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    Charlotte Knights (AAA)
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    The ONLY place to find out info on my favorite team
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    The bittersweet 2005 season: my Dad, the person who made my entire family Sox fans, passed away in February of that year. He never got a chance to see them win the Series, but, as many people said to me, he had a hand in their winnings. Sure, it's cheesy, but it's also very heartwarming
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    Frank, Fisk, Rowand, Ventura, Crede, Buehrle

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  1. smalls2598

    Soxtalk Member Age Range

    My first baseball message board experience was on ESPN back in the early 2000's. Someone had posted to check out Soxtalk, which turned out to be a pretty great suggestion. My profile here says I joined in 2004, so I would have been 24. I'll be 42 later this week....crazy to think I've been coming to this site for nearly 20 years.
  2. smalls2598

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    My son started Pre-K last Wednesday. Yesterday, someone was sent home sick, and then tested positive for COVID. So the school shut down early yesterday, it's closed today, and we are not sure when it will be open again. My son went all last year without the school having to close down for COVID. This school year Is going to be brutal.
  3. smalls2598

    The Beer Thread

    Agreed. I was in Wisconsin last week, and finally got to try Spotted Cow on tap. It seemed like the best choice of the limited draft options, but nothing special. I also tried Moon Man, which was far superior.
  4. smalls2598

    Upper Level

    Yup! I believe it started up again towards the end of June.
  5. smalls2598

    Mariners @ Sox, 6/25, 7:10 PM CT

  6. smalls2598

    Rays @ Sox, 6/14 7:10 ct

    Yea, this one is....interesting.
  7. smalls2598

    5/26 Cardinals vs. White Sox

    The full lineup for curious minds...
  8. smalls2598

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Greg...similar to what Maqhead said, my wife had flu like symptoms for about 24 hours, and by the evening of the day she took off, she said she felt refreshed and energetic. After seeing what she went through, I was preparing for the worst, so I was extremely happy that I just had a sore arm. Good luck to you.
  9. smalls2598

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I got my second Pfizer shot this past Saturday, and aside from having a sore arm for a few days, I was fine. My wife did get a fever the night of her second shot, and had to take the next day off work.
  10. Giolito vs Bieber. No Vaughn, No Mercedes.