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7 hours ago, Kyyle23 said:

It’s a point of inflection this week because of the stuff going on with Contreras in St Louis.  

two weeks ago all of the Score had the Cubs winning the division and were asking Joe O what the odds were that Patrick Wisdom would win the home run title, so to say they are a bit ahead of their skis right now is an understatement lol

Earlier on the Bernstein and Holmes show, they talked about why Eric Hosmer is on the Cubs roster for a solid 15 mins (at least, I got to where I needed to be and turned it off). Apparently there was a quote from the Cubs front office that he is a veteran for Mervis to look to and that's basically his only role. What do you call Mancini, Swanson, Happ, Barnhart, Gomes?

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Well, the morning 15 minutes of radio is now Stern reruns.  

ESPN 1000 is unlistenable.  They have tried to become some sort of......I am not certain what it is.  Kap and Jason are professionals but they do not work well together and the segment producers are awful.  They should have a good program and maybe outside of my 15 minute window they do.  That station though cannot seem to get proper personalities lined up. That is why the Score continues to kick their ass.

The Score, at least in the morning are amazing cub apologists and now seem to not want to talk about the Sox until they are back to .500 yet will debate this morning how awesome the cubs are at reclamating bullpen arms.  

Again  I only listen to 15 minutes in the morning and the afternoon.

Spiegal and Parkins are good.  I wasn't a fan of how they allowed the Clevenger situation to unfold with the accuser not pushing back at all but now they have a thing with Dan Proft/Riordan and showed that they are looking to be some sort of edgy program. 





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Posted (edited)

Bernstein and Holmes talk quite a bit of White Sox baseball. I haven’t listened to ESPN Radio 1000 in a long time but Kap, Jurko, Waddle and Silvy are who I would want to listen to.

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Also not a fan of Kap and JHood in the morning. They get too off track with each other. I hear too much about each other's wife.

I like Carm and Jurko. Waddle and Silvy is another one that gets too involved with family. Silvy is too much of a meatball fan. Also, the segment with Wilbon might be the worst weekly segment in Chicago Sports Radio. Wilbon clearly doesn't like being called out, and contradicts himself quite a bit to the point where it cannot be ignored. 

Mully and Haugh talk quite a bit of Sox in the morning. 

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3 hours ago, Chisoxfn said:

Van Gundy, Jalen Rose, Max Kellerman, Keyshawn are all out at ESPN. Van Gundy is one of the best - I wonder if he'll end up at TNT.  

Suzy Kolber too.  Couldn’t disagree with you more about JVG he is hot garbage 

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Posted (edited)

Kendrick Perkins is awful. He must be making Pennie’s to keep that guy.

Thought maybe Shannon Sharpe would show up but doubt it now. Maybe CBS or NBC for NFL.


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