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  1. ChiSoxJon

    Sox close to signing Juan Uribe Jr

    Love seeing this Man, I'm old
  2. ChiSoxJon

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    6'9'" HS Lefty Schultz looks interesting
  3. ChiSoxJon

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

  4. ChiSoxJon

    MiLB 2022 Catch All thread

    Hopefully keeps it up...Was a super exciting prospect coming out
  5. ChiSoxJon

    White Sox Intl Review

    Where is he now?
  6. ChiSoxJon

    4/17 Games

    Are minor league ASGs back?
  7. ChiSoxJon

    Current Team Mt. Rushmore

    Tatis, Bassitt, Montas, Semien
  8. ChiSoxJon

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    26) Kumar Rocker 62) OF Justin Crawford
  9. ChiSoxJon

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    First Mock: 26) P Kumar Rocker 62) P Hunter Barco
  10. ChiSoxJon

    A's interested in Andrew Vaughn/Sox in Montas

    Hope they're not dumb enough to do this...I'm still dealing with the pain of losing 8 years of Madrigal for a few weeks of the remains of Craig Kimbrel
  11. ChiSoxJon

    Micker clears waivers, to Charlotte

    First thing I thought as well...NHL Expansion Draft style
  12. ChiSoxJon

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    Wow I'm getting old...Kid looks like a little leaguer
  13. Graveman, Pollock, and RODON would have been a fine off season, no need for these cast offs
  14. ChiSoxJon

    4/8 Games

    When did the Hackenberg hype start? Seems promising
  15. Not a Harrison fan personally, but let's give him a chance at least The money spent on Velasquez, Harrison, Kelly, and Cueto could have been put to much better use Graveman, Kimbrel for Pollock dump, and a splashier add would have been a fine off season...We don't need camp bodies