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    If they did, it’s a bad look that Hahn turned around and had Stone leak that so blatantly.
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    https://www.ganintegrity.com/portal/country-profiles/mexico/ Look at this xenophobic analysis of mexicos judicial system.
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    Steve Stone really ticks me off sometimes. Guy is smart and I enjoy his commentating, but on Twitter he is up there with the biggest douchebags in the social media game. Price is Luis Robert? GTFO stoney. Price ain't Robert, no one is dumb enough to suggest that. Snarky ass.
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    What is the point of a stupid ass tweet like this?
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    I'm happy Kopech opted out of this season, marriage related or not. Giving up 2 years of service time for 1 lost TJ year plus another pandemic shortened season that wouldn't have helped much anyway would have been a huge loss. IMO any "red flags" on Kopech do not in any way overshadow all of the green lights on him. This guy is an absolute stud of a pitching prospect.
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    That doesn’t mean the Rays would view him as a “tolerable third piece”. Every major publication views him as a top 30 prospect and most have always penalized him for lost. You keep trying to develop a narrative that simply isn’t true.
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    I think the White Sox would be selling at his lowest value point ever which is why I think it's unlikely. Their development people are thrilled with how he looks. I'd be really surprised if they moved him right now.
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    That’s why the Rays would want him - they would expect that they’re getting a substantial discount compared to where he might perform in 2 years, and then they can flip him for another Snell like return in 2023. They will take him...if the White Sox are valuing him as a tolerable third piece, not as a major centerpiece. The Rays would also view the lost control year on Kopech as a huge loss, perhaps more than any other team, since they would have less time with him before having to trade him.
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    I don’t get the Chri Sale comparisons. Sale doesn’t let you take him out of that game! Nor does any ace I would want. Snell is a very good twice through the lineup guy but Tampa was terrified of the third. When I hear ace, I think of the 120 plus pitch count guys or guys you don’t even count pitches when they start. I’m the proposals listed are the cost, hard, hard pass.
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    You're absolutely right. No way I do this with the Rays. Way to costly for my comfort. Sign Springer. Trade for Musgrove w/2 yrs of control.
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    Maybe stand pat during hot stove and see how things go around the league given the Covid situation. If Kopech and Crochet are impressive in ST and look like they have the stuff to eventually make the starting rotation, maybe we don't need to trade for a TOR starter. The Sox are not going to trade Madrigal. He fits our line-up like a glove and is worth more to us than to other teams. Vaughn is somewhat of an unknown quantity . Right now Burgur and Vaughn look like they have a similar upside. Both can hit but they can't field any position very well or run the bases. Perhaps Sox scouts got too enamored with Schwarber before making those picks.
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    Sox should not be trading ANY of their A prospects, period. That certainly includes anyone expected to start this season on the major league club - Vaughn, Madrigal, and Kopech to name just 3 guys. Why make these trades when free agent pitchers are available to ADD to the team without sacrificing anyone? It makes no sense to me. If you traded Vaughn, you would have a gaping hole at DH, no one to take over for Abreu when his contract is up. There is no one in the pipeline who can replace him at the moment. The Sox had a great offense this year, but it didn't get them past Oakland in part because we still had holes in the lineup. I hope the Sox front office isn't as dumb as so many of the trade-happy fans that seem to gravitate to Soxtalk.
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    Somebody help me out. I get that Snell had an incredible 2018. I get that his K numbers are insane. He’s also had a rising FIP each of the last two years (which is about as far as I go into adv metrics on pitchers). He doesn’t throw that many innings either. Topped out at 180 IP- averaged less than five per start this year. As far as I’m concerned, Vaughn is EASILY off the table. I’m less of a Kopech fan, and usually open to trading prospects, but I’d pull him off the table too. I’d be OK with a Dunning package but the Rays wouldn’t accept it. What do people see in Snell to approach this differently?
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    This right here man. No way I’m making a major trade with the Rays. We’ll end up looking stupid.
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    Kopech and Vaughn are top 25 prospects in the sport. Vaughn will be a top 10 prospect at some publications and he plays 1B. The White Sox shouldn't be trading guys like that. Spend some of the cheapskate owner's money instead.
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    Love snell...but nobody wins trades with the Rays. Hard pass.
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    Those are 2 top 50 prospects that are MLB ready. It's a pretty damn good headliner for a deal.
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    Not necessarily. The hope is kopech and crochet become Tor starter's. In my opinion the sox need to bridge the gap until they are stretched out. I think they need to keep them both to compete with the big boys like the Dodgers and Yankees in the future. Just my two sense .
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    It means that it takes a long time to develop a system rich in prospects like we currently have. We probably have 20 players currently with star potential to one degree or another. Those prospects were paid for with years of losses and the trading of stars like Sale, Q and Eaton. I don't want them traded away when there are free agents available to fill available holes.
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    I wouldn't even trade two blue chippers for him. I'd trade one. Either Vaughn or Kopech. If I'm the Sox, the guy I part with is Kopech.
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    I'd be willing to package some combination of Kopech, Dunning, Cease, any of the recent HS draftees etc in a deal for Snell, but I wouldn't put Madrigal or Vaughn in the trade. Fangraphs depth charts have Madrigal projected at 2.9 WAR next season. Snell's at 3.7 but that's with an innings total (176) he's only reached once in his career. The upside for Snell is likely much higher than with Madrigal, but I don't think it'd be unlikely at all for him to just be *better* than Snell next season and that's without getting into their respective contractual differences.
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