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    God they truly believe I am going to spend money, muaahhahahaha.
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    Speak for yourself. I want the team to be prudent. I want to win as many games as possibles for as long as a period of possible. Madrigal wins the team a lot more games with 162 games in 2027 than he does with 13 games in 2020.
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    I'm not sure why you're being critical of another reporter posting information that might not have been accurate.
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    I am not making the comment based off of any inside information. I made the comment as a result of your penchant to overreact and to flippantly assess situations based off of emotion and an overwhelming feeling of unending dread. Wheeler was a nut punch. The Sox set the market and still didn't get him. They signed the best fit on the market in Grandal. They're still working on multiple fronts. They will make additional moves and they will address the majority of the team's holes if not all of them. Let the process play out. I remember years ago when people were calling for Hahn's head when there was no movement with the team on Monday night of the WM. Then they traded Sale and Eaton in consecutive days for a Cy Young Finalist, 5 WAR stud, a top 30 prospect, another top ten prospect, Lopez and Basabe. Relax. Let it play out. Even if you think owners are rich and should just give good players blank checks with no consideration of the risk of a contract of this magnitude we were never signing Strasburg.
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    Agreed, cannot wait to watch our fiscally responsible 77 win ball club next year.
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    Someone bookmark this one.
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    Really hope today comes and goes without any Ozuna to Sox news. Then we’ll know the report was BS.
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    I guess we're just looking at this differently because you knew the contracts that Ryu/Bumgarner/Keuchel are getting and I don't. You also know that Ryu/Bumgarner/Keuchel (players the Sox could still conceivably get) are the next Shields and Strasburg/Cole (players the Sox won't get) are going to be healthy for three years and worth the million dollar a start (if they stay healthy for several years) price tag. It's almost like any scenario you address ends in the Sox being doomed.
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    Check your math on our idea of a shit load of money and the industry.
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    I think trading Madrigal would be a colossal mistake. I don’t really want to trade Vaughn either, but I’d already rather deal him than Madrigal. Nick is going to be special.
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    It would make sense to sign Ozuna if they were to deal Eloy for a SP. They wouldn't do that would they? Please someone tell me they wouldn't do that.
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    Wishing death on someone because you're mad about your favorite baseball team? Huh
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    Reinsdorf's comments still don't mesh with Morosi saying the Sox are waiting on a decision from Ozuna and Castellanos
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    His stolen base totals and success rate went down at every level. He's not going to be a stolen base guy at the big league level and he'll hit at the bottom of the order.
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    It wasn’t even remotely close. That trade was a massive win for the White Sox. McCarthy’s success came later. The Rangers got 2.2 fWAR out of McCarthy in that trade. The White Sox got 15.4 fWAR out of Danks before they extended him.
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    I can see wanting to speak to a guy face to face before you decide to give him $50MM+.
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    I think sox fans should focus less on a RFer being an upgrade from what they had (historically inept) and focus more on how they could use their resources to make RF an area better than anyone in their division.
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    And he traded Yordan Alvarez for Josh Fields. Even the best make mistakes in the trade world.
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    It's going to be nearly impossible to upgrade SP at this point. I want no part of Ryu or Keuchel at 4/100. Off to the bargain bin......
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    Cole or Stras, or get off the pot.
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    He could put his money where his mouth is.
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    Robert at #18 on fangraphs list is criminal after the 2019 season he had
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    If only someone had tweeted that this was a bad deal beforehand...
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