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  1. ChiSoxJon

    Arizona Fall League Participants

    Or at least prove he's worth protecting on the 40
  2. ChiSoxJon

    8/29 Games

    For? What makes you say that?
  3. ChiSoxJon

    Arizona Fall League Participants

    That's if he's not in a FIFA tournament
  4. ChiSoxJon

    8/25 Games

    Been good at every level Spoke to him last year, cool guy
  5. ChiSoxJon

    8/25 Games

    What do we have in John Parke?
  6. ChiSoxJon

    8/19 Games

    What an enjoyable team Chicago would be with Robert, Madrigal, Collins, etc.
  7. ChiSoxJon

    Does Leury Garcia deserve a ‘20 starting spot?

    Would love a bench with Leury and Yolmer, finally a quality bench
  8. ChiSoxJon

    8/17 Games

    Zack Collins, holy hell
  9. ChiSoxJon

    8/17 Games

    Don't forget about Don Lucy
  10. ChiSoxJon

    8/17 Games

    Or Luis Heredia
  11. ChiSoxJon

    MLB.com Top 30 Prospect List Updated

    All 3 did drstically improve...DET has pitching us and the rest of the ALC should fear Miami made a couple splashy international signings, good draft, and returns from Realmuto, etc. Arizona definitely improved as well Don't really care where CWS is ranked, jsut want to win already
  12. ChiSoxJon

    FS: Mid-Season Top 30 - Just Missed

    Still rooting for this kid but so frustrating seeing him sidelined playing video games and watching soccer
  13. ChiSoxJon

    2019 MiLB catch all thread

  14. ChiSoxJon

    8/3 Games

    What do we have in John Parke? Hopefully LuGonz starts off in AA next year for a month or two and tears it up
  15. ChiSoxJon

    The Trade Winds are open

    Just me or this deadline has been dead so far? Odd considering there's just one deadline now