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  1. Disagree. There was nobody at third base. On a normal run down you’re right, he needs to just run to third. He realized that no one was there way too late, hence, my awareness comment.
  2. Giolito vs a nobody. Reeeeeeeaalllyyyyy need to take this one tomorrow.
  3. T R U

    7/2 Games

    Jose Rodriguez really turning it around lately
  4. T R U

    Notice: We're about to get hot

    Hopefully he’s not the one getting it
  5. I see why every wanted Joc on our team, he would fit right in
  6. Man Vaughn was hitting .330 like a week or two ago.
  7. T R U

    Eloy rehab starts again 6/21

    We haven’t seen good Eloy in like 2 years bud, he’s got a lot to prove until I consider him an upgrade over anyone in our lineup.
  8. Lol for fucks sake we need a new hitting coach in the worst way. Everyone’s approach is god awful.
  9. Only 1 run but Cease throwing 30 pitches is a disaster for the long term of this game
  10. Sheesh, this game thread is deader than the Sox playoff chances. I have covid yet again so I’m stuck watching this garbage instead of enjoying a holiday weekend.