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Machado signs with Padres 10/300


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3 minutes ago, mqr said:

That's not the point. His point is having to add guys like that may not be individually expensive, but it adds up quickly when its 3 or 4 guys to fill the end of your 25 man. 

But my opinion is the Sox are financially sound to do just that, even with Harper and Machado.  There is ~20 mil on the books in 2021.  It wouldn't be hard, I don't think, to still have a mid-level payroll by then.

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2 minutes ago, Whitesoxa6 said:

You guys keep saying there's a lot of smoke today. What smoke are you talking about? Hector gomez saying the same shit over and over isn't smoke and the color of his glove isn't indictive that negotiations are deep

Check out ChiSoxFanMike’s twitter for latest information. 

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12 minutes ago, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

7 and 10 million in arbitration aren't what they used to be in Arb. If Moncada is actually good he could easily go 15+. Lopez could easily get more than 10. Those were actually not optimistic projections - based on arbitration 2 settlements this year, if those guys are still in the league contributing all year those salaries are actually quite likely. If they're not in the league, the Sox will have to spend at least that to fill those holes. 

How many players have gotten more than $10 million in year 1? I know of 1, Kris Bryant, $10.85 mil, 2 years removed of the National League MVP award.
The Arb-1 record holder for pitchers is Dallas Keuchel at just over $7 million. That was coming off 2015...when he won the Cy Young Award. 

I promise, if Lopez has multiple Cy Young awards by 2020 such that he's  blowing past the arb record for pitchers and Yoan Moncada has a $15 million win in year 1 thanks to his back to back MVP awards, I will not f***ing care one iota about those prices thanks to my new white sox gear that I bought during the 2020 world series run.

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  • Kalapse changed the title to Yeah, they actually screwed this up: Machado reportedly signs with Padres

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