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    And I'm saying I don't like that. I think if it can't be proven, or other instances such as this one can't be found in his life (which would be enough IMO to corroborate this claim), that it's just not enough for me to disqualify him. Look, like I said, this is clearly a partisan issue. Odds are quite high if you lean left, you don't want him on the court, and if you lean right, you do. And based on that political position, you'll agree with Ford's account, or his.
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    Covey shouldn't even be a 5th starter in double A, if you are actually trying to compete next year you need five solid starters, not four, (two of who are young and one has an injury history). Look back at the White Sox staffs of 1996, 2003 and 2004 to see the impact of not having a solid back end starter on your staff. When I said three outfielders I was counting Eloy as one of them. Both A. Garcia and L. Garcia need to be sent packing if for no other reason they are useless always being injured. I go back to the basic premise, unless the Sox dramatically overspend in their offer why would anybody want to sign with a franchise that has had six straight losing seasons, nine out of the last 12 and have shown little growth potential as of yet? (because most of the best prospects are either injured or still a few years away.) Maybe I'm wrong, I've basically forgotten what meaningful September games are like save for watching my tapes and DVD's of the Sox in better years, but I can't see 2019 being worth a damn either at this point.
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    You know how half of this thread is the same three people complaining about how Moncada is so much worse than Albies? At this moment, they have identical .310 OBPs.
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    Five posts? Slow day on the North Side forums?
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    Gosh, I can only dream of the day when the Sox have an owner willing to pony up for contracts like Carl Crawford, Daisuke, Edwin Jackson, Jason Heyward and Yu Darvish. Those will be the days.
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    Here we go with a breakdown for where the Sox can/will/might pick next year. The Sox cannot catch Baltimore for the #1 pick. They already have 108 losses. The Sox can lose 103 games at most. The Sox currently have 92 losses, while the Royals have 100. The White Sox can lose a maximum of 103 games if they lose out, so right now, the White Sox need to play 8 losses worse than the Royals over their last 11 games (10 for KC) in order to catch them. If they Sox go 0-13 to finish at 59-103, KC would need to win no more than 6 games (going 6-4) to stay under the White Sox. If the teams were to tie, the Sox own the tiebreaker . If KC loses 5 games or more the rest of the way, the Sox have no way of catching them for the #2 pick. This is the magic numbers to clinch a higher draft pick than each of the teams left competing with the Sox for the #3 pick. At this point the Mets have 82 losses and could in theory still tie the White Sox with the same record, but the Sox have the tiebreaker over the Mets, so they are officially eliminated. That leaves Toronto, Cincy, Texas, Detroit, San Diego and Miami as able to get the #3 pick. Even if the Sox were to win out, the absolute worst they can draft in 2018 is #8. Toronto currently has 83 losses, and the most they can lose is 93 games. A combination of 1 Toronto win, or 1 White Sox loss the rest of the way eliminates them from the #3 pick. Again, the Sox own the tiebreaker here. Cincinnati has 88 losses, with 9 games left to play. The most they can lose this year is 97 games. A combination of 5 Sox losses or 5 Cincy wins eliminates them as the White Sox again have the tiebreaker here. Texas has 88 losses as well, but has 10 games left to play, meaning they can still lose 98 games. A combination of 6 Texas wins or 6 Sox losses eliminates them. San Diego currently sits at 92 losses with 9 games left to play, meaning they can max out at 101 losses. The Sox had a worse record than them last year, so the Sox own the tiebreaker. Chicago need a combination of 9 losses and/or 9 Padres win to pick ahead of htem. Next up is Detroit who has 91 losses with 10 games left to play. They can lose a maximum of 101 games this year. This is also the ONE team left that would WIN the tiebreaker if tied with the Sox at the end of the year and pick ahead of them. The Sox need a combination of 11 Detroit wins, and Sox losses to stay ahead of the Tigers. Finally is Miami who are tied with the White Sox with a record of 59-92. While the White Sox own the tiebreaker here, the Marlins have a make up game with Pittsburgh that may not get made up. If the game is played, both teams have 11 games left, and both can lose a total of 103 games. That means that there needs to a combination of 12 White Sox losses and Marlins wins for the White Sox to pick ahead of the Marlins. Basically the White Sox have to match the Marlins record or worse the rest of the way to at least tie them and keep the pick ahead of them. If the Marlins make up game is NOT played, the Sox have to play at least 1 loss worse than the Marlins to stay picking ahead of them.
