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2024 MiLB Catch All


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15 hours ago, Quin said:

Chris Getz: The 2024 Barons rotation is comparable if not better than the 2014 Tigers or 2011 Phillies

perhaps the 2023 or 2024 White Sox?

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Arxy Hernandez is not that heralded yet, but after a tough April in which he jumped from ACL to A ball and had to man ss, he has been quite good in May. Along with Ronny Hernandez, and Burrowes, they have some younger guys at the level to watch.

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5 minutes ago, SouthSideGeorgia said:

So, can we expect major promotions from Birmingham to Charlotte to occur in late June/ early July for the second MiLB season? 

I get the feeling that the plan is to try and win a Southern League championship with that group this year.  It is a complete guess, but until they lose out, I am betting we don't see major players leaving that squad.

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Posted (edited)

Sounds like Getz and team ended up with the correct pitchers from San Diego. (As of current time at least.)

Law on 5 falling prospects.



Dylan Lesko, RHP, San Diego Padres
Preseason rank: 35

Lesko’s 2024 season has been mostly disastrous, other than that he’s been healthy enough to take every turn in the rotation and reach 90 pitches twice so far. He’s walked 32 batters in 34 innings, 20 percent of the total batters he’s faced, and he’s barely using either breaking ball at this point because he’s having so much trouble throwing strikes.

In his last outing, on June 1, he threw more changeups than fastballs, only threw five breaking balls the whole game, and only about a third of his pitches ended up in the zone. His delivery looks fine — actually, it looks great, and it’s baffling that he’s missing spots by as much as he is when he seems to repeat his arm swing so consistently.

He does still have that out-pitch changeup, and it has helped him miss more bats with the fastball as well, but he hasn’t had a single strong outing where he punched out a bunch of guys without many walks.


Robby Snelling, LHP, San Diego Padres
Preseason rank: 70

I’m not trying to pick on the Padres but the facts are what they are — Lesko is not getting outs and Snelling’s stuff has backed way up. Snelling’s fastball is down to 90-92 mph now with much less carry on the pitch than he had last year, and his slider and changeup have gone from 55s (above average) to 50s (average).

All three pitches have whiff rates of 19-21 percent in High A, so there’s really no out-pitch here, and as a former high school football star, he doesn’t have a lot of physical projection left. Velocity isn’t everything, but it helps, and it matters a lot more when your stuff doesn’t have outstanding movement.

The reason to still hope is that Snelling is indeed a former football star who’s athletic and very competitive, so if you were ever to bet on a pitcher making adjustments, he’d be the guy.


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