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  1. ChiSoxJon

    Managerial Candidates List

    Not passionate about any specific individual, I'm confident CWS will get their man I bet Hinch is the guy, but I could see Cora as well Unpopular I'm sure, but I think I'd like Scioscia, even Ron Washington interests me, or even Joey Cora My dream of a staff with Ozzie, AJ, etc. is over La Russa seems like a smokescreen and Bochy doesn't seem legitimate Let it be known I wanted Francona after Ozzie, things could have been different here
  2. ChiSoxJon

    Cooper also out

    Was there bad blood? I don't recall with Coop Cease and Dunning absolutely deserve a leash
  3. ChiSoxJon

    Crochet's arm fine

    No Ricky! Crotchet is fine! Madrigal fine! and Kopech back! Hallelujah
  4. ChiSoxJon

    Offseason Targets

    back in June of 2012 I wanted either Stroman or Giolito in the Draft...Be nice if we had both (although I think Stroman's best days are behind him)
  5. ChiSoxJon

    Crochet's arm fine

    Good attitude, hopefully he'll be fine
  6. Blows away NBA ratings (if accurate)
  7. Lance Broadway? Kyle McCullouch? Aaron Poreda? Dexter Carter? Ryan Bukvich?
  8. How 2020 Awful story all around Saw him come in relief years ago and always loved having a knuckler, absolutely wild
  9. Yeah it was awful and a pathetic way to leave, but that 2011 team wasn't exactly going anywhere
  10. ChiSoxJon

    The effectiveness of Don Cooper

    I think Cooper's best days are behind him, but the hate he gets on here is a bit over the top...He's old school
  11. ChiSoxJon

    Guess the pitcher we add in the offseason

    I know he's a question mark, but I think Kopech helps a ton next year...Additionally, I think Cease and Dunning both further develop, they both were good in this messed up season, that's 5 starters right there, but if a vet is wanted I don't think a Bauer is necessary...Maybe a Hamels or Q or Paxton or Kluber I think for the sake of our pitching and lineup depth, McCann is a top priority to retain...What an advantage it is to have him and Grandal, I also think Vaughn will be up to DH and obviously that's major...maybe a platoon OF like Pederson is signed as well I'm a proponent of retaining Colome as well, but understand the skepticism of some relating to that In house signings are my priority, the young players will continue to develop and improve, which will be more beneficial than most FAs
  12. ChiSoxJon

    Will the Front Office Fire Renteria?

    I'm sure Ricky is a great guy and the players love him Undisputedly, however, he is a pathetic strategic manager IBM Watson would be a better manager in terms of strategy
  13. ChiSoxJon

    Offseason Targets

    Looking at how good Detwiler was this past season and saw his previous stats... How was he still in the league? wild
  14. ChiSoxJon

    Guess the pitcher we add in the offseason

    Q seems obvious, but I'm gonna go with Hamels
  15. ChiSoxJon

    Guess the pitcher we add in the offseason

    Such a shame his career path has been, so talented, so fragile and inconsistent...sucks I don't see either, but who knows...I don't think a TOR arm is our most pressing need That'd be interesting if fairly cheap