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MiLB 2022 Catch All thread

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I think every player at every level being represented by MLBPA will help preserve the number of jobs in the minors.  They just contracted last year with an ugly negotiation with MiLB owners. Doubt they want to go through that again a year later.  Once MLBPA gets involved, further contraction is going to be super tricky.  I hope this goes through. Minor league players need a minimum standard of income/quality of life.

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On 8/24/2022 at 8:33 AM, Quin said:

Debating between getting three jerseys:

Ballers - Kannapolis_Blue_Shadow_800x.jpg?v=157660

Charlotte's Caballeros -CabJersey_800x.jpg?v=1661191435

Wait for Birmingham's Magic City to get back in stock - MC-jersey_500_9d5ae7cf-9805-48b2-b52a-4f


Check this out.


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Not trying to steal info but in case some people skip the home page and side bar information:

Chapelli and Hernandez from DSL now in AZ.

Noah Schultz pitched there also.

Tommy Sommer added to Germany WBC as he has dual citizenship.

Further info at side of homepage.

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Anyone surprised or know why AAA lefty reliever Hunter Schryver retired? With the Sox searching for lefty relief at times this season with Sousa, Banks and even Severino, I always wondered why they never considered Schryver for promotion because his career MiLB stats have always been pretty good. Just curious…

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