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    Charlotte Knights (AAA)
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    The ONLY place to find out info on my favorite team
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    The bittersweet 2005 season: my Dad, the person who made my entire family Sox fans, passed away in February of that year. He never got a chance to see them win the Series, but, as many people said to me, he had a hand in their winnings. Sure, it's cheesy, but it's also very heartwarming
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    Frank, Fisk, Rowand, Ventura, Crede, Buehrle
  1. smalls2598

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Why does today's game start at 4:10??
  2. smalls2598

    Sox at Oakland 2:35 CDT: Fulmer versus Triggs

    Today's lineup: 1. Yoan Moncada (S) 2B 2. Yolmer Sanchez (S) 3B 3. Jose Abreu ® DH 4. Nicky Delmonico (L) LF 5. Matt Davidson ® 1B 6. Leury Garcia (S) RF 7. Welington Castillo ® C 8. Tim Anderson ® SS 9. Adam Engel ® CF
  3. Moncada and Avi still on top: 1. Yoan Moncada (S) 2B 2. Avisail Garcia ® RF 3. Jose Abreu ® 1B 4. Matt Davidson ® DH 5. Nicky Delmonico (L) LF 6. Yolmer Sanchez (S) 3B 7. Tim Anderson ® SS 8. Leury Garcia (S) CF 9. Omar Narvaez (L) C
  4. smalls2598

    Juan, 2B

    Speaking of Uribe....I went to Rock Bottom in Lombard a few months back and saw this marvelous thing hanging on the wall:
  5. smalls2598

    White Sox @ Twins 4/12

    Tonight's lineup: 1. Yoan Moncada (S) 2B 2. Avisail Garcia ® RF 3. Jose Abreu ® 1B 4. Matt Davidson ® DH 5. Nicky Delmonico (L) LF 6. Yolmer Sanchez (S) 3B 7. Tim Anderson ® SS 8. Omar Narvaez (L) C 9. Adam Engel ® CF
  6. Chicago White Sox Verified account @whitesox Following Following @whitesox More #WhiteSox purchase contract of Chris Volstad from Class AAA Charlotte; Transfer Carlos Rodón to 60-day disabled list:
  7. smalls2598

    4/4/18 GT: White Sox vs Blue Jays

    Tonight's lineup: 1. Yoan Moncada (S) 2B 2. Avisail Garcia ® RF 3. Jose Abreu ® DH 4. Matt Davidson ® 1B 5. Nicky Delmonico (L) LF 6. Welington Castillo ® C 7. Yolmer Sanchez (S) 3B 8. Tim Anderson ® SS 9. Adam Engel ® CF
  8. Daryl Van Schouwen‏Verified account @CST_soxvan Follow Follow @CST_soxvan More Hahn also said Carlos Rodon, while making good progress, will not pitch in a Cactus League game. First outing expected in extended spring training. June return most likely. Not unexpected.
  9. smalls2598

    2017-2018 NFL Thread

    Devin Hester has retired. Dude was so dynamic and fun to watch.
  10. smalls2598

    2017 Catch All thread

    QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Dec 8, 2017 -> 01:07 PM) My mom mentioned the other week that Bass Pro Shops have a free Santa edit: http://www.basspro.com/shop/en/santas-wonderland Yeah, it's free, including a free photo. Gotta go early and get a free ticket to reserve your spot for the day though. Ok thanks, I'll look into that.
  11. smalls2598

    2017 Catch All thread

    Any recommendations on where to take kids to see Santa that does NOT cost $30 plus dollars? Seems like everything I can find is either a "breakfast with Santa" or photos in the mall with Santa, but the packages are all more than I was looking to spend.
  12. smalls2598

    Roy Halladay dies in plane crash

    That's horrible news. Roy Halladay was one of my favorite players, he was just so damn good. I would try to mimic his pitching motion when I played wiffleball. RIP.
  13. smalls2598

    2017 Catch All thread

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Oct 14, 2017 -> 08:55 PM) This storm has cause a little seepage under a wall in my basement. Anything I can do or just fans and call someone later? When I lived in Westchester, I would always get seepage in my basement on the south side of the house. Since we wanted to sell that house, we had US Waterproofing come out to look at it, and they found a few cracks that needed to be filled. I think it ended up costing us something like $3000, which sucked, but I wanted it done properly because we were selling. If you are interested, I can look up the name of the guy who I worked with at US Waterproofing. They were super nice and not pushy at all.
  14. smalls2598

    Automobile Thread

    QUOTE (JenksIsMyHero @ Sep 26, 2017 -> 04:36 PM) Sam's Club or Costco is the way to go. Usually have good deals on tires and they throw in free balancing, rotation, flat fix and road side assistance. I bought tires from Costco for our last two cars. The only issue I've run into is that I"m almost always told it's a 1 to 2 hour wait to have my tires rotated no matter what time of day I go there. Sometimes that's not an issue if I actually need to do shopping, but there have been times where I stopped by just to get the tires rotated and don't want to wait that long to have it done. Anyone else run into that issue at Costco?
  15. smalls2598

    Players weekend

    Jon Lester got real creative....his jersey will say "Lester"