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    Lol Bryant as the everyday Cf? Ok then
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    They are the most delusional fanbase in baseball.
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    But I think he meant, in English: The new motto for the Sox is "change the game" but if it were up to me, it would be "the kids can play" because the former is too much to think about, but then again I'm typically out of the loop on marketing ideas maybe?
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    I never have a fucking clue what you’re talking about.
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    They aren’t. Their fans are just morons who don’t know anything about baseball.
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    Should be "We don't suck as much anymore." 😄
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    My main beef is the all or nothing attitude of baseball execs. Players are expected to either hit a home run or strike out. This despite the fact some managers are still going to the bunt at times when no modern GM thinks bunting is ever a good idea. I also despise the shift caused by computer print outs. Everybody knows where batters are going to hit the ball if it doesn't go over the fence and is put in play. When I see a shift that has three infielders on the right side and up the middle and one infielder standing at shortstop, it angers me to no end when the hitter refuses to tap the ball to the left side and get an automatic single. I also hate the game of bringing in relievers for lefty/righty matchups as early as the fifth or sixth inning. Very boring. I also hate the umpires refusing to call a strike a strike. Baseball has no control over its umpires. Baseball is in a lot of trouble if ratings start to decline. They say the average baseball fan is over 55 right? Kids despise baseball. This is not good for the sport.
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    Schwarber is going to play for 12 years and total like 16 WAR and somehow always be considered good.
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    Good guys wear black?
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    I feel like I can guess your age 😉
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    It's 2020 so I think something like "One Vision" would have been good.Stole it from the Queen song of the same name. or "Only the Beginning" from the lyrics from the song Beginnings from the band Chicago or "Rushing Headlong" from the Queen song Headlong And you're rushing headlong you've got a new goal And you're rushing headlong out of control And you think you're so strong But there ain't no stopping and there's nothin' You can do about it Nothin' you can do No there's nothin' you can do about it No there's nothin' you can, nothin' you can Nothin' you can do about it Or "A New Hope" inspired by Star Wars
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    Even if it took only prospects, they'd be what, $35M over the very luxury tax that has kept them sitting on their hands all winter? Without a full starting staff or pen. Yeah...
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    Maybin has a fluke year now and then, but most years he is terrible. Prefer to use Engel and hope for more improvement. He can handle the D regardless.
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    They must think because the stock market has raised the wealth of the billionaire class up by 25% this year that these profits will be added to the Cubs’ payroll by Ricketts.
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    So they keep their entire team and acquire Arenado? What exactly are they trading for him then? Almora and some scrubs from their trash farm system? How dumb can you be?
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    The thing about pitch framing is it takes the pitcher completely out of the equation. You can't tell me if Clayton Kershaw and Manny Banuelos throw the same exact pitch an inch off the black the catcher is the reason it's called a strike. Clayton Kershaw will get that pitch because he's Clayton freakin Kershaw and Manny Bauelos will not because he's Manny freakin Banuelos. Of course this can't be quantified so it's just ignored and all credit goes to the catcher.
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    It indisputably works. The ball is flying between 85-100 MPH, cutting, curving, diving, running, dropping, etc. Umps can only get such a good read on where exactly it crosses the plate. A catcher who absorbs a pitch effortlessly and with minimal movement can instantly shift it a couple inches over the corner? Let the ball travel a little further to fall into the zone? Go and get it as to not allow it to drop out of the zone? You won't even notice as an umpire. Also, as a guy who did catch in independent pro ball. I can tell you that umps will often literally tell you what they do and don't like with pitch presentation. "Don't turn the glove around, just catch it and stick it."... "Let those breaking balls come to you a bit more and they'll start turning into strikes."... etc. Think about a "get me over" kind of a curve ball that drops into the zone. If you reach and extend your elbow upward to go and get it? You're going to catch that ball high and it will look out of the zone. If you let it come down to your face/chest. That's going to get called a strike. Same with a low pitch. A ball crosses the middle of the plate, he sees that it's center cut... but the ump can't really tell EXACTLY how high it is off of the ground. If you get low and extend out/up with a stiff arm. Get slightly underneath it. You're going to catch it at a higher point. It's going to look like it is in the zone more than it would if you let it travel and you catch it nearly at the ground. Umps are only human. They're as susceptible to not seeing the difference of an inch or two on a 95 MPH pitch as a batter.
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    I think you keep Collins at AAA and if he continues to improve then he becomes a more valuable trade piece, especially as a catcher. If he becomes so good you have a good problem on your hands. You can keep him or trade Mccann for some help. No reason to rush, its not like he tore it up yet and is some rising prospect. I think you would sell on the cheap now with minimal bargaining power since teams know we are just dumping him.
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    OOTP needs to be #2 behind MVP 2005. Its one of the best designed games of all time.
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    MVP 05 was the bomb. The show is made by the same people. I played about 22 seasons of franchise with MVP 05 until my memory card corrupted.
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    Jason is the best and we are lucky to have him.
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    Stay out of White Sox Nation business, Jon.
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