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8/11- Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City Royals - 1:10 PM CDT NBCSCH

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Just now, chw42 said:

These guys struck out against a guy who doesn't strike anyone out anymore. They're so mentally broken at the plate. 

And they weren’t even close to hitting him.  Looked like me if I tried to hit a breaking ball from Greinke.

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1 minute ago, Spumoni said:

It's honestly kinda funny at this point

They really are horrible. I have no allegiance to anyone. If it comes out that Robert is a jackass or Anderson is a dickhead, get rid of both of 'em. Who gives a shit anymore? Manager sucks, GM sucks, owner sucks, president sucks and the players suck

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Just now, southsider2k5 said:

Eh, I am going back to watching West Wing for the first time.  Less disasters.

Great show, and far more enjoyable than this shit.

Though the quality does dip significantly after Sorkin leaves.

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