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    Charlotte Knights (AAA)
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    The ONLY place to find out info on my favorite team
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    The bittersweet 2005 season: my Dad, the person who made my entire family Sox fans, passed away in February of that year. He never got a chance to see them win the Series, but, as many people said to me, he had a hand in their winnings. Sure, it's cheesy, but it's also very heartwarming
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    Frank, Fisk, Rowand, Ventura, Crede, Buehrle

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  1. smalls2598

    Kopech called up

    Gotcha. I'll call them to find out.
  2. smalls2598

    Kopech called up

    Any idea what this may cost? I have a jersey who's name I'd like to change.
  3. smalls2598

    Kopech called up

    5 IP 3ER 7H 3BB 7K
  4. smalls2598

    Your first Album collection/First concert attended

    I made terrible musical choices as a kid. Pretty sure my first cassette was MC Hammer's "2 Legit to Quit" (edit: LOL it was actually called "The Funky Headhunter" hahaha). First CD was Ace Of Base "Happy Nation". The first concert I went to was Q101's Twisted Christmas 5 in 1998. Beck, Cake, Goo Goo Dolls, Garbage, Third Eye Blind, Soul Coughing and Everlast played.
  5. smalls2598

    Jim Thome Day Info

    This is a very valid question that still stumps me. According to the official White Sox website, "Tailgating is allowed in White Sox parking lots A-G and L before every home game until game time. Parking lots open two hours prior to game time." So a few years ago, we show up two hours before the game, and the lots already have a bunch of cars in it. So next game, we show up 3 hours prior to game time, and STILL there are cars in the lots already tailgating. I am curious how soon they actually open up the parking lots. My group now always tries to arrive 2.5 to 3 hours before the game, park in lot B, and we are still in the 3rd or 4th row.
  6. smalls2598

    2018 Music thread

    Damn, that's nice. I live in the suburbs, so by time we got out of the stadium, walked to our car and drove home it was near 1am.
  7. smalls2598

    2018 Music thread

    I was at the Sunday show and thought it went by pretty fast. However, I skipped out on the openers and got there just before the Foo Fighters went on. By the way....getting out of Wrigley sucked. We were in the 500 section for this show, and it took us probably a good half hour to get out of the stadium. Also, the stairs in the 500 section are horrible.
  8. smalls2598

    STAR WARS Everything

    I watched TPM a few months back, and I also agree it wasn't as terrible as I remembered. I'm hoping AOtC is the same way; it's the only one in the series that I've only seen one time.
  9. smalls2598

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    SportsCenter‏Verified account @SportsCenter FollowingFollowing @SportsCenter More Breaking: LeBron James will not pick up the option on the final year of his contract with the Cavaliers and will become an unrestricted free agent, a source told @WindhorstESPN, confirming multiple reports. 9:51 AM - 29 Jun 2018
  10. Here's something you don't see to often....a Sox player as a leading vote getter at his position for the All Star game. Nice job Jose! More José is leading all A.L. first basemen in the MLB All-Star Vote! If you want to #VoteAbreu and see our guy start the game in D.C., we need your help! http://whitesox.com/vote MLB article: https://www.mlb.com/news/al-all-star-voting-update/c-280890574