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    This thread sucks a big fat dick. Like could this OneDog clown be any more excited about getting destroyed by the Twins. The best part is advocating for more tanking when our draft record is atrocious and our player development staff is complete garbage. Makes total sense to burn more of Moncada, Giolito, Anderson, & Eloy’s service time so we can rack up a bunch of top five picks that will help us five years from if ever.
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    Okay, but Berrios, Kepler, Rosario, and Buxton aren’t going anywhere and Kiriloff is a serious prospect. And their front office, many of whom come from the Indians, have shown they know what they’re doing. The division is not going to roll over just because Hahn keeps promising multiple championships. Sox need to get smarter.
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    I like how people are saying Vaughn is being punished for past draft picks by Sox but aren’t applying the same concept to Abrams, who is getting punished because people are still upset about Courtney Hawkins. Abrams is also punished because many people in these threads just fall in love with comps, and comps are stupid.
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    You can take it as complaining but in 2016, Twins lost 103 games...easily the most in MLB. The following year they finished 2nd and played Yankees as Wild Card. Not content with that, they fired Manager of the Year, Paul Molitor a year later. You could lay the Twins lineup side-side with Sox coming into 2019 and argue the WS were stronger at most positions. The Twins made some smart acquisitions and the Sox brought in McCaan, Colome and $20 million of hot garbage. If you don't see the subpar functional areas with this organization you are blind or kidding yourselves.
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    This troll can't even count.
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    This site has become unthinkably bad. There are some serious fans who seem to understand that the rebuild is going to suck and it's going to be trying but equally can see the positives coming out of the farm system. There are a ton of great posters who have been here for a long time but it seems like an excessive number of posters with the level "Starter" or lower simply came here to complain.
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    or guys like Anderson, Collins and rodon.
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    It’s completely reflective of what the site has become. One horrific series and the trolls come out guns blazing. Really sad to see what’s become of this board.
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    Does anyone realize the Twins are really damn good? They have the best record in baseball. They have the best run differential by a lot. They are 9-1 in their last 10 games. This team got their dick kicked in by the best team in baseball, not the Marlins. It's going to be ok.
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    2022 lmao. Congrats you’ve got yourself a job for life. Just keeping pushing back.
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    Hawkins was bad. I still think Mitchell would have worked if he hadn't ruptured his post tib tendon. that's a devastating injury for a speed guy. I should hire you for my clinic the way you can predict who will get hurt. it will drive up the business.
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    Those are fair points. I took exception to you saying: Madrigal’s winning mentality is going to help him hit with more power supposedly. That's fucking bullshit, man. Nobody said that. Talk about taking things out of context.
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    I don’t know how you could possibly argue this
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    Yes, cut back coverage until nobody goes to you for their coverage then point to that as to why you have no coverage. As I said. The trib has trashed their sports section, it isn’t a meaningful metric.
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    Trib barely has a Sox beat writer, a lot of that is their own fault.
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    This is the part I'm losing faith in. We keep rooting for these draft picks, only for these guys to turn out to be underwhelming. I refuse to root for oodles of losses, just so we can get another Zach Collins or Carson Fulmer in the system.
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    Hard to take any of your opinions serious when you figured out just this past weekend that the Twins have a very good young core and will be a formidable division rival for the next several years.
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    I get that and youre right, but they did lose each game by 7 runs, and have scored 1 run the last 25 innings. That is a little beyond facing a hot team, especially since they were also given many runs.
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    Yeah....or they just played the best team in baseball?
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    I use the site daily, but almost exclusively for minor league talk and during the offseason just to read about rumors. Unfortunately the gross negativity is seeping in to the minor league threads now too and certain members have a melt down every time Madrigal goes hitless.
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    Poppy - I hate being such a blatant dick, but it’s time we take action and clean up this site given all the trolls, whiners, & straight haters roaming around here. It’s starting to get out of control and the conversation is suffering as a result. By no means should negativity & criticism be banned, but it needs to be far more focused, objective, and relevant to the conversation at hand. If the small group of posters here who are polluting the overall quality of the site are unwilling to change on their own, then maybe the rest of us should be more vocal and actually tell them how we feel about their terrible contributions.
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    he's a lot smaller than I thought from most descriptions I read of him. as the immortal John Kruk said, "lady, I ain't no athlete, I'm a baseball player." I wonder how Courtney Hawkins would look next to him. Now there was an athlete who of course could hit because he looked good and could do back flips.
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    I found this on Baseball Almanac regarding Seby's 4ks yesterday. The Major League record for most strikeouts during a players first game ever is four. Those who have worn a "golden sombrero" and entered this record book during their debut are: Billy Sunday (May 22, 1883), Hercules Burnett (June 26, 1888), George Goetz (June 17, 1889), Rollie Naylor (September 14, 1917), Lee Bales (August 7, 1966), and Sam Ewing(September 11, 1973).
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    If Zack Wheeler is a #1, Giolito is a HoF candidate. 4.6 era with a 1.3 whip in the best pitching environment in mlb, facing lineups with the pitcher hitting. No thanks.
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    Lol...what a terrible post. Cease is a top 20 prospect who should not be rushed because holes on the major league roster. Zavala is a fringe top 15/20 prospect and is the only other catcher on the 40 man roster. The Sox aren’t adding someone to the 40 man roster because Castillo will miss seven days. This is just hating to hate.
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