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    Sosa Bomb.
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    Lopez's curve is a much better pitch than his slider. It looks like he's bringing the cutter/curveball combo back. I don't understand why he went away from that as it worked so well last year.
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    LOL. Gimme a break. You pulled some stats out of your butt and I pointed it out. I didn't say it sucked. If you don't want it pointed out, don't be wrong for no reason. Easy.
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    They give free stuff to fans. It's fine. It doesn't bother me.
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    Moncada is locked in. He's striking out a lot less. I can't wait for the upcoming XBH binge.
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    You said he's been hitting .375. The time frame you stated produced a record of 11 for 37, which is ,297. The time frame you then amended it to gave a record of 11 for 33. To hit .375, it'd need to be 11 for 29 (which is .379). You were off by four at bats, even on your second attempt. Don't be off by four at bats. I've loved this team since I was six. I will always root for this team. I want this team to be GREAT. The thing is...the management consistently makes this team bad. They've failed for ten years to anything. I wouldn't last ten years at my job if I sucked at it. Why should we give them ANY leeway? To make this franchise good, which is probably the thing I want most on this planet after the health and wealth of myself, my wife, and my kids, I think somebody else should be running the show. Hating Rick Hahn, Kenny Williams, Jerry Reinsdorf, and Rick Renteria does not make me an unsuitable Sox fan.
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    I pulled stats "out of my butt?" I was off by ONE at bat. That's some serious skill and my anus must be pretty lucky. Honest to god dude, you're completely miserable. You come onto this forum daily and act foolish by making ridiculous claims and predictions. You clearly can't stand anything that's going on with this organization, so why even bother?
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    I wish people would actually be informed before they personally insult others. I'm biased being in the field and knowing these guys but seriously. The primary job of the people you are insulting to to work with them AFTER injuries happen. They work with the strength and conditioning group to help prevent injuries However, they can't prevent them. They may be having issues trying to rehab them as well but if that's the case do your research and put the physicians in there as well as the athletic trainers follow their orders as well.
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    "Is Cease going to be call-" "I'm sorry, can I interrupt you for a second? I just wanted to say the rumors are true: I am the worst manager in baseball. Wanted to let everyone know. Thanks" Amazing.
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    White Sox are THE place for useless veterans on the position player side.
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    Hard contact to the pull side. More of this please.
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    Especially against a guy who might as well swing a wet newspaper instead of a bat.
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    Even Benetti said that this is a big start for Lopez today, and typically people of his stature don't say things like that unless they know something.
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    Just be honest and say, I’m sorry Sox fans that I’m the worst manager in the majors. 😂
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    Still not a fan. Leury and his .681 OPS at leadoff while Tim rots in the 7 spot isn’t worthy of praise
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    Guys...it’s a waiver claim. There is literally no cost to do so if you have a 40 man spot. There is no harm in claiming guys whatsoever. If you don’t like the guy after you’ve had him for a bit, DFA him when you need the spot. He may get claimed, or he may not in which case you get to keep him in the organization and he doesn’t take up a 40 man spot. There is zero risk. This really is not that complicated of a concept to grasp.
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    Eloy & Gio are products of the rebuild/tank.
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    You only need to have one team willing to overpay to solve their late inning relief problem. The trades of Sale, Q & Eaton were all overpays because of perceived needs of the various teams we sold to. In the case of Sale and Q the media constantly said the Sox are asking to much. When Rick actually has something to sell he does quite well.
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    Gladney is done. So are a bunch others. The 3rd rounder is a rich young man.
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    Yonder and Jon Jay at the garage sale selling Machado White Sox jerseys. They'll even sign them.😄
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    Yeah exciting is never the issue. Converting is.
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