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Machado signs with Padres 10/300


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6 minutes ago, shipps said:

Teorey23 you are full of shit but I like you man. 🍻 

If teorey23 is right he will be a legend that lives on forever in my heart and soxtalk lore just because he dropped in a couple times with a signing 💋.


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1 minute ago, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

White Sox are getting Harper and machado secretly so that both player can fuck the other out of getting more money... its weird but life is sometimes.

Don't know whether to ask  "Is tomorrow Ground Hog Day" or say "wake me when it's over"?  What a wild ride this is!

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8 minutes ago, LittleHurt05 said:

Alright guys, Im flying out to the Dominican for vacation tomorrow morning. I'm gonna rock my Sox hat, act inconspicuous and find someone that knows the Machados. I'll get the real scoop once and for all.

Bring some money and sign some 13 year olds for the Sox while you're down there. Gotta get them before anyone else sees them.

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  • Kalapse changed the title to Yeah, they actually screwed this up: Machado reportedly signs with Padres

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