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    What a massive overreaction.
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    I am also with Jack here. A certain buy low guy. If nothing happens, who it's fine. He will still be one of the best #8 hitters if nothing else. But he also has a chance (albeit small) to explode. Joc is who Joc is. Joc > Mazara obviously.. But Mazara's ceiling > Joc.
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    I am not one to defend this FO and had been advocating these clowns to be fired for too long now. It is lost cause with JR and his son in charge so I don’t even bother these days. What I don’t get is your infatuation with Sexton and constant attempt to belittle WCJ who is a fine young player. I get that in the new age NBA you need ball handlers, and shooters to build a dynamic offense. While Sexton fits the bill, he is also terribly limited in other areas and struggles defensively not being able to defend bigger guys. It’s no coincidence he’s one of the worst defensive guards in the league for the second year in a row, while on the other hand WCJ is a top 20 defensive big across several metrics. As others have pointed out, you do notice the difference defensively after WCJ went down with injury. And this isn’t Trae Young we’re talking about, while being a smaller guard could change the game in a number of ways with elite skill sets You’re a stats guy, so I trust that you have looked past his scoring numbers and looked at advanced stats - WS VORP, PER, on/off court differentials, RPM, etc. I don’t see Sexton even being close to making the impact WCJ does. I am not into getting into a debate that Wendell’s growth has been stunted by playing for a coach who has no business coaching in the NBA and who has shown no success whatsoever drawing up a game plan for his big men on offense.
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    False. Better options than Mazara were acquired after the move was made — Ozuna, Castellanos, and now Joc.
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    Again, the price for Joc was not the same 2 months ago as it was yesterday. The price for Joc + Strip went down because the Dodgers had to shed salary to stay under the cap after acquiring Mookie - belief around the game is the only directive Friedman was given this off-season was to get under the threshold and reset the tax. This opens up the ability to re-sign Mookie next off-season and not pay through the roof in tax. This forced the Dodgers to trade Joc + for less than they wanted because they had to dump the salary to get under the threshold.
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    Close this thread. It's one of the dumbest arguments ever. Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn won a championship. John Paxson's reign of terror is going on year #18 with 5 playoff series wins and 7 head coaches. It's not even close to the same.
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    Better option at what price that is the key factors. Pederson was not an option at the time. He was recently but it's not worth the extra capital. As the original poster said, pederson has flaws as well and you are over valuing him based on what the Sox acquired which has nothing to do with his value to the Angels.
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    He was a below replacement level player in 148 game in 2017 and has never even had a 1 WAR season. He has one skill, hitting RHP, and if he doesn't thrive at that then he's not even worth playing. His floor is higher than Charlie Tilson, Ryan Cordell, and Daniel Palka though, I'll give him that.
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    Thanks for being rational. Mazara has a huge ceiling still. Only 24.
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    The Twins are pretty good at using pitchers in non-traditional ways. Or at the very least they seem to realize players limitations and don't ask them to do more than that, like Odorizzi not being asked to go a third time through the order. They have a competitive window right now so it makes sense to try to improve their team in the short term. I wouldn't love it if the White Sox had traded Dylan Cease for Maeda, who is at least a somewhat comparable piece, but I get why they made the move.
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    If you would stick to the point if the post of Pederson's value, yes. However twisting into the Sox FO again gets a little tiresome. But it's a Sox board so have at it.
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    Barring a miracle WS by our Sox I am cheering for the Dodgers to win it all. That org needs to be rewarded for how good its being run.
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    Yes. I heard that Bummer was the asking price this year.
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    Ok but the argument is literally from the Sox perspective as to why they didn't. Not yours.
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    He did predict the betts/price to LA for Verdugo+ earlier today
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    I’m not sure what you are arguing here. I was happy with all of the offseason moves except for Mazara and I stated as much. The Angels gave up a much lesser prospect for one year of a better outfielder than the Sox gave up for two years of a worse outfielder. Do you disagree with this?
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    This is his schtick. Criticize front office for everything. Dude literally lives to be miserable on this site.
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    Twins probably got better but I think this takes a WC contender in Boston out of the race. Improves our chances.
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    Can you believe that? Traded for a bench player. Unfreakinbelievable.
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    He's been trashing WCJ since he was a rookie last year and was the second best (some might argue the best although I won't go that far) Bulls player (by far the best defender). It's a bit odd.
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    It fits nicely with the awful ST jerseys. I know a lot of people like them but I can't get past the big batterman logo on the front directly next to the big standard logo on the sleeve
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    I think everyone is sleeping on Mazara. His OBP will never be the greatest, but it wouldn't surprise me if he absolutely explodes this year. I've always liked him, so maybe I'm biased. He's only a month older than Moncada.
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    With his bat control, he will as to use an old quote "hit them where they ain't" He will struggle at first with turning on MLB fastballs but once he gets the feel for it his skills will translate well.
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    An athletic rim protector who could switch to cover smaller players and with range out to the 3 point line does not fit in today's NBA? Wow this guy is drunk. In fact, look at Ray Ray drunk.
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