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AL Central Standings Thread


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I guess I  should have paid better attention during those lockout negotiations.

It was only about a month ago that I found out there was no longer the possibility of a game 163.

Tonight, I see for the first time that the wildcard series are a 3 game series with the higher seed hosting all 3 games.  Now there's a home field advantage for ya.

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I mean, I definitely would have thought that a team with anderson, robert, moncada would have been hell on a team on the basepaths back in 2019.

Instead they all look like Grandal.

Watching the guardians the last two nights just eat us up...it's just like what the f*** is this team. How did they all become this mopey bullshit have to save myself for tomorrow b.s. every day.

I love Abreu. I love TA. But if this is what the teams always look like under them as leaders...good riddance. 

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9/24/22 White Sox Division Math

  • Cleveland 2-9 White Sox 11-0
  • Cleveland 1-10 White Sox 10-1
  • Cleveland 0-11 White Sox 9-2

9/24/22 White Sox Wild Card Math

  • Seattle 5-7 White Sox 11-0 (Baltimore 7-5 or worse)
  • Seattle 4-8 White Sox 10-1 (Baltimore 6-6 or worse)
  • Seattle 3-9 White Sox 9-2 (Baltimore 5-7 or worse)
  • Seattle 2-10 White Sox 8-3 (Baltimore 4-8 or worse)
  • Seattle 1-11 White Sox 7-4 (Baltimore 3-9 or worse)
  • Seattle 0-12 White Sox 6-5 (Baltimore 2-10 or worse)
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