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  1. ChiSoxJon

    Trade Candidates: Hitters

    If the money is close to NYY or CLE or TOR he's going there
  2. ChiSoxJon

    Return of Samardzija?

    And people thought the return of Avi is a bad idea
  3. ChiSoxJon

    White Sox Offseason Rumors

    Nearly forgot how crucial a defensive first baseman is
  4. ChiSoxJon

    Will Madrigal be ready for 2020 opening day?

    The better question if is Hahn and JR stop being penny pinchers and try and win out of the gate
  5. ChiSoxJon

    Trade Candidates: Hitters

    Not sure why this was laughed at...fully support that...very little negative in that All for Haniger if he can be had for cheap, but hardest of hard passes on Corey Dickerson
  6. ChiSoxJon

    Trade Candidates: SP

    Loved him asa draft prospect, always thought he'd be more than an "opener"
  7. ChiSoxJon

    Trade Candidates: Hitters

    Have always thought the same, this team can start worrying about who hits from what side once this team starts...hitting
  8. ChiSoxJon

    Predict the Market: FA Contracts

    or $400M
  9. ChiSoxJon

    Jimenez doesn’t want to DH until mid 30’s

    Obviously these comments are light and meant to be positive, but I'd so much rather hear a player say he'll "Do what's best for the team"
  10. ChiSoxJon

    Trade Candidates: Hitters

    For the right price I'd be interested in a handful of these names (Mazara, Haniger, Frazier, Nimmo)
  11. ChiSoxJon

    Predict the Market: FA Contracts

    Rendon is a phenomenal player, but tough to see him here for both money and attraction, frankly I'm fine with Moncada at 3B long term and anxious to see Madrigal up, no they're not at Rendon level yet, but let's see what we have Regardless, this is the type of offseason Sox ans should not expect and frankly don't want Abreu will be back and Grandal would be a great add, but both Bumgarner's and Keuchel's best days are behind them..and last off season proved CWS won't pay what it takes for a big name bat I'd be interested in Puig, I saw one deal saying we'd get him for 3/30 and I think that's more than fine Not sure what the relationship is between him and 79 is nowadays however, had issues in Cuba regarding his work ethic and attitude I believe
  12. ChiSoxJon


    Being committed to a potential gross overpay long term vs. pennies for a stop gap...And I'm not even against Castellanos, just don't want to overpay, would probably prefer Puig
  13. ChiSoxJon

    Edwin Encarnacion - DH

    32 coming off a partially torn Achilles...meh
  14. ChiSoxJon


    I'm all for Castellanos or Puig if the money is right, we'll see...both of those moves let us contend next year and offer long term value
  15. ChiSoxJon

    Edwin Encarnacion - DH

    Isn't Betances out all of '20? Pass