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  1. That dude should have been fired in 2013
  2. Agreed. I'm solidly in "why bother?" mode.
  3. Agreed 100%. I moved to Texas 12 years ago and I honestly can't root for anyone else. Baseball is done for me when the White Sox are out.
  4. It seems reasonably likely the White Sox are sold post-Jerry
  5. This makes sense to me, however Jerry is in his 80s, not his 60s, and the White Sox are his play thing, not the family business. If the family has no interest in the White Sox, don't expect anything to happen while the old man is in charge.
  6. The White Sox and the Bulls hold a pretty special place for me, as both fandoms are cultural. It would really take a Blackhawk size scandal for me to drop either of them (As I did the Blackhawks after the Kyle Beach disaster).
  7. Hahn's probably a decent guy and he's great at negotiating contracts, but this isn't working and we need a culture change. Won't happen under Jerry. We give Hahn a lot of crap, but let's not forget Kenny Williams has been a waste of space just as long. Glad he won a World Series but we have been paying for it with his incompetence for the last 18 years.
  8. These games hurt my soul but I can't stop watching. Fandom is a sick poison.
  9. "Why does Jerry hate @caulfield12?"
  10. My turn: I will have bacon and eggs for breakfast
  11. "White Sox Hire Lyle Mouton as pitching coach"
  12. He could, but I would imagine he wants to play and it may be the best thing for him to get back to his prior normal life.
  13. I was all for the last rebuild but I agree there's no point now since the management is still the same.
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