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    I wouldn't go as far as he's looked comfortable, but he hasn't screwed up and he hasn't been a rollercoaster. Honestly, he hasn't been challenged too much but he's looked better than Eloy. He seems like a mature kid. He had no issues or confusion when it come to giving way to Robert and even TA. I think he knows he's in the lineup for his bat. Know you role, know your worth. Once the power comes with this guy everyone will love him and he's a far more valuable player in LF than at 1B.
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    Many people admit they were wrong and change their minds on this site due to new information. You are just not enjoying this discussion because you don't want to change your mind.
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    Again, who cares if the announcers didn’t know the rules? They aren’t in charge of the in-game strategy. And this idea La Russa should get a free pass because he’s an “AL Manager” is absolutely ludicrous. It’s 100% unacceptable he didn’t know that rule and that has NOTHING to do with his advanced age, his 10 years away from the game, or his questionable character (the main reasons people didn’t want him). If Tony was actually managing like a “Hall of Fame baseball person” most people would be fine with him right, but we simply haven’t gotten this elite tactician that we were promised. Instead we’ve gotten a guy who been a huge detriment to the team and has been far worse so far than his predecessor many here (including myself) wanted to see fired. I have no idea how anyone could be watching these games and still feel the need to defend La Russa, especially after his lack of awareness could have resulted in our highly paid closer getting injured. And by the way, it wasn’t his lack of understanding of a rule that contributed to the loss, it was the many other decisions he made late in the game like having Leury steal and not putting Winker on 1st with an open base. Our offense scoring zero runs and Tony making poor tactical decisions aren’t mutually exclusive and can both be reasons we lost the game.
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    You've got better things to do than get worked up over this... better things like getting worked up about people getting worked up over this. Amazing stuff.
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    If he can do that without kicking the ball around and landing himself in the hospital, we upgraded. Sign me up.
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    Often there is delegation in staffs for certain things... I'm not defending LaRussa - but he isn't the only person with a brain in the dug out (or the entire organization) Who is really in charge is an interesting question... I think you were going for a snappy come back - but really that's an over simplification (ive already said multiple times I think La Russa should know the rule - but there are others who failed as well).
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    It's amazing how people think the announcers are the ones that should know lol. Might be the dumbest excuse I read over and over. The league told manager in spring, not announcers. My goodness why do people carry water for larussa so much? If rules change in my profession it is MY job to know that. If my bosses don't tell me and I fuck up because of it I can't blame my bosses for not holding my hand. If I am the one who attends to meeting or session regarding the rule changes and fail again its not on MY team for not reminding me. A part of jobs and careers in leadership is responsibility. The people in this thread who want to blame everyone but the guy in charge who was told about the rule is completely laughable. And there are way more rules in my career than the game of baseball and they change much more often than in baseball. This is all such nonsense.
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    It’s not Benetti’s job to know the rules… it’s TLR’s job. And one of the “positives” of hiring TLR was that he’d won in both leagues.
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    I just don't see whats so hard about reading all of the language of a new rule. Seems like something every manager should do. It shouldn't take an in game experience to learn something that is new this year. David Bell said this when asked about it "the league made it really clear that it was going to be a new rule in spring training"
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    Got my second Moderna shot today. If it truly is some conspiracy, the people administering shots are fooled. They are so professional and nice. So far 3.5 hours into the shot and no symptoms. I would be all for having no symptoms. I always ask people about their shots for smalltalk and I'll tell you, there's no rhyme or reason. Some young peeps no problems; some get very sick a few days; most older peeps have had no symptoms, then again a couple got hammered. And some Pfizer some Moderna. Doesn't seem to matter in terms of bad symptoms or no symptoms, Moderna vs. Pfizer. I don't want to get political, and can't get political on the board here, but I am very upset this virus happened to get unleashed on the world and am very concerned about the future of the world, considering this thing is currently crippling a few countries. You can probably imagine who I am blaming but I will not go there and get suspended. In conclusion, the peeps administering the shots in this part of the country have been very nice/professional. They even handed out a gift bag full of gifts to the fully vaccinated today at the place I went. The woman was quite reassuring, saying to get ready for flu like symptoms but to not panic if they do not go away right away.
