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    Just a couple things from what I've heard about their preferences. Some scouts from the Detroit Tigers are expecting the Sox to take Abrams One of the longest tenured beat guys in town told me last week that the Sox won't pass on Witt Jr. if available With that being said, I won't be surprised if it's Vaughn but Abrams makes the most sense at this point.
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    KW for much of the 00s was drafting based on what he could afford. Telling me drafting Lance Broadway and Kyle Mcculloch was BPA on their board is such an own goal.
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    Machado signed a ten year contract; Harper, a thirteen year one. We could have signed either/both, and they would have been around for the entire length of whatever the next window of competitiveness is. Meanwhile, the operative word in your second paragraph is, of course, "if". "If" they spend $300Mish. "If" they spend big on the types of players you mentioned, then yes, we can forget the travesty that was this past offseason. But you have to admit, with this organization, that's a big "if" at this point. With history as our guide, the fear is the "spend" will be on a tier of players below the guys you mentioned.
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    I don't necessarily believe they will, but there is a world of difference between spending 300 million on one guy and 300 million spread out on 3 guys.
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    Because they're actually a year closer to competing. No one thought this team was going to complete in 2019 - with or without Machado or Harper. Not sure the same thing can be said in 2020 when everyone has another year of experience under their belt, and Kopech, Cease and Robert joining the mix. If the Sox go out and spend $300Mish this offseason on guys like Cole, Ozuna, Grandal, and maybe a supporting piece or two, this fan will forgive them for passing on Machado.
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    'He doesn't possess much swing and miss in his game and projects as a "plus hitter". ' People really need to stop lumping this kid as a 'toolsy athlete'.
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    I find it difficult embracing this rebuild/tank. Year after year of losing teams while JR and his investors are laughing all the way to the bank. This White Sox franchise is more profitable today than at anytime in its history. The two previous White Sox owners (John Allyn and Bill Veeck) didn't have the money to compete and both were forced to sell the team. At least both of them wanted winning teams. I don't see that here with JR.
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    The last 3 teams to win the world series have been loaded with stars. I believe each of them had an MVP winner that season and there's a couple Cy Young contenders in their each time.
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    Avi had 5 years, Seby has had 5 ABs.
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    Renteria is awful, but Ventura is in a class all his own. Ventura wasn't just tactically incompetent as a game-manager, he was probably the single most uninspired and un-charismatic manager in modern baseball. Renteria is just tactically incompetent, but I can at least see him being a quality clubhouse voice. He's similar to what Fox was for the Bears. Awful for competing, but good for laying the groundwork of a consistent winner and eliminating the toxicity of the previous regime. Now is the time for the Sox to start looking for their Matt Nagy.
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    Sweet, I'd expect either 6/1 then or at the latest when the mass draft assignments start.
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    I don't think that many people realize that the clock is already ticking and has been for about a year.
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    I think you're in the minority in leaving Eloy Jimenez off a list of "potential stars" of the White Sox (regardless of his tools) but whatever -- my point is that I agree with your sentiment that the Sox org has more star potential than many on this board admit.
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    I like how the Sox have approached this rebuild. When I look at 2005 there were no mega stars. They had some moderate power, good defense, great pitching, lockdown bullpen and some speed. Pods and Iguchi brought a spark but most importantly they had 25 complimentary pieces. These mega deal guys don't seem to work out all that often. I think that's because those deals go to power hitters and strike out pitchers. Guys like Iguchi, Pods, Dye and Rowland were nice complimentary pieces not high priced stars. We had AJ and Dye and Crede as moderate priced guys who were productive and not expensive. Kind of McCann like guys. We will be winning when we get 25 players who do their jobs well. One or two so called stars are not the answer. Pitching, timely hitting, speed & and defense is needed on a well balanced wining team. I will say that half of those 25 men are pitchers. If those 12 or 13 guys aren't good... your wining nothing.
