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9/3 GT : Sox v. Twinkies 615CT - Don’t Stop Now Boys!!


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4 minutes ago, South Side Hit Men said:

The woman in the red top in the front row on the Sox dugout side turned around and screamed at someone to shut the f*** up. A few minutes later there were four security guards, and she gawn.

Update: She’s back. Wonder if she was being harassed.

I saw her earlier, smoke show

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3 minutes ago, AJ'S Cousin said:


Didn’t Miguel come out of retirement or didn’t have a job until TLR came? Isn’t he TLR’s boy?

Miguel played for Tony, then became a bench coach for Walt Jocketty’s (Tony’s Saint Louis GM) Reds. He then went to the Yankees front office / player development before Tony hired him as his bench coach in November 2020.

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13 minutes ago, wegner said:

Just got home after a long day....2 three run homers?  Did the ghost of Earl Weaver take over for Cairo??


I see Dylan has been ok too.

Warm evening, big crowd, three run homers, a few cold ones.  I love this game. Oh yes,  and Cease.

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