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    Wouldn't it have been better if someone on the staff said "whose running for Hendriks" Instead of confirming Hendriks was on second?
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    again though its more than that - and don't get me wrong I want Larussa fired. This is a massive billion dollar organization will all kinds of moving parts responsible for many things - including stats/rules analysis ect. Tony will get the main blame and he should - but he wasn't the only one who failed.. not even close. how about having the foresight as an organization that you are hiring a manager that is 10 years out of the game and 76years old - who might need help with rules and analytics new to the game? The failure in that game was born long before larussa helped fucked it up.
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    If you can't see the truth in what I said...you are already too far gone.
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    I'd say the defense has been better than "good enough". He's looked comfortable, and as far as I am concerned, he should be our LF moving forward.
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    Here, I'll tell this board about me being wrong, based on new information: I thought that Rick Hahn just HAD TO fire Ricky Renteria. I now know that I was wrong about that. This team would be better off with Ricky Renteria as manager. The only thing that Rick Hahn did by firing Renteria was to open the Pandora's Box of allowing an elderly man to hire his buddy. I now remember the old adage in business that sometimes a manager has to save his boss from himself. In firing Renteria, Hahn clearly failed to save his boss from himself. And now, here we are.
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    PFizer started the process for full FDA approval for 16+ today, but it'll probably be closer to fall before that's all wrapped up.
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    Manager update: Manager did not start his 121 wRC+ 2B in 5 of 29 games.
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    In other words, Nicks already a really solid baseball player.
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    Who is in charge of the entire staff?
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    Imo, at least give him a 10 day contract or whatever so he can retire under his longtime manager. One last game. Give him the sendoff he deserves. He's an all time great.
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    I went to the popcorn vendor and asked if they knew whether Tony could have inserted Jose Abreu instead of Liam Hendriks as the 10th inning runner. She laughed and said “That’s not my job, that’s the manager’s job.” PS - Listen to DJ’s radio broadcast during the 10th if you have access. DJ, who is nearly always positive, was livid. He said multiple times he didn’t know what the Sox were doing and criticized at least three TLR decisions.
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    This is garbage. The FO wasn't able to look for their guy because our dumbass owner wanted to try and fix what he thinks was a wrong committed decades ago and hire his drunk and senile friend.
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    Hahn- I'd like to talk to you about Kris Bryant's availability. Cubs- Just pay his salary, we don't want anything else at all of value. Hahn- I'd like to talk to you about Joc Pederson's availability.
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    Garrett Crochet is years away from being an elite starting pitcher. He is way way more likely to come down with a forearm strain and end up on the shelf for 2 years like Kopech or Burdi. Hell Crochet is hurt as I'm typing this. Getting Bryant for Crochet would be an absolute coup. Trading Crochet isn't going to make the Sox cellar dwellers by 2023. It is time to grab the American League and Al Central by the Balls. We sat through years of losing on purpose and garbage baseball. No more excuses. The time to win is now!!!
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    In one respect i suppose you could say it's knee jerk but as a very long time Sox fan it's also not knee jerk. I have observed how JR runs the team. The Sox have never had 2 seasons in a row of making the playoffs and if we miss them this year the record is still in tact. It's typical of the Sox front office to keep kicking the can down the road and we as fans start agreeing with it. I wanted to maximize the window last year and get Lynn at the trade deadline. Ok Lost in the playoff. Everyone said it wasn't our year anyway. Fast forward to this year. Injuries taking a big chunk out of the team but let's just wait and see how it goes. Ok fine, we're kicking that can again in a year that the starting pitching might be the best we get for the whole window . How long does it take for everyone to realize that you are buying right into JR's M.O ?
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