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GT 6/20: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

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1 hour ago, JPR said:

This is universal in all of pro sports today, players have to learn the difference between pain and injury.  Mike Singletary could fight through pain and illnesss, so could Jordan.  Take the hair bun who tweaks his knee and is like I’m done let me throw a ball at the grass to show my frustration but pitches with zero ill effects days later.  Only to go off, using his pitching arm, to abuse products in the dugout (like the genius that he is) after he blows the game yesterday.  Players are too soft, just cuz you experience pain doesn’t mean you shut it down.  You fight through it like Jordan did.  Either the Sox training staff is one of the worst in the past 30 years or players are too soft nowadays.  What’s next, I got a hang nail and can’t pitch.  Let me just brush my hair in the dugout and put it in a man bun please?  Time for these players to play like men and quit wincing at the smallest form of pain.  Or fire the training staff, one or the other has to happen to get anywhere.

The 50s want their cliches back.

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12 minutes ago, southsider2k5 said:

Is there some kind of a power struggle going on here?  There is something we aren't being told, because none of this adds up on the surface. 

Maybe they are trying to rush someone to Chicago, but don't know if they can get them here in time?

Can't think of what else it could be.

My interpretation was they wanted to wait until the last possible minute before deciding whether to IL Moncada or send someone down. They ended up settling on Option A.

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6 minutes ago, Tnetennba said:

I’d prefer to gouge my eyes out thank you!

If Mendick succeeds, it makes them look dumb for signing both Harrison and Leury.

They have made two good moves out of ten...Graveman and Cueto.

Pollock for $10 million and 0 fWAR is hardly what I would term as a win.

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