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  1. I love how he said it so snarky too
  2. T R U

    Tatis Jr. makes Padres opening day roster

    If you think that’s bad you should see what I wish upon Tom Brady
  3. T R U

    Former Sox updates (Avi, etc)

    It was a trick question, Sale makes too much to trade for
  4. T R U

    Former Sox updates (Avi, etc)

    If we offered moncada, kopech, basabe, and Diaz for Sale right now does Boston laugh and hang up?
  5. T R U

    Tatis Jr. makes Padres opening day roster

    Nice, hopefully his career is derailed so I can sleep better at night
  6. T R U

    8/15- Sox at Angels, 9:07, NBCSC

    This broadcast is awful
  7. T R U

    8/15 Games

  8. T R U

    8/15 Games

    Huh....? .842 OPS in A+ , what exactly would you be concerned about?
  9. T R U

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

    Lol I got this reference
  10. I thought we could win 1-2 games on this trip now I’m wondering if we can score more than 1-2 runs on this trip
  11. T R U

    White Sox @ Astros: a game thread

    I still gotta go to two more of these shit shows, suffering ain’t over yet
  12. T R U

    White Sox @ Astros: a game thread

    Just left the game and missed the homer, these guys ssssssuck
  13. What are you talking about, this has been awful so far outside of Kofis win its 930 and there’s still like 5 more matches to go
  14. This wrestlemania is gonna be crap cant remember another time where it felt like just cramming everyone on the card in some way