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The team that will determine the Central is not who you think

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Three teams within 2 games of the lead. The team that will determine the winner is...... the Royals. Yup, we all have to become Royals fans the rest of the way. 

They play Cleveland 8 more times, including a 6 game series at home to end the season! Nice gift for Cleveland. The Royals also play Minny 6 more times. If the Royals show up and play, we have a chance. If they roll over and show their belly (which is FAR more likely as they tank for better draft position), we're screwed. That said, we did this to ourselves. We threw away 10 games to those bums. We have to take care of our own business, but in the end losing the season series to a team that will likely finish 30 games under .500 will come back to haunt us. 

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Going into the year I liked the royals more than the tigers, which ended up being right but performed in a way that wasn't very interesting.

That said, more and more of their position players are up, may give them some "finish this with some excitement for next year" juice.

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So I just looked at the playoff picture in MLB and it's interesting that really the only races left are who wins the AL Central and can the Brewers catch the Padres or Phillies to get the wild card.  

The extra wildcard was meant to make it interesting for a bunch of teams and their fans until the end but with weeks left in the season, that is not the case this year.

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We know about the Royals and their epic last 6 games. A few series stick out to me as we sit two games back. That Cleveland series that we punted months ago and had Garcia hitting third. And the Josh Naylor debacle. Those games could seal our fate. At this point we need to try to win every game by putting the most logical lineup out there each day and using the bullpen correctly. There may be days we're Lopez needs to go two innings to help preserve a win instead of putting in Joe Kelly or Ruiz for instance. 

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