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    It may be September, but he is not exactly doing this off of AAAA pitchers, or rookies. His last two homers have come off of Kluber and Carrasco. Moreover, they were not hit on "off" nights, for those outstanding pitchers. The rest of the lineup wasn't doing much against them.
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    You changed your entire tune on this in a matter of minutes
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    For some background - this guy was, going into 2017, the #10 prospect in a Twins system that was pretty deep at that time. He had a rough 2017 in AAA, and the Twins had a 40-man crunch with their own rebuild efforts, so that's how the Sox got him off waivers. Point is, he was a semi-significant prospect, not just a rando guy who's exploding now. I saw him in Charlotte in April, before anyone was giving him any talk about being in Chicago (more focus on Cordell at that time, and Tilson). You can see what I wrote here - I didn't get much video because when I first arrived he just wasn't high on my to-film list. Clint (another FS contributor) and I watched him in a pair of BP's and games, and the power just jumped off the page with this guy. There is swing and miss there, but also signs of long counts and going oppo to adjust, which makes me think the hit tool will still improve. And as someone else pointed out earlier, he was drawing walks in the minors at a good clip, so that probably comes along too (especially with his power). If he can hold down a corner OF slot even a little below average in defense, he should be in pole position for a DH/OF role in 2019. His personality is a nice bonus too, fans seem to be connecting with him.
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    The low batting average doesn't concern me as much as the quality. The White Sox are currently 12th in the AL in runs scored and above you are telling me that adding Eloy and having Palka and Narvaez for a full season will be "probably good enough"? Seriously, go compare that to the Red Sox with Betts and Martinez, or the Native Americans with Ramirez, Lindor, and Encarnacion, or the Astros with Bregman, Correa, Altuve, and Springer, that lineup is no where close to on their level next year, not with Eloy as a rookie, he'd have to hit like 2003 Bonds to put us in a sentence with them. You add in Bryce Harper and this still isn't a top 4 offense in the AL. And that's still not even talking about the pitching, and I'll ask anyone out there if they think Rodon and Giolito is a good matchup for Kluber and Bauer or Verlander and Cole and or Severino and whoever or Sale and Price. And then on top of all of that, this team is currently at the bottom of the league in defense which Eloy isn't going to fix, so no it's not "Good enough" for next year. In a few years, with Kopech back and more time to grow for guys, and hopefully at some point a breakout year from Moncada, and the boost from the guys currently down at A-ball, then we can start talking about this being "Good enough". The Free Agent market and Eloy aren't going to take a team that is bottom 6 in offense, defense, and pitching and put them in the playoff conversation. Not next year.
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    Kyle Schwarber is good now though
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    Fangraphs had a good article a couple of years ago about Kyle schwarber. Prospects with major swing and miss issues on pitches in the zone don’t really get better with time. Moncada has major swing and miss issues. Definitely not what I had hoped for after the hype of the Sale trade.
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    Man, that rant is almost as bad as the guy who wouldn't count Joe Crede stats if we had a lead.
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    So September is meaningless, but here you are complaining about what is happening in September.
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    You know, it CAN be both. It CAN be that he doesn't mind being average, AND it can be that he pads his stats in "garbage time." Looking at his numbers, Moncada did the EXACT same thing in 2017 in a meaningless September as he's doing now: He's padding his stats against sub-standard opposition. So I ask you: Was Yoan Moncada's September of 2017 an indication of "improvement," or were they merely "garbage time" heroics? (Feel free to reference his 2018 numbers, with the YAWNING K rates to answer.) Hell, Adam Fucking Engel has looked cromulent in September. Trayce Thompson looked like a golden god in September a few years ago. When will people stop buying the fools gold that are Garbage Time Heroes? So no, there's no "hypocrisy," unless you're the type that actually believes that "Garbage Time" is a true reflection of a player's ability.
