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  1. Jerry McNertney

    5/22 GT - Sox @ NYY (Double Header)

    Although unlikely, we can all hope the White Sox will pull off a split.
  2. Jerry McNertney

    5/16 Sox @ Royals 7:10PM CT

    Given the overall poor play of the White Sox this season, winning two of the five game series against Kansas City seems about right. If the Sox win three, that would be good.
  3. Jerry McNertney

    GT 5/13: Yankees @ SOX, 7:10 pm CT, NBCSC

    Before yesterday's game, I was hoping for a White Sox split. Now, that seems unlikely.
  4. Jerry McNertney

    How bad can you be on defense and still make the postseason?

    How about Lenyn Sosa at short?
  5. Jerry McNertney

    How bad can you be on defense and still make the postseason?

    Anderson's on a pace to commit 52 errors this season. Hmm.
  6. Jerry McNertney

    Sox vs Sawx Game One-6:00 CT

    Considering the White Sox starters for the first two games, winning one of the three games against Boston will be satisfactory.
  7. Jerry McNertney

    Vaughn to IL

    I have never seen such an injury prone group of players in my 66 years as a White Sox fan. I don't get it. Back in the day, the starting team played nearly every game together. Fox and Aparicio started nearly every game together for several years, including both ends of a Sunday doubleheader separated by less than 30 minutes. There's the old baseball axiom that you get in condition for playing baseball by playing baseball not working out in a gym.
  8. Jerry McNertney

    Crosstown Series Game Two--6:40 CT

    This should be another tough game for the White Sox. When on his game, Hendricks can be tricky. Going into the series I would have been satisfied with a split, so this game is gravy.
  9. Jerry McNertney

    Crosstown Series Game One--6:40 CT

    Even with a slow start, Madrigal's BA is still higher than Harrison, Pollock, Engel, Garcia, Grandal and McGuire.
  10. Jerry McNertney

    Crosstown Series Game One--6:40 CT

    As presently constituted, the Cubs are fielding a better lineup than the White Sox. It should be a tough two game series for the Sox. Hopefully, the Sox will be able to win one of the two games.
  11. Before yesterday, the Sox had a shot at a 156 loss season. Well, they still could lose 155.
  12. Jerry McNertney

    Vaughn/Burger could see 2B

    How about Vaughn for left field? Is there any significant drop-off in offensive and/or defensive quality of play going from Jimenez to Vaughn? I'm beginning to think Jimenez isn't the player most of us thought he would be. I'm not just talking about the fragility of Jimenez.
  13. Jerry McNertney

    Promotional Giveaway Days

    The White Sox did that last year when they gave away Madrigal.
  14. Jerry McNertney

    Eloy Out 6-8 Weeks

    When healthy, Jimenez can be the DH and he can have a DR. (Designated Runner)
  15. Jerry McNertney

    Sox @ Twins

    Anyone know what Shingo's up to these days?