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    Just a couple things from what I've heard about their preferences. Some scouts from the Detroit Tigers are expecting the Sox to take Abrams One of the longest tenured beat guys in town told me last week that the Sox won't pass on Witt Jr. if available With that being said, I won't be surprised if it's Vaughn but Abrams makes the most sense at this point.
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    I can't wait for your post saying "release this stiff!".
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    KW for much of the 00s was drafting based on what he could afford. Telling me drafting Lance Broadway and Kyle Mcculloch was BPA on their board is such an own goal.
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    Machado signed a ten year contract; Harper, a thirteen year one. We could have signed either/both, and they would have been around for the entire length of whatever the next window of competitiveness is. Meanwhile, the operative word in your second paragraph is, of course, "if". "If" they spend $300Mish. "If" they spend big on the types of players you mentioned, then yes, we can forget the travesty that was this past offseason. But you have to admit, with this organization, that's a big "if" at this point. With history as our guide, the fear is the "spend" will be on a tier of players below the guys you mentioned.
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    I don't necessarily believe they will, but there is a world of difference between spending 300 million on one guy and 300 million spread out on 3 guys.
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    Because they're actually a year closer to competing. No one thought this team was going to complete in 2019 - with or without Machado or Harper. Not sure the same thing can be said in 2020 when everyone has another year of experience under their belt, and Kopech, Cease and Robert joining the mix. If the Sox go out and spend $300Mish this offseason on guys like Cole, Ozuna, Grandal, and maybe a supporting piece or two, this fan will forgive them for passing on Machado.
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    'He doesn't possess much swing and miss in his game and projects as a "plus hitter". ' People really need to stop lumping this kid as a 'toolsy athlete'.
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    I find it difficult embracing this rebuild/tank. Year after year of losing teams while JR and his investors are laughing all the way to the bank. This White Sox franchise is more profitable today than at anytime in its history. The two previous White Sox owners (John Allyn and Bill Veeck) didn't have the money to compete and both were forced to sell the team. At least both of them wanted winning teams. I don't see that here with JR.
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    The last 3 teams to win the world series have been loaded with stars. I believe each of them had an MVP winner that season and there's a couple Cy Young contenders in their each time.
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    Avi had 5 years, Seby has had 5 ABs.
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    Renteria is awful, but Ventura is in a class all his own. Ventura wasn't just tactically incompetent as a game-manager, he was probably the single most uninspired and un-charismatic manager in modern baseball. Renteria is just tactically incompetent, but I can at least see him being a quality clubhouse voice. He's similar to what Fox was for the Bears. Awful for competing, but good for laying the groundwork of a consistent winner and eliminating the toxicity of the previous regime. Now is the time for the Sox to start looking for their Matt Nagy.
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    posting this as if it wasn’t a suspended game getting picked up halfway through... Sullivan is SUCH an asshat
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    Have you like completely missed all the stuff coming out in the last few weeks about the 2016 season? That part of a managers job is way more important than any on field decisions and Robin was absolutely abysmal at managing personalities. Say what you want about Ricky, but that clubhouse seems to function the way it should.
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    You don't draft #4 overall and expect a utility infielder. I don't GAF about his strikeout rate in high A as a 22 year old repeater given his other batted ball data is downright bad. His quality of contact is garbage as evidenced by his pull rate and BABIP and ISO. And he'd have to be an elite defensive 2B (top 5 in MLB) to carry 2 WAR with a 280/330/350 line. It's sad that's already what his median case scenario looks like. I liked the pick but right now it looks bad. As I said the other day it's going "to get late early" for Madrigal next year if he's a 23 year old struggling in AA. We really have to hope he makes a big jump sometime in the next year to get back on a prospect track. He's got work to do.
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    Lol. By that point Moncada, Gioltio and Lopez will all be free agents. Anderson and Kopech will be on the final years of their deals. Things need to happen WAYYYYYY faster than that.
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    Zach Wheeler feels like a Yu Darvish situation waiting to happen.
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    Good guess might be lead off hitter with high average & walks for high obp... A forty + base stealer and a player with a high baseball IQ...a really good glove and the quarterback of the infield. I'll take a dozen years of that.
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    LOL I'm glad I didn't have a drink in my mouth because I'd have just spat it out. See this is why I put that offer out. A guy with an OPS hanging around .700 in high-A ball is not nearly ready and I really want to stop hearing about him as coming up any time soon. Let him take his lumps, he needs to change an awful lot of things in his game before he's ready. I don't want to come down harshly on how truly bad he's been because he has a long time to continue working and he's supposed to be a smart player, but suggesting rushing him like that leaves me no choice but to highlight how disappointing he's been.
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    But you love Steverson and his guys have 1 run the last 29 innings, and that was by another guy you hate, Abreu.
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    Someone needs to get on base if you want to see 3 run bombs.
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    The twins are a taped together stop gappy squad. Like 40% of the team won’t be there next season and well over 50% will be gone by 2021. Lets not act like the twins have built this super sustainable power house. They’ve caught lightning in a bottle the first 50 games and they’re sure to cool off. He’ll win this division though.
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    Goodness this board needs a reboot
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    If you believe in the power of marketing and advertising, it's easy to argue the Cubs benefit greatly from the free publicity they get. Win or lose, the papers cover them, the local sports shows their highlights, and they are talked about on local radio. It's a bit of chicken or egg. Are people not interested in the Sox, so they aren't covered by the media? Or, is the lack of coverage the reason people supposedly aren't interested? The Blackhawks might be a good comparison. For so long, they were an afterthought. Home games not on tv, not covered on radio shows, and very little about them in the paper. Then Rocky took over, they hired McDonough, media coverage increased, home games on tv, etc. Of course, getting better helped, but there was a noticeable change in the perception prior to them winning. Not having a regular beat writer or someone local to talk about the Sox really hurts them.
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