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    Post-game article in the sun times with some important stuff. More discussion in there of his mistake during the game today and committing to learn English in the offseason also.
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    If you refuse to swing, you WILL lead the league in K calls out of the zone. At some point, you need to acknowledge that umpires are expanding their zones with two strikes and not be so stubborn. You need to adjust to the way the game is being called.
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    Not to mention that Moncada HAS been trying to be an OBP guy by taking as many walks as he can, but leads all of baseball by a large margin in K calls outside of the zone.
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    Look, we're all pleased by his recent up-turn in results, but remember that this is "garbage time," and he's facing quite a bit of opposition that are just playing out the string, just the same as we are. I heavily discount garbage time results when considering a player's overall track record. That said, I'm NOT saying he isn't an MLB-caliber player. I'm just doubting that he'll become a star. I surely hope I'm wrong.
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    If you haven't seen a pretty significant change in Moncada's approach over the past month-ish, you've had your eyes closed. It hasn't turned him into superman, but he has definitely been working on things.
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    Haven't we as SOX fans seen this "he's-fast-so-we-hope-and-pray-he-can-learn-to-get-on-base-and-become-a-leadoff-hitter" movie before? I seem to remember Jerry Owens, DeWayne Wise, heck, even the corpse of Jimmy Rollins as "fast-guys-so-we'll-lead-him-off" types that couldn't get on base. By extension, the White Sox offense has suffered because of this stupidity. By contrast, good teams with good offenses with smart on-field and Front Office Management PRIORITIZE OBP over a player's footspeed in terms of selecting a leadoff hitter. [The team across town seems to do so, but if the rosters were switched, you just KNOW that Heyward and his mediocre bat would be written in INK atop the lineup.] That aside, WHO in this "awesome" coaching staff has the ability to reach this kid? Do you trust Ricky or Steverson to be able to coach him up? I don't. I think those guys were picked by Front Office types that are stupid, and by extension, I think Ricky and Steverson aren't the best in the business at their jobs. Also, you previously questioned Moncada's ability to learn. I likewise doubt his ability to learn, but moreso from the intrinsic motivation angle: After all, him going out and blowing gobs of cash on cars, knowing that he's wealthy-for-life, might be what "success" is for HIM. Maybe he doesn't really WANT to be a STAR in MLB, maybe he's happy cashing checks. Has he shown any WANT to be a better player? Has he shown any DESIRE to be the best? [You know, the personality trait that Jimenez seems to have in spades?] I don't know, but as you said, "we'll see."
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    I think that he is too young and way too inexperienced to be drawing conclusions, regarding what kind of player he will ultimately become. I'm focusing on his tools. He is fast and is said to have a good eye. He is certainly not prone to chasing lots of bad pitches. His approach has seemed to be one of waiting for the perfect pitch to pull, with power. That approach has not worked. If he begins to be a little more aggressive, and use the whole field, it is not hard to imagine him getting his OBP up to over .350. Given his speed, that would make him a very viable leadoff hitter. The power would still be there, but I argue that he shouldn't be trying to make that his primary objective. At any rate, we'll see.
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    Easy, Icarus. Don't fly too high with your vision of Moncada. I think you're seeing things that are not in evidence in a ~30% K rate guy. I'm afraid he will never be a "high OBP leadoff hitter." I mean, he's been a freakin' strikeout machine at each and every stop above High A. At some point, a player is what his numbers say he is; while his past 20 games might be promising to some here, I completely discount a player's garbage time heroics. That said, this isn't to mean that he will NEVER be a viable MLB hitter. He just will never cut his Ks down enough to actually deserve to hit high in the order, but since this stupid org seems to hate OBP, he'll probably be square-pegged into a role that is ill-suited for what he is as a hitter.
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