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Sox v Rangers Game Thread


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2 hours ago, maxjusttyped said:

at least Touki is a starter. It really has seemed like Hahn completely gave up on trying to build pitching "depth" at various points over the last 2 years

Will be interesting what they attempt to do with him, as he only started 3 times out of his nine ML appearances the past two years (Two at 3 innings, 1 start at 5).

My guess is a low leverage reliever who can eat 2-3 innings, which they need especially after losing Crochet yet again.

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2 hours ago, T R U said:

Ugh, so Jose Rodriguez gets called up to ride the pine I see.

What a s%*# lineup, thank god this is blacked out on MLBtv for me so I don't have to suffer through this.

Doesn't have to be blacked out for me to not watch this team. Never imagined I would feel this way about my White Sox, but this organization doesn't deserve my attention!

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