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    Well, your source compares a sabermetrically "optimal" lineup to a "typical" lineup. As I read that, an "optimal" lineup, in the '99th percentile' of lineups vs a '50th percentile lineup.' How far afield are rickys lineups from a theoretical "typical lineup," one that would fall smack-dab in the middle of optimization? I'd argue that Rickys lineup choices are inferior to a typical one; therefore he likely costs the team much more than the proposed 5-15 runs. Delmonico batting 2nd? Alonzo batting 4th? Hell, before Anderson was scratched, I think he planned to bat Tilson ahead of him the other day. (Likely due to his slavish adherence to l-r-l-r sequencing.) In Rickys case, his lineups matter much more than the average manager's lineups do, IMO.
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    Actually, the reason his production both was and is sustainable has nothing to do with people being hypocritical about SSS. It's because his BABIP and xwOBA/wOBA ratio normalized pretty early on. In fact, Moncada has been unlucky per his xwOBA/wOBA ratio (.370/.353). It isn't "regression to the mean" when someone is regressing further from the mean. While he has been striking out more in May, these metrics suggest that his batted ball luck has also decreased, below their expected levels.
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    Carlos has a great attitude. He's a fighter, not a quitter. I'm not worried about him, but I am VERY worried about his arm.
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    Excellent D, baserunning, contact skills and plate discipline. The ONLY thing he isn’t doing right now is hitting for power. And that isn’t much of a surprise
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    And Ricky can't even do #1 right. He's awful at it actually
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    So, I'm not sure someone can seriously ask the question OP asked and legitimately be a White Sox fan. Robin was worse, which is heartbreaking because he was one of my favorite players when I was a kid. I'm sure some of our more senior guys can list a bunch more, too.
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    I don't think even the most optimistic ever thought of him as a run producer. His upside is just a good all around baseball player who can help a team by getting on base , extending rallies, driving in some runs and fielding his position and running the bases well. More like Whit Merrifield without Merrifield's power and frankly Id be very pleased with that.
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    Being dissatisfied with the way the front office handled the ostensibly sincere interest in acquiring Harper and, or Machado, and being somewhat relieved that they weren't successful, are not mutually exclusive positions to hold. At the time, I agreed that they badly bungled the process, but at this point, I'm not unhappy that we didn't sign either of them. We are 1/3 of the way through the season, and neither one of them is coming close to performing at a level, for which they are being paid. The greater concern remains that the Sox front office seems to be incompetent at identifying the players with the best prospects to outperform their contracts, or even meet expectations. This is probably more of a failure of their scouting department, than of Hahn, or K. W. There were some players who would have really helped this roster, on affordable contracts. The guys we acquired have been awful, with the exception of McCann. They haven't contributed and are blocking young players, whom the organization needs to give playing time, in order to determine whether, or not they have a role, going forward. Let's hope that the Sox address this apparent short coming, and can better scout players, in the future.
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    Madrigal was the best college hitter in the draft. Teams had 70 grades on his hit tool and defense. Madrigal is really safe. I preferred Kelenic but completely understood going Nick Madrigal and it's waaaaay to early to make determinations on the pick at this point.
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    For a guy who’s a been applauded for his ability to develop young players, I’m shocked at how bad the Sox are on defense. They ranked 28 in Ricky’s first year, 27th last year and they’re ranked 29th so far this season in terms of fielding percentage and errors. Would you say that the Sox are a better fundamental team since he took over? Do you see any improvement? What’s the last fundamentally sound White Sox team? 2012? I’m also not a fan of his lineup construction and he’s not a good in game strategist. Alonso and Castillo have no business batting cleanup. Tim Anderson needs to be batting higher up in the order, I’ve been a proponent of batting him lead off, he could bat fifth or sixth too. Yeah, Ill give Ricky some credit for Anderson’s success and Moncada’s emergence (fingers crossed) but I think the Sox should bring in a new manager and conduct a search for someone outside of the organization. Even if they do hire someone from the inside, they should interview as many people as possible to get a feel on how other organization’s do thing and apply what they learn to the org.
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