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  1. ChiSoxJon

    Future Lineup

    2023 Lineup: (Doesn't BA do this 5 years ahead of time too?), assuming we sign no one C : Zavala, Narvaez 1B: Collins 2B: Madrigal 3B: Moncada SS: Anderson OF: Eloy, Basabe, Robert...Rutherford, Walker DH: Adolfo SP: Kopech, Cease, Giolito, Lopez, Dunning/Hansen Bullpen: Burdi, Fulmer, Hamilton, Fry, Bummer, Johnson, Burr Lineup: Basabe, Madrigal, Robert, Eloy, Adolfo, Collins, Moncada, Zavala, Anderson
  2. ChiSoxJon

    Creative Trades

  3. ChiSoxJon

    Luis Robert tearing it up in the AFL

    Hopefully stays healthy in '19, what an OF duo him and Eloy will be
  4. ChiSoxJon

    Am I only the only 1 uneasy about this off season?

    Uneasy? Don't know but I don't like prioritizing Corbin, offering Brantley, or interest in Nelson Cruz...Frankly I'd just like to go hard for either Machado/Harper and if we whiff, save the money for next off-season...maybe bring in some relievers like Familia, Allen, Herrera, or Miller this year and that's it (although Hahn seems to prefer a makeshift bullpen with all the wheeling and dealing he's done) No reason to spend, just to spend Really don't think overpaying Corbin makes us a better team next year or in the future, or bringing in an injury prone OFer on the wrong side of 30 like Brantley, or a 38 year old DH Ricky, be patient
  5. ChiSoxJon

    2018 MiLB White Sox news and notes

  6. ChiSoxJon

    Your Offseason Plan

    Cody Allen for cheap fits us nice...don't like paying guys on the wrong side of 30 huge long term deals, especially right now
  7. ChiSoxJon

    No Coaching Changes?

    Means we have poor ownership that has little serious interest in winning
  8. ChiSoxJon

    Sox acquire LHP Manny BaƱuelos for Justin Yurchak

    Like 10 years ago
  9. ChiSoxJon

    Sox acquire LHP Manny BaƱuelos for Justin Yurchak

    Meh Would have liked to see Yurchak for another year but not a big deal, doubt either guy contributes much
  10. ChiSoxJon

    Ozzie wants to manage again

  11. ChiSoxJon

    Ozzie wants to manage again

    Better than Ricky (so's my deceased grandmother)
  12. ChiSoxJon

    The Moncada / Madrigal Situation

    Non-situation until Madrigal is up in 2-3 years assuming Moncada pans out
  13. ChiSoxJon

    Guys we should target on shortterm deals

    28 year old righty Carter Capps just elected free agency, don't see him costing too much, would definitely be an interesting arm, coming back from TJS now and has topped off at 101 with his fastball, known for his controversial delivery
  14. ChiSoxJon

    2018 MiLB White Sox news and notes

    Former Sox farmhand Alex Katz was just released by BAL, real good guy, hopefully catches on somewhere
  15. Got to see him in A ball, pretty cool