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5/17 Sox @ Royals Game 1 | 1:10PM CT

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Robert has played in every single game since May 1st with the exception of 1 of the Cubs games. He's fourth in the team in PA despite the IR stint.

Anderson is second on the team in PA for the season. 

Moncada is just coming back from an injury, so I think managing the workload is wise. 

I understand the frustration, but let's put this in perspective. The only person who is frequently getting the shaft in terms of playing time is Vaughn. 

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3 minutes ago, HOFHurt35 said:

None of those 4 guys mentioned there play every game, in fact it's not even close to being a fact. 

Grandal: 30/34 games

I don't feel like going back and counting the days that Pollock and Harrison missed, but I know it was a significant chunk. 

Pollock: 20/34

Harrison: 23/34 

Once you start counting eligible games, we've seen a lot of Big Energy.

Considering how much we didn't see Vaughn early in the season and now (i.e., eligible games), yes, I will be annoyed about this.


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