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Lenyn Sosa joins the White Sox (Update Pg. 5)


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7 minutes ago, Dick Allen said:

My question would be why place Eloy on the 60 day when Mendick is clearly out for the season? Is there something where he can't be placed on it after he is eligible to be reinstated?

I am so confused with how these things work now. Used to be so simple to follow.

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If the Sox are already beginning to look toward next year, which might not be a bad idea, finding someone to fill the hole at second base is a worthwhile goal. Sosa would seem to be as good of a candidate as anyone else currently in the organization. I personally hope that they give him plenty of playing time. If he succeeds and shows enough promise and progress to plan on him being the second baseman, next season, that only leaves the RF spot open, to target a LH middle of the order bat. If they have to trade some guys to acquire one, so be it. They certainly have enough players with similar defensive profiles, whom they could use as capital for a trade.


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Big Energy actually had a nice series against Toronto. And  Tony loves Leury although with Engel out he may see mor time in the OF. 

I dont know what to make of Sosa. Wasn't very highly thought of, but not many White Sox, especially middle infielders  put up the numbers he put up in Birmingham. Maybe they finally developed someone.

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Rick Hahn's plan for world domination:

Step 1-Pay Kenley Jansen to not sign with the Dodgers in the "offseason" of 2021.

Step 2-Draft Nick Madrigal and make everyone think he's the next Jose Altuve, but knowing he won't make it due to his inevitability to be injured.

Step 3-Trade Madrigal to the Cubs, receive a closer who you know is going to tank (Kimbrel) but actually will make people think the Sox will do well in the playoffs at the time of the trade. Hook. Bonus--screw the Cubs with a trade. Again.

Step 4-Make Kimbrel shit the bed. Everyone's pissed, but the goal is to win it all in 2022. So who cares.

Step 5-Trade Kimbrel during spring training and receive stud AJ Pollock from the Dodgers. A win for Kimbrel because, Dodgers.

Step 6-Sign Big Energy and piss everyone off again, knowing you only need a little more time to show off the real second baseman.

Step 7-Let Sosa loose and show everyone his superstar capabilities in the minors.

Step 8-Destroy Mendick's legs

Step 9-Welcome to the bigs, Lenyn Sosa.

Step 10 (yet to come to fruition)- Sosa wins ROY with just half a season of play. Sox win world series in game 7 on a walk-off bomb from Sosa.

What a fucking genius. Bravo Rick Hahn.

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7 hours ago, ChiSox59 said:

With Sheets getting scratched last night, he's likely headed up as well, likely to fill in for Engel hitting the 10-day as well. Which means one of Burger and Sheets is going to DH most nights and AV back to RF.  Probably some Leury in RF as well with AV DHing and Burger at 3B.  I don't think Sheets played any RF down in AAA.   Losing Mendick and Engel while we're so banged up is going to Tony some scary defensive bad combos to work with. 

Turns out this was a very valid concern, even on the 1st day. 

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