn't a super unexpected outcome either, if the average second rounder has 4 war over his 6 control years and some are much better than some also have to be much worse.
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    I will also point out - Beckham was one of the players I was more wrong about - in terms of how their career panned out. I thought he was a shoe-in for 2000 hits and at a minimum a long above average career. That rookie year his swing was compact, with power to opposite field. Dude was an extra base machine, but between his rookie year and following year - something happened mechanically and he could never get back to that short swing he had. Defensively he had plenty of great plays.
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    Another one of those hyped second rounders who ended up disappointing. Most do. For every Kyler Murray out of OU, you will get a boatload of Hansens and Steele Walkers. The cruel reality of baseball. More or less the minor league version of Erik Johnson, where nobody could quite figure out how to fix him…another victim of injuries and the psychological aspect of the game. Feel like there’s a Yogi Berra quote relevant here. “90% of the game is half mental.” That’s also why it’s so easy to appreciate someone like Lucas Giolito, who had some horrific major league numbers but managed to find a solution with his mechanics. Or even one half season of brilliance from Carlos Rodon.
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    I believe that if the WS played their 14 rivels 12 games each that would require 168 games. Since the WS would be 7 games or 9 or 11 whatever...the total # of games would be in the neighborhood of today's 162+3 or 5 +7.
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    If the NL plays a balanced schedule against each NL team...one of them will have the best record. Same with the AL.
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    Trying to square the idea that Sox are too one dimensional corner guys outlook with the Sox should sign a one dimensional corner guy for buku bucks and trade the cheap one for the less expensive position to buy.
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    What a roller coaster minor league career he had....best of luck to him going forward. I too had held out hope that he could be a decent bullpen piece....but I also did the same with Carson Fulmer til the bitter end so I guess I always hope.
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    In the winter of 2017-2018 I was more excited about Hansen than Kopech.
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    I don’t think it’s all that hard to imagine Vaughn improving immensely in 22. He was asked to do a ton in 21 with an enormous jump in competition and having not played at all in 20. AV is going to be an excellent mlb hitter.
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