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Luis Robert hurt. Again.


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2 hours ago, PitchatRisktoZisk said:

Here's a thought..... stop f'ing sliding head first. That's at least the 3rd time he's gotten hurt doing that between the Minors and here. Go in spikes high and it will be the last time the 2nd baseman drops his knee in front of the bag. Take off the oven mitt and sharpen your spikes. 

Sliding head first is faster and creates different opportunities to avoid a tag. You don't go in spikes high trying to steal a base. "go in spikes up maybe next time the defense will think about it". No they won't. Get a stolen base attempt every 2-3 games? Should change the rule and make it just like home plate. Their has to be a lane, can't block the base sliding in.

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1 hour ago, JoeC said:

Why rush and potentially stunt a prospect's development for this .500 team?

It's not like we're contending or anything. 

He's (about to be) a 24 year old who played professionally in Japan. This isn't some draft pick out of high school. Playing in AA makes little sense. He already is developed.

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