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Sosa in Chicago, Sox waiting to declide on ILoy

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32 minutes ago, wegner said:

Until I get confirmation that someone on Soxtalk (or a relative, etc) saw Lenyn at the airport, I'm going to assume that Fegan is making this story up.

Vinnie Duber confirmed he saw Sosa at the ballpark.

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24 minutes ago, TitoMB345 said:

Vinnie Duber confirmed he saw Sosa at the ballpark.

Hmmmm, I'll have to think about that one. Duber and f**an could be in cahoots.

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3 hours ago, JoshPR said:

What a joke. Bring up an infielder. Sox got nothing else. So fucking pathetic..... Sell Jerry Sell

It's fine. Eloy's a DH. They just wanted a RH-hitter. This gives them 2 lefty inf and 2 righty inf. Sosa probably platoons with Sheets. Also, they'll lose 110 games no matter who they bring up.


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4 hours ago, Bob Sacamano said:

Well, if Sosa is here, I’d rather see him and Shewmake up the middle than Lopez and DeJong.

That is what the plan should have been from the beginning but for some reason Getz wanted to bring in aging vets who suck that won't do anything for us 

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8 hours ago, TitoMB345 said:

We'll decide to IL Iloy on Saturday after playing down a roster spot for 5 days.


Book it.


7 hours ago, fathom said:

On what planet would you even think of playing Eloy the next few weeks, given the likely weather?

I was hopeful there would be an improvement in roster and injury management after Hahn’s departure.

Misplaced hope. Same as it ever was.


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7 hours ago, caulfield12 said:

Inventing a new word here in declide...somewhere between decide (on his future) and decline is a pretty spot-on assessment of Eloy's place with the team at this point.

When you say “decline,” do you mean like a declining trajectory (like declining performance)?

Or do you mean to opt against choosing (like declining an option)?

This has future contractual implications.

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