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  1. Harry Chappas

    The TLR Manager Thread

    The team has been scuffling with RISP thus I think it was an ok move.
  2. In regard ro bunt just read this thread to see how eatons doing. GIDP was very likely there.
  3. Radio guys say he may have got him with the laces and that doesnt constitute a tag
  4. 2 outs at the plate.........hope not
  5. Moncada didnt read it off the bat Abreu. Sox Win.....maybe
  6. Ran through stop sign....fucking idiot
  7. Now gotta go with marshall or foster and watch the game fade away as a 5-2 loss.
  8. Fucking horrifically bad at bat
  9. Too many strikeouts today
  10. Odd sticking with holland. He seems wild.
  11. Too many strikeouts today
  12. Seemed like a needlessly quick hook. Now need Cody to come back out for the 7th.
  13. Well that was a fun 5 minutes. Now back to being pissed off.
  14. Well its sone good news.