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  1. LOL Jimmy Fucking Lambert in biggest game of year in high leverage GTFU
  2. This will be a fitting end to the season for this team........ Long overdue
  3. WTF I went to sleep in the 8th. Woke up this morning all pissy because of what I saw for 8 innings yesterday. Just started checking my phone and saw white sox 5-3 ....could not believe my eyes
  4. Yoan showing out tonight!! Good for him and this team
  5. Is vince Velasquez really coming into this game??? You have to be fucking shitting me!!!!
  6. Nice job by Jimmy. If you want to win this division then u find a way to win this game tonight!!!!
  7. How many of you thought something different would happen in that inning after sheets chased a 0-1 pitch 3 feet over his head??? I told my son sheets would strike out and pollock on a high fastball We suck!!!!
  8. Very weak at bats with weak contact. On the positive he did not really seem to be favoring his hand....
  9. Need to get Andrew Vaughn hitting the baseball with authority again. He seems to be weekly grounding out a lot
  10. If a tree falls in the forrest and no one is around......does it still make a sound?
  11. Thank you diamondbacks for putting an end to this misery
  12. Just out of discussion ....who do you think are the guys who are problem? I hear different opinions. I have mine
  13. Just checking in to make sure no one is on suicide watch. This season was fucked a long time ago. Off season will tell tail of where is piss poor organization wants to go As always go white sox!
  14. We die a slow death everyday.. I just want someone to fucking put us out of our misery.. That won't happen until this God forsaken season ends We as white sox fans have had to endure misery like no other year. If there was a way to throw in the towel and end this miserable season today I would do it. Because with each passing loss we think it can't get worse......AND IT DOES MAKE IT STOP!!! UNCLE! UNCLE!!
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