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    Burger was a fine selection where he was taken. I would have gone with a prep most likely but he was absolutely in that range. Some ridiculousness in this thread.
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    Madrigal double.
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    I know this will come off as petty and dickish, but I was really hoping that Alonso would have gotten DFAed before Jay & Alonso had a chance to play with each other.
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    Stiever has 4 SO 0 BB 3 H 1 ER through 5. Fastball consistently at 95/96. Haven't seen enough of the offspeed/breaking pitches to have much of an opinion. Lots of fastballs though. 46 of 62 pitches as strikes. This is his High-A debut I believe.
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    The perfect 7 hole hitter.
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    This is getting comical with those two at this point.
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    According to James Fegan on the comments section of his new article up today, he expects all 3 to sign this week. Said that Thompson and Dahlquist were finalizing things over the weekend!
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    Never change, Caulfield. Never change. 😄
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    Imagine for a moment being such an utterly miserable human being as to only be able to take pleasure from continuously trolling a white sox fan board about 2/17 slumps Jose Abreu is having, only to immediately duck for cover when he gets hot. i know, I can’t really imagine it either. It’s despicable and sickening behavior.
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    Robert double, Madrigal single and a SB.
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    I'm getting really tired of these horrendous calls
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    Unless the question is; "Name one of the worst off season acquisitions, in Hahn's career".
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    alexei ramirez basically
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    Players on the IL come off at the end of the year. We always talk about that here when we go over any possible 40-man roster issues. And you do have a case for sending him to the minors since he hasn't pitched in over a year. Sure he'll have Spring Training, but I'm sure they will want to see him go 6-7 innings somewhat consistently before calling him up.
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    He’s saying the Sox will have to add multiple starters to have a healthy rotation at the beginning of the year, but when the TJS guys finally come back we are actually going to have some depth. As raBBit has said before, that’s a good thing since Kopech & Cease may not be ready for a deep postseason run.
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    Ozzie had 75 year old Omar Vizquel get ABs as the DH. He had better numbers than Yonder.
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    And he's hitting 6th in front of Moncada. Edit: Yonder hitting 8th.
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    Being around 500 at this point in the rebuild is exactly where they're supposed to be. Don't be mad at me. Be mad at Harper and Machado for not playing very well. They're making the message board experts look bad.
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    I disagree completely. I think he was going to stick at 3B without the injury.
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    Face it, Greg. There are Abreu haters on this board that will never change their mind regardless of facts, data, and pleadings presented to them. It doesn't matter, especially considering we have absolutely no say in whether he stays or goes. All indications are that the Sox like him, and I would expect him to be around for at least one more year to allow Vaughn to get here. Personally, I'd be fine with 2-3 more years. He still delivers offensively and would be a great mentor for Vaughn; he's already shown to be a great mentor and leader. He's on pace to hit 30+ HRs and drive in over 100 runs. His BA is lower than it has been historically, but he's been streaky this year. I still expect him to hit .260+. I get checking advanced stats, but living by advanced stats alone and ignoring traditional ones is no way to value a player.
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    Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Watching that I’ve never been more convinced the Sox FO doesn’t have a clue. How can they draft him first and seriously tell us with a straight face that he can stay at 3B. Thanks @credezcrew24 you have ruined my day and made me hate Nick Hostetler. A curse upon you and all your livestock.
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