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9/23 Game Thread Detroit Tigers @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM

South Side Hit Men

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49 minutes ago, South Side Hit Men said:

9/23/22 White Sox Division Math

  • Cleveland 4-8 White Sox 12-0
  • Cleveland 3-9 White Sox 11-1
  • Cleveland 2-10 White Sox 10-2
  • Cleveland 1-11 White Sox 9-3
  • Cleveland 0-12 White Sox 8-4

9/23/22 White Sox Wild Card Math

  • Seattle 6-7 White Sox 12-0 (Baltimore 9-4 or worse)
  • Seattle 5-8 White Sox 11-1 (Baltimore 8-5 or worse)
  • Seattle 4-9 White Sox 10-2 (Baltimore 7-6 or worse)
  • Seattle 3-10 White Sox 9-3 (Baltimore 6-7 or worse)
  • Seattle 2-11 White Sox 8-4 (Baltimore 5-8 or worse)
  • Seattle 1-12 White Sox 7-5 (Baltimore 4-9 or worse)
  • Seattle 0-13 White Sox 6-6 (Baltimore 3-10 or worse)

9/23/22 Games with Playoff Implications (Team(s) in Bold):

American League

  • Detroit (Rodriguez) @ Chicago (Giolito) 
  • Cleveland (Morris) @ Texas (Gray)
  • Toronto (White) @ Tampa Bay (Springs)
  • Houston (Urquidy) @ Baltimore (Kremer)
  • Boston (Hill) @ New York A. L. (Cole)
  • Seattle (Gonzales) @ Kansas City (Singer)
  • Los Angeles A. L. (Ohtani) @ Minnesota (Varland)

National League

  • Milwaukee (Lauer) @ Cincinnati (Cessa)
  • Atlanta (Odorizzi) @ Philadelphia (Nola)
  • San Diego (Manaea) @ Colorado (Feltner)
  • New York N. L. (Bassitt) @ Oakland (Irvin)
  • San Francisco (Rodon) @ Arizona (Henry)
  • Saint Louis (Quintana) @ Los Angeles N. L. (Heaney)

Bruh. I admire this. I truly do. But they are done. 

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13 minutes ago, Chick Mercedes said:

If there is a massive team collapse down the stretch, can even Jerry Reinsdorf be  embarrased into making real  changes?

The same man locked out a world series contending team and raised the white flag during a playoff run.  I think you over estimate his concern for others thoughts. 

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Just now, South Side Hit Men said:

Take that back or Tony might travel to Texas to challenge you to a brawl. 




Folks that think injuries weren't a problem must be Tony's drinking buddies. Our bench sucked and dropped off even further looking at the rest of the system. 

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7 minutes ago, caulfield12 said:

Too little too late.  Unless they're trying to drive him into early retirement ala Gil Meche.

No, he'll get $2M more if he plays out the season. They should have benched once the Sox pulled the plug on the season by passing on adding at the trade deadline.

Pollock would have looked for a new team in 2023 plus the $5M player option if he was only due $10M next season. Now that the vested option is up to $13M - $14M, based on the plate appearance incentives the Dodgers knew he wouldn't reach with them because he isn't an everyday player, it's doubtful Pollock is topping that on the open market. 

Lucas with 8 Ks today, still think the Sox are in it tonight with Detroit's bullpen.

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