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    Seby Zavala promoted to Chicago; Castillo to IL

    Cant be much worse than Castillo. Looking forward for a fresh new player in there. Lets see what he has
  2. Melton1972

    Sox acquire Paulo Orlando (assigned to AAA)

    Named after the 1940's car guy?
  3. Melton1972

    Sox @ Indians (510pm CT)

    Castillo struck out 4 times yesterday.
  4. Melton1972

    adam engel or charlie tilson?

    Isn't he injury prone?
  5. Melton1972


    Toward the end of his Sox managerial career, he always seemed to be looking back at the crowd instead of paying attention to the game.
  6. Melton1972


    If I heard Jason Benetti right last night, Sox ranked 7th in the league for scoring runs.
  7. Dammit. We should scored more runs last inning
  8. Yolmers going to injure his arm if he keeps doing that
  9. Melton1972

    Harry Caray Book...

    All I remember was that after they both showed up at some baseball function, Harry lost it and had to be restrained from punching out Reindorf. I think Reinsdorf was more embarrassed than anything. I also remember Harry on the David Letterman Show. At the end of his interview Dave wanted to get a rise out him so he asked how the White Sox were doing. Harry replied sarcastically " Oh they got their new stadium" and something else that was unflattering about the White Sox. Dave smiled and said "oh Harry". Harry not only hated the White Sox owners he hated anything having to do with the White Sox
  10. Melton1972

    Harry Caray Book...

    Didn't Harry Caray literally try to fight Jerry at a public function sometime in the 1990's.
  11. Melton1972

    3/30- Sox at Royals, 1:15 CDT, NBCSC

    two on no one out . we gotta score
  12. Melton1972

    White Sox All-Washed Up Team

    I remember Dave Stieb always dominated the Sox and after we got him he wasn't worth a damn.
  13. Melton1972

    NL Wild Card game Thread

    Their hitting coach is going to look at himself in the mirror in the morning and see a goat.
  14. Melton1972

    The Hawk Harrelson tribute thread

    Hawk was a large part of this organization for a long time. I admired his love of the Chicago White Sox and diehard fans like ourselves. I wish him the best.
  15. Melton1972

    Blue Jays @ Sox 7/29/18

    this is ugly
  16. Melton1972

    Sammy Esposito R.I.P.

    I could swear that they showed the Orioles pummel that guy on live television
  17. Melton1972

    White Sox at Reds

    Just like 1919
  18. Melton1972

    Sox @ Sawx, 12:05 CT, 6/10/18

    yes yes yes
  19. Melton1972

    Sox vs Cubs 1:20 NBCSN

    Im tired of hearing Ricky telling us how his players don't quit. When are they going to start hitting with men on base.
  20. Melton1972

    Sox vs Cubs 1:20 NBCSN

    Thank you Bryant