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World Baseball Classic 2023


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39 minutes ago, maxjusttyped said:

It's definitely being slept on how good he was last year. Whether it's sustainable or not I have no idea, but it's still very impressive nevertheless.

I was there for a walk off homer he hit on the South Side... maybe his top Sox highlight?

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Moncada crushed a 100mph ground rule double from the right side. Luis just missed a HR foul, but then reached by hustling out a 102mph grounder that the SS overthrew for an error. After a slow start, they've both been looking much better at the plate.

Annnnd Yo crushes a homer. Annnd Luis with a 112mph base hit to left.

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10 minutes ago, Autumn Dreamin said:


Sure would be huge if Yoan could get his LH power back. 

 BTW kinda like those  🇨🇺 uniforms....still find it odd that you can play for a country you defected from though.

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This number is already locked in for Cuba, Taiwan, and Panama, since they have no more games to play. Cuba allowed 15 runs over 108 outs for a quotient of .1388, Panama had a quotient of .2 (21/105), and Taiwan had a quotient of .2952 (31/105). As it stand now, the Netherlands has a quotient of .15384 and Italy has a quotient of .19753. This makes Cuba a lock to advance to the next round if there is a five way tie, since it has the lowest quotient of any team in the pool. It is mathematically impossible for Italy to beat the Netherlands without Cuba having one of the two best quotients.


Cuba basically guaranteed to advance.  Italy would be 2-2 and advance over the other 3 teams that are tied 2-2.

Things get really dicey for the 2nd place team battle if Netherlands continues to lose to Italy (down 6-1, top of the 7th).



BUT! It is not enough for Italy to beat the Netherlands to advance. If they beat the Netherlands by only one run in a nine inning game for instance, say 1 to 0, that will only give them a quotient of .1484 (16/108) to the Netherlands .125 (13/102 in the best case scenario for Italy with a walk-off in the ninth with 2 outs). Assuming a nine inning game, Italy needs to win by at least 4 runs without giving up 6 runs or more to enter the next round. If Italy gives up more than six runs in a nine inning game then at least Panama would surpass them in quotient (.2037 vs. .2), and most likely the Netherlands as well.

source:  reddit/baseball



Japan and Australia most likely for Pool B...Japan with Ohtani leading the way now in the process of going 4-0.

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Cuba advances along with Italy. Netherlands really blew it after starting off 2-0. 

I think according to the tiebreaker, Cuba is actually the 1 seed in group A so they will avoid playing Japan until the semi-finals. Looks like Robert and Moncada get to play maybe 2 more games. 


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